Monday, April 23, 2012

Tough Week

Last week was so tough for some many in our church family. We had church family lose a Mother, a baby boy, Church family reflecting on anniversaries of their passed loved ones & Ben Clough would have turned 12 yesterday. I still remember his sweet face sitting in my Sunday school class! I know Ben celebrated BIG in heaven yesterday! We need to really be lifting our church up in prayer! I feel the devil just trying to work on tearing up families, making life tough for people  by taking their jobs & pulling then down. He wants us to give in & give up but...... by turning to God and focusing on  Him, He will carry us through the hurt! Just continue to pray! As the devil tries to plot & destroy, we saw yesterday that God has a plan & a purpose for our lives by seeing an amazing little boy turn his life over to God and ask Jesus into his heart! I can't wait to see the lives that Grant influences for Jesus!

As far as kids stuff just remember that Sunday is the last day to turn in your money for the Baron's game. It is $10 a person. Also, from now until Mother's Day, Wednesdays & Sundays (during children's church) the kids will have practice in the gym for the Mother's Day program on Sunday May 13. have a great week and just keep on praying!! Kristi

Monday, April 16, 2012

Future Plans

What another wonderful Sunday @WBBC yesterday! It was so great to welcome the Ayres family to our church! It was a beautiful day out yesterday & we spent our time ourdoors, after church, at terrapin creek. It was so relaxing to just sit by the water & feel the breeze. God just created the most beautiful places for us to enjoy & recharge! Kayaking was a huge success for my boys, even Jack loved it, so I am thinking that will be a great day trip for our church kids. Not too much going on in April for the church kids but I think May & the summer activites will wear us out. Here is the April plans:

This Wed. night will be regular kids @ 6. Katie Smith will be teaching on missions.

I have Sunday childrens church until Mothers' Day. We will be practicing during this time for our program!

Reminder about the Barons game. It is May 19 but I need to collect all the money by April 29 so we can order the tickets. This is for youth too or anyone in the church who would like to go. $10 covers ticket, pizza, drink in souvenir cup & pregame event. I am not a baseball fan but I know us all going together will make it a  great time! Have a great week and if you have any questions, call me! Kristi

Monday, April 9, 2012

What a weekend!

 All I can say is whew!! There was so much going on this past weekend. We started Friday night off with a Good Friday service. It was the 1st for our church and I hope it will become a tradition. It was awesome to spend time with church family on the day Jesus dies for our sins & to celebrate his sacrifice. Saturday was the egg hunt. I really only expected about 15-20 kids, knowing so many had ballgames that day, but I have to quit limiting God.....because He brought tons of kids out to the hunt. I was overwhelmed with excitement. One of my good friends said this year was going to be a learning year for me because in the past I have planned for so many less kids & with the way God is growing our church  ideas & plans need to be revamped & definitely the numbers that are prepared for will need to be increased. This is an awesome problem to have & this growth has been prayed for many years! Talk about growth.....there was no seats left in the sanctuary yesterday! The choir was awesome, the youth skit was perfect, Joey did great, the weather was fabulous & the most important thing was that we celebrated a RISEN SAVIOR. I also had a child saved in my ss class so I don't think the day could have gotten much better! I just feel God's presence so strongly at WBBC and I pray you do too! Have a great week!  Here is a list of some kid activities coming up!

The children will be performing on Mother's Day May 13. Practices will be April 25, 29, May 2 & 6th.

Churchwide event : 1st Priority is hosting a night at the Birmingham Barons Game for May 19. The ticket is $10 and it includes games, pregame event ( music or a speaker), pizza and a souvenir cup w/ drink. If you plan on going let Arlo or me know & we need the money in by April 29th to order the tickets.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Holy Week

This is such an awesome week for Christians. Yesterday was Palm Sunday, the day Jesus rode into Jerusalem knowing He was about to sacrifice His life for our sins. We celebrated in Sunday school by making tombs out of crescent rolls. They were empty inside just like the tomb was on Resurrection day so many years ago.  There is a lot of church activities going on this week, so as we enjoy eggs, the Easter Bunny & candy I hope we remember the sacrifice that was made for us. God sent His only son, Jesus to die a horrific death on the cross so that we could have everlasting life in Heaven. THERE IS NOTHING MORE IMPORTANT THAN ASKING JESUS CHRIST INTO YOUR HEART, BEING SAVED, SO YOU HAVE EVERLASTING LIFE! If you or your child has questions about this please ask me! I'll be glad to talk about it with you, as would so many others at church. There would be nothing better than to see lives changed this Holy Week! Here are the weeks activities:

 Wednesday night: Kids go upstairs to paint Easter Sun catchers

Good Friday night : 6:30 The Lord's Supper, music, The  Passion of the Christ & snacks for all ages in the sanctuary. Nursery will be provided up to 3 yrs

Easter Egg hunt: 4 Pm Snacks, over 1000 eggs & the Easter Bunny will make an appearance. Parents, bring those cameras!

Easter Sunday: No children's church