Wednesday, July 25, 2012

VBS Day 2

Well I am pretty sure by Friday night I will pass out from emotional exhaustion. I am overwhelmed by God's blessings so I was up extra early this morning w/ tears already in my eyes. Last night at VBS God showed out again & brought us 70 fabulous children. YEP YOU READ THAT RIGHT....70! 70 excited, pumped up blessings! My group of  K-2nd graders are just so much fun. I have received so many hugs in 2 days and I know they are having fun. Last night I got the most special blessing that a person who works w/ children ever receives. I had the pleasure of praying over a sweet child as she accepted Jesus into her heart. (tears flowing right now) I am so thankful to God that He chose me to work w/ kids. I don't know why He did because I just don't deserve any of these blessings but He did and I just have to praise Him for that. I am no where near any kind of Bible scholar, don't know a whole lot of verses, I don't do good at being a bold witness & I am pretty sure if Jenny Clough ever reads this she is cringing at my lack of writing skills but I do know that if you can plant that little seed of Jesus in a heart, God will handle the rest. The Bible tells us in Proverbs 22:6 Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it. So I believe that as a parent & as a childrens' worker, that if I have them in church learning about Jesus, God will handle the rest and even as they grow older & might get away from Jesus that seed is planted & eventually they will turn back to Jesus!
I am also so blessed w/ adults in my life who share this same excitement about kids. It is so encouraging to work at VBS & know that the other teachers are as excited to see 70 kids as I am. Last night Jami & Joey  were out of church because they play church softball. I was so excited to call Joey & Jami to tell them the news of this child's salvation but the news had already made it to the ball field. Grown men, excited about a child being saved & 70 kids at VBS. I am blessed girl to have 3 Godly men in my life, my Daddy, my husband & my brother. I know  I am rambling but I can't keep myself focused. I told Joshua & Judson about this child getting saved & one of them said, "this is a good night"! So tonight, I am expecting another "good night". God is moving & the results are amazing. If you have been praying for VBS, please continue to do so. God hears our prayers. Don't just pray for our VBS but VBS all over because we want as many kids to come to know Jesus as possible. Pray for these parents who are probably tired from working all day & would rather order pizza & collapse on the couch but instead do what is right & bring their child to VBS, continue to pray for our workers who are really working hard feeding 70 kids, pray for our teachers & youth, but most importantly pray for theses kids hearts that when they feel the call of God they have the courage to respond. I read something about how to have a revival in your children's dept and I feel that revival happening now.

I also want to give out a big thank you Lord because my mother has been having unbearable pain in her knee. She has been to the doctor so many times this month & honestly has been loaded up on pain killers & nothing has worked. After having cancer 2 times she was afraid it was bone cancer & went to another Dr yesterday. Praise God, Praise God, Praise God it was not cancer but just a muscle problem.

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