Monday, August 25, 2014

Good Monday morning! I finally I am feeling like my old self again. After mom passed it has been so hard to get back in the swing of things at home & at church, but I am finally feeling like I am not just going thru the motions. I am looking forward to fall and all that it holds. Move up day is this Sunday & that is exciting. I get a few new kids in my Sunday school class & some move on to youth. This will also be Mrs. Leslie's last Sunday to teach. She is going to enjoy some Bible time with ladies her own age. After years of being dedicated to teaching children about Jesus, Leslie deserves to immerse herself with ladies who love The Lord and get to learn and grow with them. Please lift her up in your prayers because I know she will miss teaching. Our new programs came in last week for Sundays children church and for Wednesday nights. I am excited and pleased with both of them and look forward to rolling them out the first week of September. Ashley has found us a Christmas musical and more info will be coming on that soon.  I had said that I wanted to split Sundays CC up some so it isn't all ages together every Sunday and Vicky Redden has came forward and she will be teaching Bible songs to the 4 & 5 years old starting Sept 7. I am not for sure how many Sundays this will be for but she wants to teach them music and then they can perform those songs for the church. I think
This is great because our little ones love to sing and dance where as the older ones usually do not. I look forward to hearing the Bible song... Music that will stay with them for their life! Teresa Coley & Paula Hopper will be doing Bible drills with the 4th & 5th graders on Wednesday nights towards the end of class. This will begin September 10. The younger kids will work on just getting more familiar with their Bibles. Bible drills are new for us so I am excited about that and that we have ladies who see the need for Bible drills and are willing to serve and meet a need! I also wanted to remind y'all that we are still collecting food for the RMS food mission project. Just drop your items off anytime in the red bucket. This is a continuous mission project for us. Thank you to all who brought school supplies. There is so many kids who do without & we need to keep serving them when we can. Thank you for how you serve!

I have to tell you about yesterday's Children's church lesson and I am going to try an attach the link where you can try it at home. I drew 2 stick men on the board. One man was Humble  Dude & the other was named Proud Dude. As I added each feature, the eyes, the mouth, the ears, the hands and the feet. I was able to point out how each feature could be use to show a prideful attitude or a humble attitude. Let me use the mouth for example. Proud Dude speaks words that hurts others. Humble Dude uses words that encourages others. Proud Dude likes to stomp his feet when things don't go his way. Humble Dude doesn't because he puts others needs before his own. Proud Dude uses his eyes to look for others weaknesses and then calls them out. Humble Dude uses his eyes to find the positive in others and points that out.  The children saw at they end that we do not want to be Proud Dude. We discussed the verses Philippians 2:3-5 which says, "Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit, but in humility consider others better than yourselves. Each of you should look not only to your own interests, but also the interests of others. Your attitude should be the same as that of Christ Jesus." So I challenged them to think about it. Are they Proud Dude or Humble Dude? Which one are you? Is your attitude like that of Jesus Christ? Do others come first or are you an all me, me, me type
 of person.

Pray for our church, Joey as he leads, pray for our new programs and new people coming into serve with the children. I hope you have a great week and I hope to see you Wednesday night . The website for the full lesson on pride & humility is, then search for Pride vs. Humility: A Bible lesson for children

Monday, August 18, 2014

Good morning! It has been a while since I blogged and over the next few weeks I hope to get back to my weekly updates. I wanted to go ahead and update you a little on the fall plans in the Kidz Zone and some Disney info.

New material for Wednesday night kids & Sunday Children's church has been ordered. I  am anxiously awaiting its arrival. We will begin the new material Wednesday, September 1.  I have had several people want to volunteer with the older children on Bible drills & singing with the younger children. I am excited about theses ideas. I would love to see someone who loves crafts volunteer to do one on a Sunday here and there. Ashley Fortenberry is working on our Christmas music. I hate to even think that far ahead but honestly, it is right around the corner... Or at least practice will be!

Reminder that anyone interested in the Spring Break Disney trip needs to meet right after church Sunday in the fellowship hall. This is not just for the little kids, youth are included too. Plans are to leave out very early Saturday March 28, check in that night to the Art of Imagination Resort, have Sunday, March 29- Thursday April 2 in the parks then check out Friday, April 3.  $200.00 deposit per family will be due by Sept. 21. Many of you have already paid deposits so I will text each person who has with their deposit paid amount. The balance of the trip will be due 37 days before we depart. You will be able to customize your package depending on what your family needs. Some families might need the dining plan, the premier dining plan or no dining plan & we will discuss all of that Sunday. Remember, this is a church trip and we will have a daily devotion & that will be timed out to the slowest part of the day to make it easier for us to gather together. I know we will have a great time vacationing together! We did this 5 yrs ago & I have wonderful memories & the kids really loved hanging out with other kids instead of just riding with mom & dad! If you have Disney questions please ask me this week in case I need to ask the travel agent.

Continue to lift the Patterson's up in prayer. Harli has been sick & I know Tina is still needing prayers over the loss of her mom. The Runyan family needs our prayers too as Sherry's mom is not doing well and they expect her to pass any day.  Wendy is still having a tough time so remember her. Mom's birthday is today so of course we are thinking of her. I am trying to focus on being happy because I know that is what she would want. I am handling today well! Keep Dad, Joey, Debbie, the boys & the rest of our family  in your prayers. I know they might be having tough moments.  Thank you!! I hope y'all have a great day!!!