Monday, February 27, 2012

Train Up a Child

 I was thinking about baby dedication yesterday & how as parents it is out place to train our children up in the way of the Lord. I also watched Courageous last night & it really reinforces that theme. The movie talks about Father's stepping up and leading their families & providing a Godly home, not being just a good enough Dad. During Sunday school yesterday I told my kids of a quote I had heard and it was "Preach the gospel at all times....when necessary use words." I explained to them that really means people should see you are a Christian by your actions, they should see the love of God in everything we do. If people see that love, there is really no need to use words. As a parent, I hope my kids see Christ in my actions. I know I have lot work to do in that area but I don't want to be just a good enough Mom.

March is almost here & it will be a busy month so here are the reminders about what is happening at WBBC for the kids:

This Wed night Feb. 29 the 5th grade boys will load the van at 5:45 to go to the mall food court. Be back by 7. Bring $10 to eat. I was planning on going w/ the boys but Jami will more than likely be the chaperon & I'll stay at church to teach the other children.

Friday night March 2: LOCK IN. Arrive at 7 & pick up at 7 am.  A lite breakfast will be served before pu. For those who have no idea what will go on at the Lock in... it is all fun! We will eat pizza, play crazy games ( and i mean like really crazy games), have a scavenger hunt, a short lesson in the crazy lab, crafts, dance off, snacks & movies. Kids need to bring a sleeping bag or cover, a pillow and a change of clothes. Parents please walk your kids into the sanctuary to sign your child in. We will go over rules there before we go eat. I have also had parents ask if they need to stay. If you have a little child yes. I also need parents to just volunteer to stay and help. There will be parents needed to help in the kitchen, to clean up and possibly be helpers on games and crafts.  Even if you can't spend the night if you could stay a few hours it would be a huge help.  If you chose to stay all night & I hope you do feel free to bring an air mattress to sleep on. Don't miss out on this night because you are afraid you will not get to sleep.... you will sleep and these are memories you will never forget with your children and your church family!

March 16 Friday Night Flag Football in the gym 7-9 pm

March 23 Family Movie Night in the gym 7 pm, movie to be announced. Free concessions
Spring Break also kicks off that night and  I had a request for a Noccalula Falls trip that week. So either Monday or Tuesday of that week we will go up there, let the kids play & have lunch. Let's just wait & see how the weather is when it gets closer. Also that Wed night will be WACKY WEDNESDAY during children's church.....who knows what we will do!

March 29-31 Smokies trip

I know April seems far off but I am looking at April 7th for the Easter Egg Hunt

Continue to pray for our Youth Minister search. If you have any questions please call me 256-442-0120 or 256-393-1063. HOPE TO SEE YOU ALL FRIDAY NIGHT AT THE LOCK IN!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Age Doesn't Matter

In my Sunday school class yesterday morning I talked about how age has nothing to do with anything when you are working for God. I explained to my kids how a small child can have just as much, often more, influence on another person when showing them about God. As a parent I definitely know this because when the boys were little the ONLY reason I got up on Sunday mornings & took them to church was because I wanted them to grow up in God's house. Little did I know He was using them to get to me. Week after week it became more about worshiping God than about just getting up & getting my kids to church.  I think yesterday was a great example of young people really working for God. How could the congregation not be moved with little Macie singing her heart out or Katelyn Clark shouting out when she was saved! Oh if us adults had that much courage think of how many people we could reach for God. 1 Timothy 4:12 says "Don't let anyone look down on you because you are young but set an example for the believers in speech, in life, in love, in faith and in purity." As adults are we setting an example in the way we talk & live? When people see us do they see a reflection of Christ? Just something to think on.
Now here are the KIDS HAPPENINGS:

Baby dedication this coming Sunday ( Awesome day when parents say we are dedicating our baby to God and support that child in a Christian home)
Italian lunch following service. Various pastas, sauces, lasagna, salad, dessert & bread. For donations only.

February 29  5th grade boys go to the mall foodcourt. $10.00 & will load van at 5:45 be back at 7

March 2 LOCK IN  Parents don't be shy about participating in this. you will have just as much fun as your child & build memories that you will never forget. For all kids!

March 16 Flag football night in the gym

Monday, February 13, 2012

Another GREAT Sunday

Big thank you to all who turned out for the Kids and Parents Valentine Breakfast! I was so excited to see so many attend and some new faces.  The morning started off with nothing but CHAOS! I was running late, we had a nursery worker out, children's church teacher out, music leader out & a parent fell... I also burnt some of the breakfast, read my Sunday school class the wrong Bible verse & couldn't get the class tv to work for me! God  put the devil in his place, &  church members stepped up and all was well!! Church was awesome and so happy to welcome in 2 new families, The Cotton's & The William's to the WBBC family. God is so good!

As far as the kids stuff going on , this Wed. will be a regular kids meeting. Keep these dates in mind: Feb. 29 5:45 5th graders meet at the church to go to the mall food court for an evening out. Bring $10.00 to cover your food. We will arrive back at 7. LOCK IN is March 2nd!!! 7 PM - 7AM

If you signed up for the Smokies trip ( now closed) please start bringing in your Jack's coupon money. We will have a meeting right after the service this coming Sunday.

Be in prayer for the church as we search for a Youth Minister & a Nursery worker. I know God already has the perfect people waiting for us! Praying you all have a blessed week!    

Friday, February 10, 2012

WBBC Kidz 1st blog

    I am excited to be writing the 1st post for WBBC Kidz! This blog has been set up to keep our parents and children informed of all things happening inside our Kidz Department! We always have alot going on at WBBC and I want to make sure everyone has the chance to particiapate in all we do.

    To begin with I want to give thanks to God! He has blessed me and our church with so much! I get so excited and pumped up when he brings new children into our path! I had given much thought to what our theme  Bible verse should be and it was placed in front of me in a church meeting this week from a youth aspiring to carry out God's work. It is from 1 Timothy 4:12 and says" Don't let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in life, in love, in faith and in purity." Simply put...age does not matter in God's eyes. The youngest Christian child can have just as much if not more impact when they are working for our Lord! I have seen this with my own eyes at WBBC. Thank God for our children!

    Now to get back to what i came here for...lettting you know what is going on at WBBC. This Sunday is the Valentine's breakfast and it is for parents & their kids. 9 am in the fellowship hall. If your Sunday mornings are anything like mine then you are probably yelling at your children to fix themselves a bowl of cereal or grab a poptart. Seems like the devil gets into my home every Sunday because nothing goes right. I was hoping this Sunday, you could just come in, let someone else worry about feeding your family, sit back & relax with them, then enjoy Sunday school. We all deserve an easy Sunday morning!

    I also wanted to make sure that everyone knew the LOCK IN was coming up March 2, 7 pm - 7 am. This is for all our kids & parents. To be honest I need all the parents! If you are new to WBBC let me give you the gist of what we do. Arrive at 7, get checked in & eat. We will split the kids up my ages and rotate the night away playing games ( just so you understand not old timey board games), a scavinger hunt, a devotion, some free time, snacks & we finish the night out with several movies. We provide a very lite 7 am breakfast. It takes alot of chaperones. I am looking for parents to say I can stay all night, parents who would like to help w/ games, the food and clean up. If you can't stay all night let me know what you can do. This is also a great time for us parents to bond. I have memories from past lock ins that I will never forget. I'll never forget the 1st vomit during the night on the new gym carpet or seeing Joey with shaving cream & cheese puffs stuck to his face. Pray on it and see how God can use you. I would love for our youth to help if any are interested. I rambled enough and am getting about as long winded as Joey ( He is my actual brother not just Christian brother so i can say that)! Hope to see ya at the breakfast!
                                                                                                                Kristi Christopher