Monday, October 28, 2013

Trunk or Treat

Before I even begin I want to give praises to God because he is the provider, the doer, he one who placed each one of us together & the one who knows how it will all play out. I am so thankful for each of you. I can't even begin to name everyone who helped with the trunk or treat. Everything was covered from the chili, the bake sale, signs, paper supplies, serving in the kitchen, cleaning the kitchen, donations, grilling hot dogs, popcorn, games, faces & hair painted, watching over inflatables, help decorating & moving hay & tables, last minute food running, awesome trunks, awesome costumes, great hayrides, crazy good music & smiling, friendly faces all night to visitors. As usual our church people step up and get the job done & it is done with a love and joy that only comes from having God in your hearts. God has blessed us by bringing us together. I hope you feel that way too. Several times that night I was overwhelmed. I couldn't believe the crowds & that we ran out of food! Then I went over to the music and heard them singing & playing & I don't even remember the song, I just remember feeling wow, I can't believe God has done this and I had to walk away because I was about to cry. That same over whelming feeling happened 2 more times that night. I ran into someone who has been at WBBC for yrs. & I saw the same look in his face that I have seen before & I knew he was about to cry too. We just composed ourselves & talked about how it was so unbelievable that so many people were at our little church. I just think back to the first time I went to an event at WBBC and I remember so clearly my feeling of the devil and not wanting to be at that church & finding everything in the world wrong with it and to know where I have been, and where I am now and just thank you God for what you have done. I sit in amazement! I love my church family and I love how you gave trunk or treat all you had, how you were so welcoming to visitors, how you smiled & told people about food in the kitchen and oohed and awed over children's costumes, and how you really did great jobs on your costumes & trunks. Y'all are so awesome & God knew WBBC was in need of people willing to do what it took. He brought y'all to the church & you began to serve! Then there was the music. I wasn't in front of the band much but I could hear them. The times I was over by them I saw a few hands in the air, and youth and a few adults dancing. It was great to hear music praising God flowing throughout the area! I know the group practiced like crazy! It was also great to have a few of our youth sing. We are blessed with all kinds of talent at WBBC! It seemed like most of the crowd was very appreciative too. Everyone was nice to me when I was telling them we were out of food but we would have some more in just a few minutes. I looked thru the slips of paper this morning where people had written their info down to register for the door prizes. I was surprised at the area our trunk or treat  reached. We had visitors from Glencoe, RBC, Attalla, South Gadsden, Southside & even Altoona. Many people who registered attended other local churches but I think the great thing was that we had 51who plainly said they did not attend church & one guy said he was looking for a church to visit! I am sure there was others who didn't even register who do not have a church too. Those who are unchurched came into a church parking lot looking for food & fun. What they got was friendliness, warmth, kindness, generosity & a glimpse at the joy we have inside because of He who is in or hearts, plus fun and full tummies! Serving the people & being the light is what it is all about. I intend on contacting those 51 people this week so please be in prayer for me as I speak to some & mail notes to others. I need words to come out of my mouth when I speak to strangers...remember I am shy! Thank you again for how you represented our church. I am already thinking ahead to next year & how we can improve. If you have some ideas please share them with me! I hope you enjoyed the night as much as I did!

Now to the kids. This Wed. night we will have a lesson on fear & how God can help us conquer our fears, then we will have a fire & make smores.  I can use a few moms to help with watching kids around the fire. The children will start practicing for the Christmas musical Sunday during children's church. Our program will be Dec. 8, 6 pm. I'll be sending home a note Sunday with some info about that & about costumes. We will be packing shoeboxes November 6 for the Operation Christmas child mission project. I'll include the items needed for those boxes in this Sundays note. My brain is fried today & I can't think of anything else right now. I did leave out that the bake sale made $340 & that will be donated to the youth trip! Thanks for all who baked, bought & worked! That was a great success!!

Monday, October 21, 2013

Trunk or Treat Week

As I drove up towards the church yesterday morning the thing I noticed was the trees around the cemetery. They had turned from boring green to vibrant shades of reds & oranges. It was such a beautiful sight. Isn't it great that God wants us to see beautiful things!
In children's church yesterday we discussed fear & faith. We specifically talked about Daniel being faithful to God & ending up in the lions den. I asked kids things they were afraid of & got the usual, spiders, bugs, the dark & heights. We will be discussing fear in  more depth on Oct. 30 during  a special Wed. night lesson. What I wanted the kids to take from the lesson yesterday was if we are faithful to God and do what right, such as Daniel praying, God will take care of us. I know so many church people are anti facebook, but I go on there this morning and there was a friend posting Psalm 118:6 which says The Lord is on my side; I will not fear: what can man do to me? Coincidence? I don't think so. So if you are fearing something today& for us adults unfortunately I am sure it is bigger fears than bugs, spiders or the dark, more likely finances, health issues, divorce or marital troubles, children troubles, addictions & abuse, but remember you have no need to fear because God is on your side.

I also wanted to comment on the benefit for Haley Smith last night. It was such a blessing to see so many people come out and show Haley & her family some love. The group who sang did a great job on some old classics & Kate Falcon has a beautiful voice. The Pleasant Valley youth did a great job on the skits. It was a great night to be on God's house!

I wanted to thank Arlo & Jennie again this week for taking the youth to a movie Wed. night & having them up for the camp out Friday night. I am thankful that my boys are having "youth stuff" to do. They had a great time doing both & I know they'll have another great Wed. night at the judgement house.
Now to Trunk or treat. It looks like we are going to have a chilly clear night Saturday. That should make for a great evening. Shay, I think your hot cocoa booth will be very busy! Remember if you are doing a trunk, booth, games, bringing chili or baked sale items you need to be at church by 4:30 so we can be set up, eat & be ready to go by 5:30. People will arrive early & we want to be ready. Share info with visitors. Let them know that we have free hot dogs and chili inside, that we have inflatables just for little ones in the gym & to register at the welcome booth ( Glenda over by the fellowship hall) for great door prizes. This year we have received gift certificates from Deorios, Frios, The Fisherman, Red Lobster, the Lunch Box & 2 children's gifts from the Glass House. If you see these owners or patronize these businesses please thank them for their support! I am so excited! I think back over the years & know families that came to the trunk or treat and that was an opportunity for Joey to talk with them, for them to meet other church members & feel comfortable enough to visit on a Sunday. I look forward to those opportunities this year. I will be at church Saturday morning probably about 9 to get things set up for the day. If there is some free men who might could help move hay, tables & set up a few pop up tents please let me know. You can drop baked items off anytime Sat. & if you need to drop off Friday night let me know. I hope to see lots of trunks decorated, lots of adults in costumes & lots of smiling faces Saturday night, We will need lots of help after the trunk or treat is over to get everything out of the parking lot & into the gym or fellowship hall so we look clean for church Sunday morning. I know all of this can be exhausting but just remember you are serving the community, hoping to meet that person who is looking for a relationship with God and a loving church family! We are to be the light! One last thing.... please invite people! I hope you all have the best week. If anyone has questions please call me. 256-393-1063. I am off to pay for gold fish!! hehe

Monday, October 14, 2013

Let's Take the Next 100 Years By Storm

I was only in the service yesterday for about 30 minutes because we left for children's church but for the time I was there, I thought the service was great. I have never heard the choir sound better! I know God was pleased with the joyful sound! I loved Brother Bill's testimony too. It was so moving to see the video of church family. It was all I could do too hold back the tears when I saw Bruce & Valencia Carr. The boys didn't even recognize themselves from a picture when they were younger. Whoever included that pic of me with the snake is dead meat!!!lol The lunch was fabulous! Tony's did a great job but they always do! Saturday night me & the twins were in the car, we had gone to pick up our "Saturday night football food", and Judson said he was so glad that they had grown up in church at WBBC and he looked forward to celebrating the 150th anniversary at church. He said he would be 64 (I am sure I'll be dead by then).  It was a real nice moment where as a parent you are thinking man, I did good. Then Joshua says, "I'll be in Las Vegas!"  He totally ruined the moment & I was like WHAT??? Las Vegas?? Then he starts telling me about this movie coming out called Last Vegas where these old men hit Vegas for one last time. My good thoughts were over! Anyway, I do look forward to the future at WBBC. I think God has great plans of growth & prosperity. I think about how we all came together over the past 2 weeks & read the Bible & how much of an impact the out loud Bible reading had on many of us & I know if we work together making sure God is 1st in our church, there is nothing we can't accomplish if it is His will! I am excited about the future!

Now it is time to get everything ready for the Trunk or Treat. Remember this is our biggest community outreach & it takes everyone to make this happen. This is our chance to welcome visitors into our church & have them feel the love & hospitality that our church, in my opinion , is known for! So please don't sit back & not get involved. Here is what we have & what we need. Inflatables, 3 in the gym just for little kids, 1 huge outside for the big kids & Josh McBurnette is going to watch over that one, the train is coming with the driver, hot dogs have been bought but I would love to see if anyone could get the buns donated, we need about 250 buns. Teresa Coley will be our popcorn girl, Tommy & Shay Layton are doing a hot cocoa stand, Ashley Fortenberry is doing face painting (KIDS LOVE THIS) & I think there is plenty of folks signed up for chili. Meagan Williams is gathering people to bring baked sale items so please let her know if you can bring something for that.(people love to buy cakes because they will freeze for Thanksgiving) If anyone would like to donate something for a door prize, that would be awesome. 2 generators will be needed. We  need people to do trunks. I might be missing someone but right now I have, The Johnson's, The McKee's, Benefield's, Bachus', McVeigh's, Martin's, Jones' & Smith's. SOOO we need more trunks!!Bring your own candy for your trunk but I will have lots of extra if someone runs out. Now on to games. I am wanting youth to work these but so far very few have signed up. I have David, Judson, Joshua, Dakota, Ryan, Marianna, Rebecca & Cathryn. If your teen  can help please get with me. I like to have 2 youth per game that way they can take turns but right now I have some games with nobody assigned. I know some of the girls are singing a few songs so we can swap their spots out when needed. "In Like Ben" is working very hard to provide us with great music. They are practicing like crazy. Wouldn't it be awesome if their little church band starts playing for different Christian functions? They will be set up at the front of the church parking lot. We are in huge need of 2L drinks so if you can donate a few that would be great. Just start placing them in the gym. PLEASE keep in mind that if you are doing a game, trunk or bringing food, we need to be at the church ready to go by 4:30. That gives us an hour to get inside & eat then back to our spots by 5:30. People will arrive early & we need to be prepared to welcome them. Please be in prayer that if their is a family or individual who comes that night, that is without Christ in their hearts, that we make the connection needed to bring them into church where they have the chance to learn about Jesus. Trunk or treat always reminds me of the dedication of Carol Raines. She wasn't physically able to come work at trunk or treat but she always wanted to support it so she would catch me in the hall at church as it got close to trunk or treat time, slip me a $20 & tell me to go buy extra candy! What a woman! I know I have left things out and I am sure they'll will hit me just as I hit submit.  Oh, please dress up! Kids love costumes. Please nothing scary says the girls whose mom continues to dress like a witch year after year. There was some great nonscary costumes last year! I look forward to not recognizing some of you! lol

Ok now to kid stuff. The next 2 Wed. nights will be Big City Studio & the little kids class will meet too (y'all still need a name). Oct. 30, we will all meet together in the gym for a lesson on fear & how God can help us defeat it & we will go outside to have a fire & make smores. I will need some parents to help that night. Our Christmas musical practice will start Nov. 3. We will practice every Wed. & Sunday that month. The Children's Christmas musical will be Dec. 8, 6 pm & let's just say I think it will be angelic! Please support the children & make plans to attend. Y'all know I can't sing or read music so pray for me & those who help as I lead the children & pray for their ears as I do have to sing out loud sometimes to pump up the excitement. Please pray in everything we do at WBBC that we use these opportunities to reach those who are lost. I also wanted to mention they'll be a benefit singing for Haley Smith Sunday night at WBBC, 6pm. Nursery will be provided. Come on out to church & invite someone. Let's be the church that takes the next 100 YEARS by storm, jumps on every opportunity that God gives us and makes a huge impact in the world for Jesus. I believe we can make a difference! Have a great week!

Friday, October 11, 2013

Last post on Special People

I just left the church because I met someone from Rainbow Middle School & let them borrow our Trunk or Treat games for their fall fest. Before I even forget let me say, in the future if anyone ever needs to borrow them & it doesn’t conflict with WBBC’s trunk or treat please feel free. I’ll be glad to let you know what all we have and show them to you. We have been blessed over the years to have some great wooden games made by Gene Mince and if we can help anyone else in the community out by using them then I think we should. I think every church member will be so proud of our church come Sunday. The gym looks great and those pumpkin & mum baskets are beautiful too. I know Kendra did the baskets, June & Leslie decorated the gym & Shay & Tommy cleaned the gym carpet. I am very sure there have been others who have put in hard work I just haven’t been at the church much this week to know who all did what. Anyway, you will be proud to have visitors in our church Sunday. I have to tell yall about our signs at the beginning of Whorton Bend Rd & over by the skating rink. We were at a meeting last week going over 100th Anniversary items & Joey suggested we get some signs made & would I call the sign guy I always use. I said sure but this is kind of last minute. I called & he got busy & quickly emailed me 2 proofs, which I emailed to Joey. The 1st one was purple with just the words the other option had sky, water, a bible & a cross plus all the words. We really liked the 2nd option but was afraid from the highway it would be so busy graphically that passing cars might not be able to read the words. So we went with the purple version. I stayed on Joey to get those signs up. Well, yesterday Jami was in the car with me & I was just a complaining about those signs. I was like that is so ugly & I should have went with the 2nd option & the purple color didn’t look like it did on the computer. Jami said Kristi that is pink. In my nornal fashion I argued purple. Jami said well he thought it was pink & that we had decided to do pink signs for breast cancer. WHAT???? Where 100th anniversary & breast cancer awareness come together I have no idea but I was floored. I said oh no everyone else probably thinks the same thing Jami did. So you all know, breast cancer is close to my heart but I didn’t plan on promoting it with the church signs!! Again the signs are purple!! Lol
I said on the last blog post that I wanted to talk about people who have been so special to me since I came to WBBC. There have been a lot of special people but June White really stands out. One of the 1st outside church activities Jami & I came to when we were visiting WBBC was the trunk or treat. There were very few cars & the only people remotely close to our age were Paul & Teresa Johnson. Remember, I was very shy back them and I remember June walking past me and saying now there is food over here & a bonfire outside and yall just help yourselves. She was so welcoming. As things progressed over the years, I watched June help w/ a half day VBS, my boys 1st VBS. When I first quit Bellsouth & actually had free time, I would go to church & help June with the trunk or treat or get the fellowship hall ready for a dinner. I learned so much from her. She just took me in & included me. June has welcomed me into her home for several women’s’ church parties, she has planned wonderful ladies trips to Pigeon Forge and she has taught me how to do the annual report for the EBA. She has offered to drive Mother to Bham when she was receiving radiation and she was a huge encourager when I found out that I was having Jack. The most important thing I have learned from June over the years is dedication & faithfulness. I have seen her at church so many times doing this or that, that people never know about. Yes, I know she is our secretary but she has done things that fall outside of the secretary zone for years. She doesn’t just lay out of church. If June isn’t there, there is something wrong. When I turn in receipts they are completely unorganized with writing all over them & she somehow makes it out. Year after year I call her asking how close I am to going over the kid’s budget & she knows it down to the penny within a minute. I call her asking for a church check & I have it that day. As a matter of fact, I called this morning because I needed a check to go pick up Sunday’s programs & she met me in Southside within minutes. She has been dedicated and faithful not just as the WBBC secretary but as someone who loves to work in her church. She is faithful to being in God’s house. She is welcoming to others at WBBC. I know I am all over the place with this but I hope it conveys the importance she has played in my life. I have watched her example & I strive to be as dedicated & faithful. Yes…. I know June likes things a certain way but she is honest & will tell you that upfront. I had a shower at church a few wks. ago & the table cloths looked a little wrinkled. I said something to June & questioned if I should steam them, she said yes she would & of course I didn’t make the effort. Lol June has so much knowledge and history of our church. I think in the business meeting she said she had been at the church 57 or 52 yrs. WOW!! It really saddened me to hear her give up the social committee & the flower committee this year because she couldn’t handle all the doing anymore.
I guess the whole point of this was to remember how others have influenced out lives. I am so thankful to God for not letting go & giving up on me when I was fighting him so hard not to be at WBBC. I am so thankful to God for the people who I have met, those I learned from, those who helped encourage the children’s ministry, those who thought my young brother had what it took to eventually lead our church, those who stepped up and were role models on how to raise a family, the one who wanted our church to be a lighthouse to the community, the one who started a young adult Sunday school class so Jami & I didn’t have to go to SS with older, much older people, the one who started serving in the nursery so Jami & I didn’t have to take our babies to preaching ( Blake & Laura… I think Theresa was one of those volunteers), for the Baptism that held my boys & brother, for the closeness I felt to church members when we cried out prayers for the Cloughs, for the moments I have been with children as they have asked Jesus into their hearts, for the excitement I have gotten as I have seen visitors walk thru our doors and for the lost who have met Jesus at the alter. I am so thankful for that day when God’s pull was so strong on me that I couldn’t stay in my pew & pushed Jami out so we could become members at WBBC.  I hope you all have a great weekend & I look forward to Sunday. Keep your eye out for a visiting preacher Sunday, Bro. Bill Kirkpatrick. He baptized me at 1st Baptist Southside & was one of the preachers who married Jami & me.

Monday, October 7, 2013

Second post for this week! Disney, Arlo, Kids

I ment to give a big thank you to Arlo & Jennie in last nights post. If we are being honest Arlo could have said adios amigos & left our youth hanging but he isn't that kind of man & he loves our students, instead he is going to lead our students until the Lord brings us another person. While leading our kids he really could just teach & that be it but instead he is opening his home for another youth camp out, taking our kids to see another Christian movie & leading our kids thru another judgement house. I am thankful for his leadership and his dedication and I am thankful during a month of Halloween parties, football games, just regular teen hanging out kind of stuff that my boys have church stuff to do and I know they'll be hearing some type of message on Jesus & hanging with those of like beliefs. I can say I don't know many people that would hang in their like that. If you see this Arlo & Jennie.....thanks for what you do, what you have done & for what God plans for you to do in the future!

Ok if you are interested in the Disney/mission trip & couldn't make the meeting here is some info. As I said before I can't go to Disney, the most magical place on earth, with a church group & not do something for others. It just isn't right. I also can't go to Disney & us not learn or share about Jesus. So their will be mandatory devotions every day, probably in the late afternoon when most head back to the rooms for a little rest before heading back out at night. I know I can't make anyone come to the devotions  once they get to Disney but I want everyone to understand my viewpoint from the start on that topic. Even though it is Disney, God is going to come first. Everyone yesterday seemed good with that. We have no definite date until we know about spring break & that will not be until March or April of 2014. I asked the group to come up with some fundraising ideas that do not depend on the church folks for support. I know we will have a few over the next yr. and a half but I want the majority to come from outside sources. The youth group is large & they need to be able to fund raise inside the church if a trip or something comes up for them. Courtney Jones, Wendy Benefield & some others are already throwing ideas around to raise some funds. Feelers are going out on what we can do to help the local area around Disney too. Plan on a small deposit around the end of Feb. but I will let you know more as the months pass. We will make small deposits as we go so the trip will be paid for before we leave. I suggest anyone interested goes to & requests a free dvd. This will give you some info, let you see inside the parks & get yourself pumped up for this great trip. Another valuable site is That site has some much info. It will even tell you the menu's and prices of food so you know where you can afford to eat & cannot afford to eat. Some of us last trip ate very reasonably so don't get scared & think you have to buy every meal out. We had refigs in out rooms so most of us ate breakfast in, you could do sandwiches for lunch & eat supper out if you wanted. My mom took a small toaster & coffee pot for her room.  You can also take snacks & water in the park with you. I think the first time Jami & I took the twins the only snack we bought out of a whole week was a popsicle because we took snacks into the park. Anyway, we will meet again once we get thru the month of October and see if anyone else has decided to go, see if any ideas popped up & if anyone has questions.

As for the kids I forgot to mention in yesterdays post that Oct. 30  the kids will not have Big City, nor will the little kids have their class. We will still meet in the gym from 6-7 but the lesson will be on God helping us to smash our fears & yep I am going to put on the ole goggles & smash a large pumpkin in the gym.....shuuush Don't tell June!! haha I am just kidding, she want care since it is the gym. We will then have a bonfire, roast some marshmallows & make smores. I know I'll need some parents to help watch kids around the fire & load marshmallows on the sticks. Ashley, Courtney & Donna, yall need a name for your class and no you can't use names like the rotten tomatoes or the Dennis the Menace group.....find something nice! lol  I think that is it. If you didn't see last nights blog post read it to. This is a busy week so I know I'll post again by the end of the week. My crew reads tonight so I am very excited!!!

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Lots of Stuff..THe Carrs, Kid Stuff

I said I was going to talk about some people from WBBC who have been very special to me over the years but before I get to that I got to thinking & sometimes I just struggle with my teens. One has a really bad smart mouth & he got it honestly. My mouth was horrible as a teen towards my parents. Teens think they know it all & some times think they know best when it comes to doing what is asked of them. I asked mine to go shopping for jeans yesterday, me knowing that whatever I bought probably would not fit one of them. Of course, they had no part in the shopping & I gave in & went on my own. I came home, made them try the jeans on. (moms with no boys.... boys do not like fashion & trying clothing on whether at the mall or at home is a nightmare.) Of course, I was right and the jeans fit one child perfectly the other child not so perfectly. I made him go to the mall with me after church today to try on jeans & out of the "I told you so & do what your momma says next time attitude" I made him try on many extra pairs just to drive home my point. If he had went with me the 1st time I asked I would have went with the 1st jeans that fit & there would have been no grounding. So I was thinking that God might think of us as that unruly teen. He urges me, prompts me, puts the example right in front of me & sometimes I think I know best, argue back, ignore His advice & do my own thing. Then I realize His way was the easiest, best & He was right. And to think once I get thru with the twins teenage years I have to wait 10 more years and do it again with Jack. Start praying for me know please!

Over the years at WBBC there has been some awesome role models I have learned from. Some still with us & others who have moved on to heaven. I have talked about Carol Raines & how she encouraged me & Audrey Broom who I watch fight cancer but yet still got up and welcomed folks every Sunday at church & how that example along with God's power has helped me overcome some of my shyness. The couple I want to talk about today is Bruce & Valencia Carr. When I started out working with the children, I had NO experience, no plans, no idea where to look for info & just no clue, I just knew this was what God wanted me to do. Valencia Carr was such a resource. She knew who I could call for this or she would call & ask me if I thought about checking here or there. She would just call to tell me that she thought I was doing a good job. Those calls were always when I needed the extra encouragement. I remember being in Pigeon Forge on a ladies trip & we had just found out mother had breast cancer for the 1st time. I was the only "younger person" on the trip. I remember Mrs. Carr wanting to pray for my mother before we went out one evening. I just cried. I also remember being in Disney World, on a church trip, & Joey getting the call that Mrs. Carr might not make it. I got the group that was with us together &  we huddled up in the Animal Kingdom & prayed for her. It was just one of those moments I will never forget. She was such a fighter & she loved her church. Then there is her other half, Bruce. I remember when Joey was being sworn in the 1st time as a city councilman & Bruce Carr showed up to support his young pastor. I knew then he was a good man. There has never been a time that Bruce has not supported the children's dept. I have asked for so many things over the years & He always respond with careful consideration & then support. I know Joey & Jami have looked to him for leadership & advice. He has the absolute most heartfelt prayers. He was dedicated to his wife & to his children. He has suffered loss and continues to strive on and do what he can for his Lord. He has been a true leader for WBBC. He is very special to my family & has even enjoyed many meals with us at moms & dads. We look up to him and I am so thankful the Lord placed Bruce in our path.  True Christians role models who made a difference in this girls life! I'll probably post on another special person this week, so stay tuned!

Ok now to the kid stuff! Regular children's church in the gym Wednesday night & Sunday since the service is from 10:30- 12:00, the kids will have children's church for part of the service but we will be upstairs in the green classroom instead of the gym. The gym will be ready for lunch!! Thank you to all who helped with movie night. We had a great time watching Chicken Little. Trunk or treat will be here soon so please let Teresa Coley know if you can do chili, let Megan Williams know if you can make something for the bake sale (proceeds from that will go towards the youth Winter Extreme trip). Please plan on doing your cars & dressing up. I still need some youth to sign up for games & we'll need 2L drinks & candy brought in for donations. The hot dogs have been donated!! This year "In Like Ben" is playing outside. Let me just say they have been working so hard on getting some new songs ready. They have a new guy singing & I heard he was unbelievable & I also heard some of our youth girls were great! This is going to be a 1st so I hope & pray it goes well!  I think you'll love it! We had a Disney/mission trip meeting today.   I am looking forward to see who joins in on this trip. It will be a blast. They'll be more to come on that needs it's own post! I hope you all have a great week & pray for those making the 100th anniversary possible. There has been lots of work going on to get the church ready for Sunday & I know more work this week! God has greatly blessed us!