Sunday, December 30, 2012

Bye Bye 2012

As we prepare to say goodbye to 2012, I wanted to thank those who helped at church with anything the children's dept. has undertaken. We have done a lockin, Easter egg hunt, food fight (which will never happen again), movie nights, inside inflatable's for the wee ones, summer clothing drive in Memory of Ben Clough, coats for the needy, trunk or treat, Smokies trip, pies in our faces, many pizza suppers, Archie Wade and his Christian Magic Show,The Mom song, Doughnuts with Dad, food drive for the pantry, Operation Christmas Child, Breakfast with Santa, swimming party, Christmas musical, Salvation Army bell ringers, other things that my brain has probably chosen to forgot... the food fight should have fell into that category haha and of course the best VBS ever Allison Williams!! We have the best folks who will do whatever they can to make sure our children have a great time at church. Even though we have a whole lot of fun, the most important part is teaching the kids about Jesus. The fun is nothing if Jesus isn't living in the hearts of these kids. I want to thank the parents for getting up when it is hard to on Sunday mornings knowing your body could use the extra rest, for bringing them on Wed. nights when you rather come home from work and plop on the couch. You are showing your children learning about Jesus and fellow shipping with your church family is important. Proverbs 22:6 tells us, "Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old, he will not depart from it." I look forward to the New year with much excitement for you and your children. I pray that 2013 will be a year that you and your children grow even closer to God.  Big thank you our whole church family, staff and preacher because you support us in every endeavour with excitement and love! It is great to be involved in the children's ministry at WBBC!! God has really blessed us and I know He has great plans for our future! 2013 bring it on!

Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas

I had to sit down & take a moment to wish you and your family Merry Christmas. I know we are all immersed in cooking, baking and the children are excited about the presents, spotting Santa & hearing the reindeer hoofs on our rooftops tonight (Jack is already bouncing off the walls) but I hope each of us take a moment and remember the real reason for Christmas, Jesus Christ. My prayer, this Christmas, is that Jesus lives in each one of your hearts. I pray that you forget about who got what & what we didn't get & focus on family and just enjoying your time together. I look forward to a the new year with excitement because I can't wait to see how God is going to work in our church. I am excited to continue to see how God is using the Mayo's abroad & I am excited for the Ayres as they now have 2 more children! God has greatly blessed our church family!

My boys head off on their 1st youth trip to Winter Extreme! I am so excited for them and all the other youth! I know this is going to be a great experience for them & the chaperone's. Whoever rooms w/ my boys, please make sure they match & brush their hair. They still don't care how they look! Pray for safe travel for these kids & if their is anyone on this trip who doesn't know Jesus I pray that Gatlinburg will be the place that hearts are changed.

Merry Christmas to you all. May God continue to bless you and your family! Kristi

Monday, December 17, 2012

Sharing Jesus

I know we are all sadden by the events of last week & the weekend but I hope as you watch the little children last night you were able to put the horrific events out of your mind for a few minutes and focus on the story, showing Jesus's love to a person who needed it. My hope and prayer is that we all do as Rebecca & Drew did in the story, step out on faith, take a chance, even a second chance and go to someone you know who is in need of knowing about God's love. As a saved person it is our responsibility to share Jesus with others. I know it is the gift giving season and everyone is running around trying to get the perfect presents, spending crazy amounts of money(my house is no exception to this) but there is no gift you can purchase, no amount of money you can spend that will have have a more lasting affect than Jesus.  So as we give the perfect gifts we have so carefully chosen for our family & friends take a moment & think about the person & question "do they know Jesus?" If not I pray you have the courage and the opportunity to share Jesus with that person. I pray I have that same courage & opportunity too!

Big thank you to anyone who helped w/ the kids program. I had so many people help with this or that. I am blessed to work with wonderful parents and church family who try to help out anyway they can. You should all be so proud of your children. They practiced so hard.....and practice is not fun but they did it because they wanted to share Jesus. I am proud of them!

This Wed. night we are going to have a break & have some deserved fun! I told the kids to bring a snack to share (anything they chose) and we are going to read the Christmas Story & play reindeer games in the gym. This Sunday there will be no children's church during preaching because we will listen to the adult choir perform. Next Wed. night, Dec. 26, there will be no church.

This Friday, at the Gadsden Mall fountain, our children will ring the Salvation Army Bell from 10-6. I have a few hour time slots left to fill so let me know if you would like to be a Bell is something you will never forget! If you are out & about stop by the fountain & drop some change in the pot.

Remember Jason & Lauren Ayres as they take off on this wonderful trip to bring home their children! Remember their children who are home, who I know will miss their parents but look forward to meeting their siblings. Remember Elizabeth & Davidson who are about to be welcomed into one awesome family!

I hope you all have a wonderful Christ centered week!

Monday, December 10, 2012

Final December Reminders...... I hope!

Alright boys & girls, Moms & Dads this is the final week of practice for the kids Christmas musical. We will practice Wed. night 6-7. Then Friday night will be the dress rehearsal, 6-8. They will be feed Deoreos pizza from 6-6:30 then we will start the musical practice. I do need a few moms/dads to help w/ feeding, clean up & costumes. The kids do not have to wear the clothing they are wearing Sunday but they need to have their lines memorized & know those songs. I think the only song we are struggling with is Here We Come A Caroling. I have been saying wear the red VBS t shirt & stick a long sleeve tee underneath but I told them yesterday they can wear any red shirt or something w/ a festive Christmas design. I really don't care as long as they are festive looking. I was just trying to keep us from buying new clothing for one night. Some also had Santa hats they wanted to wear so anything like that is fine w/ me. They story revolves around the kids caroling so they can wear those crazy toboggans or scarves if they want. JUST LOOK CHRISTMASY OR WEAR THE RED VBS SHIRT! If y'all have questions just call or text me. Invite people! When kids perform it is always a great excuse to get people into the church. I firmly believe it we get them there God handles the rest!

The last thing I have is the Salvation Army bell ringing. The children's dept. has been doing this for yrs now & it is such a worthy cause. The kids & their parents pick a 1 hour time slot & just ring the bell at the center fountain of the Gadsden Mall. I have already had 2 families hit me up for time slots so right now I have 12-6 open. Let me know if you want to work for an hour! You will not regret the decision!

Please pray for the musical....that some part of it touches a heart and that if anyone is in our church that night who doesn't Jesus that they leave there knowing Him. Please pray for a good pathology report for Mom on Thursday & for Mrs. Johnson's grandson Kyle. I hope you all have the most blessed week!

Monday, December 3, 2012

December Reminders

Before I even start on all we have to do I need to give a big thank you to the kids in my SS class. I am so blessed to be able to spend time w/ the most compassionate & loving kids. I had 2 children as soon as they saw me yesterday ask about my mom, 1 ask to put her on the prayer list, then a group want to make cards for her. The apples do not fall far from the tree! Great parents= great kids! Thank you for all the prayers, texts, handling movie night & just awesome words of encouragement!

Reminder that Breakfast with Santa is this coming Sat. Dec. 8, 9 am. Santa will arrive by firetruck! This is a great opportunity to invite someone to church so take a moment & call someone & invite them! Please remember there is no cost for the breakfast but I need reservations made by Wed.  Dec. 5 so I know how much food to purchase & prepare. At this moment I have very few reservations. I would also love some youth & a few youth moms to volunteer to help w/ serving & clean up. Maybe that way those Moms w/ little ones can enjoy the event. If you can help please let me know. PARENTS DO NOT FORGET A CAMERA FOR THAT SANTA PIC!!

We are moving right along w/ our Chistmas musical practice. The kids have done a great job learning the music. This Wed. we will start to practice lines & put the whole show together. I need everyone who can to be at practice Wed. & Sunday. Sunday we will practice for the full preaching hour. Reminder on outfits. Kids need there red VBS shirt (There is extras in Allison's room) & a white, green or something festive looking long sleeve shirt under it. They can wear jeans or whatever pants they choose. I'll have all the costumes next week for those in the nativity. Dress rehearsal is Friday night Dec. 14.  After the musical the kids will perform 2 songs during the dinner theatre. As it gets closer, I know some of you might not stay for the dinner theatre, just let me know so I have an idea how many kids will be staying to sing. If you have questions or want to make reservations for breakfast, call me 256-442-0120 or text 256-393-1063. have a great week & remember Jesus is the reason for the season!!

Monday, November 26, 2012

November Redo

I joked last night w/ a friend who is having some difficulties that we both need a November redo. Seems like November has been a stinker for many of us. I know of a friend w/ surgery gone wrong, one caring for an ailing parent, some losing parents, children sick, divorce, loss of job and of course my own family's situation w/ mother. It has been a tough month for so many people, yet I have seen so many just keep on keeping on! As Christian's God never told us this world would be easy, He never said everything would go our way. Every plan I have made lately, God has rearranged. I know His plan is perfect and I  have gotten over not getting my way & now I am just going with what ever comes my way. I have seen so many in the situations listed above doing that....just making the best of it and going w/ whatever God has planned. I am thankful for those people because they are such inspirations to me. We can't get a November redo but in less than a week it will be a new month & I am believing it will be a better month.

The kids should all have their music cd's by now. Please have them learning those songs & if they have a speaking part, memorizing it. We will be practicing Wed. nights upstairs in my SS class & every Sunday during children's church for the Christmas musical. PLEASE REMEMBER rehearsal is DEC 14 6-8. They will have a pizza supper then practice the entire play so I need every child there PLEASE!!! Show will be Dec. 16, 6 pm. I will have all the costumes for the kids who are in the nativity scene.

A few other reminders: This Friday night is the Polar Express PJ Movie Night. 6:30 in the gym. Everyone wear your PJS. We will have cookies, hot cocoa & watch the Polar Express. I do realize Mom is suppose to have surgery that day & if I can't make it, the show will still go on thanks to Katie & Teresa! Also, remember Breakfast w/ Santa. This is for anyone, I just need reservations in by Dec. 5th so I can prepare enough food. Santa has been located & I believe he will arrive by firetruck! There will be a heavenly angel named Ben Clough watching over Santa! Hint Hint!! Any of these events would be a great opp to invite someone to church.  I hope you all have a great week and remember even though we have alot going on at church, we do it all because of Jesus.

Monday, November 19, 2012


I am pretty sure we are all in the same boat & have so much to be thankful for. God has been so good to me and blessed me w/ a wonderful related family & a wonderful church family. I have really struggled (struggled is probably a mild word if you were Jami & Joey and had to listen to my wailing) these past few weeks w/ mom having cancer again & then the news of waiting to see if it is anywhere else & if it is there being nothing we can do. As usual, I doubt & God handles it. After going to church yesterday & hearing the choirs music I just felt like it was just for me...just the things I needed to hear. Same thing last night @ the Community Thanksgiving Service. The words of being thankful just spoke to my heart & then this young couple sang & I just knew God had this under control. WHY DO I DOUBT?? My brain knows God has this but my emotions have been all over the place! I have felt like a crazy person, w/ my insides churning & my mind running nonstop. Drove my Mom & her sister home last night in complete peace.  I am so thankful for my church family covering my mother in prayers. I ask for your prayers as she has all her scans tomorrow that the cancer is confined to the one breast. I am also going to ask that whatever she goes through that we pray that God uses that to bring someone closer to him. I want every situation my family & I go thru to be used for the glory of God & to bring someone to Him. We have to stay focused on God & he will handle the rest. I hope you all have a very blessed week w/ your loved ones! No church Wed. night.

Kids Reminders:
Christmas music went home yesterday. If you didn't get it please let me know & I'll bring it to you this week. I really need the kids to get those songs learned asap. Please read the letter that was included. The letter said the dress rehearsal would be Friday Dec. 15 but the date is wrong. The rehearsal is Friday Dec. 14. PLEASE  make sure your child is at the dress rehearsal!!!!The Christmas musical will be Sunday night Dec. 16 . Kids need to be at church by 5, show starts @ 6:00. This is the same night as the dinner theatre which will be after the kids perform. Mr. Edwards said he will have tickets for sale next week for that.

Polar Express pj movie night is Nov. 30. In the gym 6:30. Invite someone!!!Cookies & Hot Cocca

Breakfast W/ Santa (STILL NEED A SANTA) is Dec. 8, 9 am in the fellowship hall. There is no charge but I need reservations in by Wed. Dec. 5.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Just a Bunch of Kid Reminders

After a week filled w/ emotional ups & downs...well basically all downs, Moms cancer, my pick not winning the election & Al losing, it is great to be home today & have some quiet time to recharge. The twins are still on the youth camp out @ Arlo's so it is very quiet here.

I wanted to remind everyone that Wed. night is the packing night for our shoeboxes. The washclothes, soap, toothbrushes & toothpaste are already at church. All your child needs to bring is the toys they chose to fill the box with & whatever else they might like to include. We also have the boxes. Remember to include $7.00 for shipping but if that is a problem.... it is ok. Still do your box. I know we all have alot of expenses coming out of the budget right now. Thanksgiving is next week & the meal cost all our arms & legs then we have Christmas coming. I definitely understand! Don't let your child miss out on this great mission opportunity. The kids love helping others.

We have begun practice on our kids Christmas musical. It will be Dec. 16, 6pm. I am still in the process of figuring out what & who is doing this or that. I told the kids I'll be sending home the CD next Sunday for them to memorize the music. Believe me... I know it gets old listening to that music over & over but please have it playing every chance you get. The quicker we learn the music the better. Remember to start looking for your VBS red t shirts. I want us to wear them w/ white or green shirts underneath. If your child does not have one please go ahead & let me know.  Ok, so that is the 16th. Mr. Edwards asked me if the kids would perform Sun night Dec. 9 @ the dinner. Idk any details yet but he wanted the kids to perform 2 songs & they will be regular Christmas songs like Rudolph or Jingle Bells that we will not be singing in our musical. I told him we would but once I got to thinking about that I better ask yall moms because that will be 2 Sunday nights in a row that you are committing to be at church. Let me know what you think. I am fine w/ it but I want to make sure yall are ok too. December 8th will be breakfast w/ Santa & I still need a man to be Santa. Let me know if you know of someone one willing to do that. I know all of this seems far off but it will be here literally in a few weeks. Hold on to your hat, time is gonna fly by! Stay focused on Jesus because He is the reason for the season!! Please keep my momma in your prayers this week. Pray for Kendra's brother Harry. He had a heart attack last night & open heart surgery. I hear he is doing well. Have a blessed week!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Info on Operation Christmas Child boxes

This is the easiest way to make sure everyone who has a child in the kids' dept. at WBBC knows what is going on for the week or month. I could text but would take too long. I hope you check this blog every Monday afternoon so you have the latest info & so your child doesn't miss out on fun church stuff.

Last night we watched the kick off video for Operation Christmas Child & your child filled out a sheet about themselves to include in their box. Boxes were assembled & now just need to be filled & delivered. The children will be filling those this coming Wed. night & I will be delivering them Thursday or Friday. To make the process easier this yr. Jeannie, Arlo & I will handle gathering the hygiene items. We will have washclothes, soap, toothbrushes & toothpaste for each box. Your child will just need to bring in the other items they chose to fill the box with. Some suggestions are coloring books & crayons, writing materials, flashlights & batteries, small balls & dolls, stuffed animals, small games, brushes, hair accessories & even flip flops. The Dollar Store is a great place to shop for these smaller items. This is a regular size shoebox not the large boot size box.They can also include hard candy( nothing that will melt) & it needs to be in a ziplock baggie. PLEASE make sure you do not send military figures & plastic guns. If you have questions about what you can & can't include please call me. Each box needs $7.00 shipping but if you can not provide that, it is fine, it will be covered. We will be showing the video to the church Sunday & hopefully they'll be people in the congregation who want to do a box too. Thanks for all your help & for the encouragement you provide your child & the church when it comes to supporting mission outreach! Have a blessed rest of the week!

Monday, November 5, 2012

Kid's Stuff

What a wonderful day @ WBBC yesterday. The Ayre's did a great job spreading the message of orphans & adoption. The whole family is such a blessing to have at WBBC. I look forward to watching them raise two more precious children up in God's home! I am going to make it short today so on to the kids's stuff.

This Wed. night the kids will have a pizza supper as we kick off our shoeboxes. I'll show them a dvd & send them home w some info on how they can participate the following week. You do not need to bring a shoebox. We have premade ones from Samaritan's Purse. The following Wed. night, Nov. 14, we will stuff the boxes. I am anticipating church will be canceled Nov. 21 due to it being the night before Thanksgiving & our church does not normally have service that night. I was thinking we would do Big City Nov. 28 to finish up this month but I might just have the kids work on the Christmas music. Starting this Sunday, I'll be doing children's church every Sunday thru Dec. 16. We will be practicing for the Christmas play which will be Sunday night, Dec. 16 @ 6 pm. Please go ahead and locate your child's red VBS t shirt. I plan on the kids wearing these w/ either a white or green long sleeve shirt under these & if your child does not have one let me know asap. I want them to match as much as possible. After the performance I would like for us to offer desserts, coffee & drinks to the congregation. I would love for a parent to say they will handle all the arrangements for that. You know making sure the fellowship hall is arranged & that we have plenty of desserts & drinks. This night is always a great opportunity to have visitors in our church which is a huge blessing. I have 3 other kid reminders. Friday night , November 30 is the Polar Express PJ Movie night in the gym & Dec. 8 Santa will be coming for breakfast at WBBC. I am looking for a Santa if you know someone willing to play him. The breakfast will be free but I will need reservations in no later than Dec. 5th. I am going to ask some of our youth moms & students to help w/ this so you all can enjoy time w/ your little ones. We ring the Salvation Army bell Dec 21 @ the mall from 10-6. I have hour time slots we can sign up for as that day gets closer. I told y'all it is full speed ahead from trunk or treat but even though we are supper busy we need to remember who we are working for and make every opportunity a chance to reach someone lost & to show them love! This is just kids stuff I know the church has several other holiday functions going on. I hope you all have a great week! Say a little prayer for our family as the 10:00 hour approaches please!

Monday, October 29, 2012

Working for Him

I got into SS yesterday morning in time to study my lesson, which I had not done the night before, and it was on serving others & how Jesus had served His disciples by washing their feet. This made for some good laughs because I tried to talk the kids into rubbing my aching feet & washing them. Of course they refused and made all kind of comments. Then we got down to the seriousness of the lesson. I explained Jesus was serving His servants and in turn wants us to serve others. Perfect story for the ending of the Trunk or Treat weekend. I explained as a church we were serving our community the night before. People got a hot meal, entertainment and hopefully they felt the love of Jesus thru our friendliness & welcoming attitudes. I know all of those who volunteered were exhausted by the time we locked the doors Sat. night but I do hope you feel good about the work you did for our heavenly Father. Everyone from the kitchen, bake sale, those poor guys on the other side of the church who could not see the ballgames, those who drove the hayrides, people who cleaned up, to trunks & those who dressed up, to the men still taking down signs yesterday, hauling off trash this morning & returning equipment today, you all went above and beyond serving your community & I know one day you'll receive a special blessing for your dedication. I was so proud of our youth! I know many of them have worked before but the younger youth who were use to running around playing & getting candy were so dedicated to their jobs that night. I am so glad they have hearts willing to serve God. I even had a sweet elementary child beg to work a game. She wanted to help & I believe she stayed on a game the whole night! Sometimes kids can teach us so much! LOL I wish I could figure out how to post pics on here!!

Ok now to kids stuff! No church Wed. night. Sunday, Nov. 4th is "Orphan Sunday" and Jason & Lauren Ayres have special music and a special message for us so we will not have children's church. I know this message will be a blessing to those who hear it. Starting Nov. 11th every Sunday during children's church the kids will be working on the Christmas program. I still do not know what we are doing but I'll have something in the works by then. I am pretty sure your household is like mine and from Trunk or Treat weekend on it is full speed ahead until the end of the year. Let's try to stay focused on God while we are doing the other 100 things we need to do!

One last thing...Wed. night is halloween and I know it can be a controversial holiday for many Christians. Do we partake or not? In my opinion a holiday is what you make of it. You can chose to do the gore & devilish stuff or you could make it more about celebrating the harvest of fall. If you are looking for something more Christian to do, go to & you'll see the pumpkin prayer. We did this prayer in children's church & I know your child would have so much fun at home carving the pumpkin as they do this prayer. Hopefully they will grow up remembering God removes our sin like we remove the gunk from the inside of the pumpkin. Have a great week & stay warm!

P.S. Arlo I know you are reading this & you better be glad you live so far off because I know several boys in a certain youth group who plan on going ROLLIN, ROLLIN, ROLLIN!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Judgement House

I had to share what I experienced last night. First, I want to give 12th St. a big thank you for what they do each yr. So many people come thru their doors for the Judgement house and I know lives are being changed by this outreach! I was suppose to have been at church last night pulling out trunk or treat stuff from upstairs but the opportunity worked out for me to go to the Judgement house and I am so thankful I did. I got to church a little late & never saw how many kids loaded up into the van or cars & I rode by myself to 12th St. so I was later than everyone else getting there. Once we all get inside and I see sooo many youth I was in AWE! 27 YOUTH and 11 adults.....38! Now I know that is no big deal to some but I can rem back several yrs ago when I went w/ the youth the 1st time to the Judgement house and we might of only had 10 of us youth & adults. I could barely keep from crying when those numbers hit me because I just rem how hard it was back we were trying to grow the youth & children's dept ( not that we have stopped trying now). God has been so good to us and He just keeps reminding me that if we are faithful and do His work then He will bless us. I am not going to give the story away but at the end God comes up to you and touches your shoulder and say something to each person there. I almost passed out when he touched me. His words were,"do not worry". Did he hit the nail on the head. I worry about everything and I know I shouldn't. Coincidence? I think not!

I also wanted to say how blessed we are at WBBC to have  a preacher wants to go be involved in youth and kid activities. Joey went w/ us. Then to have parents who are just as excited about being at the Judgement house as the kids are. It is a wonderful thing. Arlo & Jennie did a great job last night guiding kids and showing them love. They are doing a great job leading this group! It was awesome to have some youth & adult visitors with us. I love how God makes things work out and i am so glad He worked it out for me to go last night. BIG THANK YOU to Katie & Teresa for working w/ the kids last night. I appreciate all you do!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Blessings Abound

As I went to church yesterday I had feelings of worry about the soup lunch. I wanted this lunch to be put on my the children's dept & I think everyone knows by now that there is so many less kids now since the large group moved up to youth. Well less kids means less parents to cook so I was thinking we might not have enough pots of soup to feed the church family. To my surprise what I had planned in my head had almost been doubled on the table. I also came down from SS & everything had been done. The ladies made sure everything was set to go. I go to preaching & leave as soon as I hear the last amen, making a mad dash to the fellowship hall to make sure we are a go & what do I see but ladies already in there working. Our church is so blessed by people willing to work! I think I say this all the time but I work w/ parents who are willing to do whatever whenever! Such blessings! Then to top it off I thought we made over $300.00 but instead it was over $500.00. $500 to buy coats for needy kids! That is so awesome! My tentative plans are to take the 5th grade girls w/ me the 2nd Sat. in Nov. to buy up all the coats. I can't wait! I also had a pretty full SS class, a chance to pray with a sweet boy and to sit with my brother in church before he preached. We enjoyed making some quiet fun of each other while we were singing! lol  A day full of blessings that only come from the Lord above!

This Wed. night Katie Smith will lead the kids in a mission lesson. Please make sure your kids are there. All missions fields are important when it comes to sharing the Word of God and showing Christian love whether it be overseas or work we do right in our on community and I want our kids to be learning all about that!

Saturday night is Trunk or Treat. Remember if you are doing a car, game, inflatable or working in the kitchen you need to be at church by 4:00. We need to be set up & ready to eat at 4:30, done by 5:30 so we are ready to welcome visitors at 6:00. There will plenty to do Friday night at the church so I would love anyones help. Don't forget to bring bake sale items. You can start dropping them off Fri. night. All proceeds from the bake sale will go towards the youths' Winter Extreme trip. I am going to ask that you specifically pray for Trunk or Treat. Pray that God brings us people who are in need of a church home & people who are lost. Pray that God places the right person in those peoples path that is not afraid to strike up a conversation and find out what that person needs. Pray for kindness & love to be on all our minds & hearts as we welcome in the community. Pray that our Christian light shines thru. Pray for good weather and for each family that we know God is going to send us Sat. night. I know I ramble & go on way to long but yall know how I am by now. Have a great week and enjoy each & every moment!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Seasons of Change

 I joked w/ Joey about the time we got out of church yesterday because during children's church I went thru my lesson, my game, I improvised and made my self part of the game & let the kids wrap me in toilet paper, played keep away, fell on the ground in a skirt,  busted a child in the eye & sweated so much my hair curled up but I understand it was an important message so I guess I'll let Joey slide but I was to the point of thinking I was going to need to order pizza & feed the kids lunch!! I spoke to the kids about each season & how they are all different. We talked about seasons we do not like & seasons we love. I love fall & of course the kids loved summer. The point of the lesson was just like the seasons change so does our life. Today you might be really down, nothing seems to be going your way just like the winter, cold, dreary, gloomy but hold on to God because spring is coming & it warms up, we feel better, there is new growth & things seem brighter. As Christians, we will have ups and downs but God is not like the seasons. He never changes nor does He ever leave you. If you are in a bad place today just pray about it & remember a new season is coming.

I was thrilled to see one of my original kids back at church yesterday w/ her Mom & cousin. I was also excited to meet a sweet lady who I have been talking on the phone with & finally got to put a face w/ a voice. Jenny Clough & the choir rocked that last song! I just felt so much excitement in God's house. I hope you did too!

I had a great time at the women's get together last night. I really love the fact that we have so many awesome women who are willing to reach out & encourage each other. I found out we had lots of surprise pregnancies in the group, lots of moms w/ large age differences in their kids, learned a potty song for Jack & that we have some unbelievable dessert cooks at WBBC! I just finished chocolate cake & a chocolate oatmeal cookie for breakfast! I always doubt myself before I go somewhere because I am always thinking I have this I need to do, or that I need to do & honestly I felt like my cold was coming back yesterday but I am so glad I went ahead & stuck w/ my plans of coming to the fellowship. I can never think of a time that God has not blessed me when I have done something church related.

Now on to the kid stuff:
Big City Studio will be in production this Wed. night.
Remember Sunday is the soup lunch for donations
Wed. Oct. 24 will be missions night for the kids. Katie Smith will be teaching. She has some new material & is very excited about it. That is the week before Halloween so I promised the kids a treat. Have I mentioned how I am loving these girls who help me on Wed. night? It is so great to see them step up & do whatever when ever! Pray for our children's dept. We had a lot of kids move up to youth & it has been hard to adjust to so many less kids (or at least it is hard for me to adjust) Pray that God leads us to the places to reach children, pray that we open to new opportunities & ideas and that everything we do is what God wants us to do. I want a to see our church overflowing w/ kids & families! I am done rambling! Have a blessed week!

Monday, October 8, 2012

What is Your Legacy Gonna Be?

Me and the twins were coming home Friday night from visiting the men cooking the butts & ribs. I was talking about how great it was for them to be donating their time trying to make the Winter Extreme trip a little cheaper for the youth. One of my boys, not going to say the name but the one who has lawyer & political aspirations because he is always right and likes to argue, questioned what I wanted my legacy to be. Who knows where this thought came from but he had a definite answer on his own legacy. He wanted to be remembered as RICH. RICH....what kind of legacy is that? I thought ok this is a teaching moment so going to try and make him understand that he was not choosing well! He is the arguer & thinks he is always correct so my teaching did not go very far. I explained that when we leave this earth I sure would want someone to remember something more about me than whether I had money or not. I explained that it is great to be rich but there has to be more to a person than just that. I would hope if I was blessed with alot of money I would donate to charities, give to those in need, really make a difference in someone else's life. I think of people who have passed and think of the people they influenced, lives they changed and examples they set. I can name a few of those from my own church. I think it would be great to leave this world and someone say that person is the reason I met Jesus and was saved, or that person was always kind to me and made me feel welcomed or that person showed me by example how to overcome something. Of course the topic left me thinking about my own legacy or lack of a legacy is more like it. What do you think your legacy will be when you leave this earth? Are people going to remember you because you were rich or poor? Are they going to remember that you were the only person who ever reached out to them and invited them to church? Are they going to remember how loving you were or are they going to remember that you acted better than others? Are they going to remember that you were a devoted wife or husband or are they going to remember you as a cheater. Are they going to remember how you always took care of your children or put yourself before all others? Are they going to remember the work you did for God or are they going to remember you as a church divider? Are they going to remember you as a Christian?

I wanted to give a big thank you for all the people who helped w/ the butts & ribs. As a parent of  youth I appreciate all who helped and bought because it will make the trip more affordable. I received a call earlier today from a church visitor who said they were the best she had ever tasted. Remember you can still purchase a coupon book from a youth and I believe they are still selling knives. Please remember the the childrens' dept is hosting a donation only soup & chili lunch on Sunday Oct. 21, right after preaching. All proceeds will go to buying coats for needy children. "Big City Studio" will be in production this Wed. night even though there is a business meeting. I hope to see all our kids there! Remember that Shay has a sign up sheet on the hall bulletin board for those who want to decorate their trunks. See Alicia if you can make chili for the trunk or treat. I have the sign up sheet for the games. October is a busy month so don't just sit there...get up and do something!!(That was said with love). One last thing...big WAY TO GO GIRL to Charity Coley. You put your fears aside & got on the stage and sang your heart out. You did great & should be so proud of your self!! have a great week everyone!!!

Monday, October 1, 2012


 It seemed everyone was so excited to be at church yesterday. It started in Sunday school for me. The kids were so pumped up & were so excited to be there. We were talking about the fall schedule & what all the kids had going on & one of the Coley girls said we haven't done a play in a while. I explained I am trying to come up w/ something for Christmas & she was so excited... I thought she was going to bust thru the roof! That makes me so happy when kids get excited about doing church stuff! Then I got into preaching & boom. Seemed like such a buzz going around. I just sat on the pew for a minute & noticed how happy & excited people seemed to be at church. Arlo spoke about all the youth events coming up & IDK about everyone else but that just gets me even more excited. I am so thrilled to see the young people going & doing, building bonds together that I hope will last a lifetime. Wouldn't it be awesome for some of these kids to grow up and be workers for our Lord & be able to fall back on each other for resourses & encouragement. I know as a mom I should be gloom and doom about the boys growing up but I am seriously excited about how God is going to work in their lives and see how he will work in their friends lives. I thought to myself that I have been in other churches (not all churches) and sometimes gotten the feeling that those people were made to be there, maybe by a spouse, parents or obligation. It is so great to sit back and know that you are in God's house with people who truly want to be there. God has really blessed our church & I just pray the devil doesn't find his way in! Then there was the trunk or treat meeting. I know every yr we have a great turn out for people to help but it just seemed like people kept coming into the meeting. It is great to be at a church were people want to help & want to reach out to the community. Just in case you do not know it I LOVE my church! God's spirit is so strong at WBBC and I love the excitement that encourages! I know..enough with all of the babbling Kristi!

Wednesday night is "Big City" so bring the kids & bring a visitor! I know Arlo will still take some butt & rib orders so if you need one let him know. Pray for the youth as the go see "Unconditional" Wed. night. The soup lunch has been changed to Oct 21st. I hope everyone supports this mission project. We hope to buy lots of coats for the mission center.

Trunk or Treat! People will be hitting you up to make chili, do your trunk & for the bake sale. Be ready to YES I would love to do that! Bake sale money raised will go towards the youths Winter Extreme trip.

There will be so much going on from now to Christmas so please pray about where & how you can help. I hope you all enjoy the 1st day of October and come back to church Wed. night with excitement!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012


WBBC Kids Fall & Winter Schedule

Dear Parents:
This time of the year thru Christmas is so busy for most of us so I like to go ahead and give you some plans & dates so you can be prepared. These are tentative dates because with life we all know things can change but my plan is too stick as closely as possible to this schedule.
October 14 Kids Dept. will be serving a soup/chili lunch after preaching w/ all donations going to buy coats for needy children for the winter. They will be donated to the EB Mission Center. I will be calling on everyone w/ kids to bring something.
October 27 TRUNK OR TREAT (meeting this Sunday in the gym for those interested in helping right after preaching)
November 7 Wednesday night kids will pack shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child.
November 30 Let’s kick of the Christmas season with a Polar Express family movie night. Come dressed in pajamas ( YES ADULTS TOO)! 7-9
December 8 Breakfast with Santa, 9 am. No cost but RESERVATIONS MUST BE MADE BY WEDNESDAY DEC. 5.
December 21 Annual Bell Ringer. We will ring the bell for the Salvation Army at the Gadsden mall fountain from 10-6. I will schedule kids w/ a parent in hour shifts. I hope everyone can participate. You will feel great once you are finished with this service!
I am hoping on a children’s Christmas musical too and they will perform that on a Sunday night. I will give more info out when I figure it out! Lol I hope everyone is enjoying our beautiful fall weather! Have a blessed week! Kristi

Monday, September 24, 2012

News for the Week

Just a reminder that directory pictures are being made this week in the gym. If something comes up & you need to cancel please let me know. I can reschedule you at another church & still have it go into the WBBC directory. I had to do that this morning since Jack is sick & had to do the same for Mom since she is still in the hospital. Thank you to Karon Fortenberry, Jenny Clough, Katie Sewell, Megan Williams, Shay Layton, Brenda Jones & Josh McBurnett for volunteering to sign folks in for the directory pics!!!! We will still have "Big City" Wed. night for the kids, just on a smaller scale & upstairs in the green ss room. Reminder that Sunday is the last day to order and pay for a butt, $30, & pu Oct. 6 from 8-10 am. Trunk or treat meeting will be this coming Sunday in the gym right after church & it will be very quick. I am working on a few things for the kids for this fall so stayed tuned!!! Thank you to Teresa for filling in ss for me yesterday. I also wanted to mention that the Cloughs are such an inspiration for me! JENNY CLOUGH you blew that song away!! You are so talented!! Taylor Clough I was so excited to see you acting up in front of the church. You did a great job and you are such a good example for the younger youth! Todd Clough all I can say about you is if you are going to wear your bathing suit for the directory picture I am going to make sure Jami takes it with him when you all go to the Al game and maybe it will make it on to the TV instead of Jami and his other woman. Jenny can get all the phone calls instead of me! lol Have a great week everyone & enjoy this beautiful weather!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Canceling Big City Sept 19

I am going cancel Big City for tomorrow night. The Ayres family will be speaking on their mission trip they just took to China. I have had several people request to hear them & it is my understanding the girls will be speaking so we definitely want to support them. So no children's church tomorrow night. There will still be nursery available.

Monday, September 17, 2012

God's Word

I hope our WBBC family enjoyed the ss breakfast yesterday morning. It is always great to fellowship together. I am sure you adults noticed most of the kids were no where in sight. We fellow shipped together upstairs & it was great having preschool, elementary & youth all together. I was so proud at how well the younger youth acted (all the boys sat there and ate & just talked) & some of the older youth helped serve the kids & entertained them. They really showed good character because I know they rather hang out w/ people their own age. As a church we are blessed to have them!
For the month of Sept. we have been learning about God's word in ss. I polled my class yesterday to see who reads their Bible & how often they read it. I love the kids honesty. I had some that read a few times a week, some that are made to read it as part of their school curriculum & one that said they never read their Bible. Nobody read it every day. I did have some younger kids who said their older sibling will read to them which was great to hear. I love it when the older kids set a good example for the younger ones. I encouraged them to read their Bibles daily because how else are they going to learn God's word & I have challenged myself to do the same. I read something related to God everyday, a devotional, maybe a blog or something on teaching God's word but I fall short & do not open my Bible every day or click on my bible app. I need to be the example to my children at home & the children at church and I don't want to talk the talk if I am not walking the walk! You see alot of that in Christians (not picking on anyone because I do it too). Sometimes we act like we are the best Christians & want others to think that about us but the truth is seen when actions are shown. God knows when we are not walking the walk.  During children's church we talked about if parents are setting a good example then the kids learn from it. Likewise, if the parents are setting the wrong example the kids learn that too! The church is no different. If Joey doesn't show a desire to read God's word, will the congregation have that desire..prob not. If a Ss teacher never shows the kids that the Bible is an important tool & how to use it, do you think the kids are going to consider the Bible important? If I just sometimes come to church do you think my kids are going to think church attendance is important? If people never offer to step up and take on church responsibilities do we think the kids are just going to become adults and say oh I am suppose to volunteer for this at church? NOOOOOO they learn from the example we set & if we are not setting the right Christian examples then how can we expect the kids too? So my challenge to us adults is examine our heart, are we doing all we can to set the right example at home & at church?  I know as usual I fall short, but thankfully, we serve a Lord who gives us forgiveness and second, third, forth, 100 chances to try & get it right. I started out my morning by clicking on my Bible app & praying. I pray I walk the walk all day!
"Big City Studio" will be in production Wed. night so I hope to see many kids that night. Remember directory pictures are being made next M,T & W. If you have not signed up pls call me. I still need people to volunteer to sign people in those nights. Reminders that the youth are selling boston butts, $30. Orders & money due by Sept. 30 & pu will be Oct 6, 8 am -10 am.  The youth are also selling coupons books for $10 & Rada knives. All of this money helps offset the cost of the Winter Extreme trip. Next Sunday there will be a meeting right after church for all of those who wish to help w/ the trunk or treat. It will be a quick meeting. Keep the miraculous Carol Raines in your prayers & Arlo's brother. Have a great week!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Who Knows

Really don't know what I am going to talk about today. I do want to thank Allison, Katie & Teresa for their dedication & faithfulness they show to the kids every Wed night. Joey spoke yesterday on being dedicated & faithful to doing what God has called you to do & these women do that every week. I know any church work can be an inconvenience esp when you work all day & have so many things you need to get done but they do it because they love God & the kids. I am blessed by working with them! 
It was so wonderful to have so many kids in my ss class yesterday!!  I am so thankful for you parents who get up & bring your kids to ss. I am so looking forward to watching this class grow! I told my kids in ss yesterday that this Wed night would be missions since it is business meeting night but I am feeling lead to do Big City Studio so it will be in production instead of missions! I pray we will have lots of new kids this Wed night. I told y'all my boys moved to youth & it has been different not having them in class but I tried to embrace the change of middle school & youth over the summer and the change has been so much better than I expected. Why do I ever doubt God? They are enjoying RMS & they love youth! I want our youth to know that as a parent of the younger kids I appreciate those of you who have embraced the promotion of all of those boys. Your faithfulness to your group is a great example that you are setting!
Remember to sign up for the church directory picture if you have not already. Big City Studio Wed night, invite someone, Sunday school breakfast this coming Sun. 9:00. Youth selling boston butts $30 but I think you all rem that since everyone got a nice laugh at my expense.  Arlo, Chris & Bruce..... I am sure you all do have awesome butts!!! Keep Carol Raines in your prayers. Have a fabulous week and enjoy this beautiful weather provided by God!!

Monday, September 3, 2012

Come To the Big City

Happy Labor Day! I hope you are having a great day with family & friends. I wanted to take a minute to make sure everyone knew about our new Wed. night kids program called "Big City Studio". We did a trial run this past Wed. night & I think the kids loved it. I know I had a great time! The kids learn about God in a game show setting which takes place in the " Big City". They participate in games that help them reveal Bible verses, participate in skits that teach Bible lessons & get to meet famous game show hosts like Hanna Bright, an actress named Ruby Diamond & a stunt woman named Dana Daring. I know evenings are sooo busy when school is in session but I hope you will set Wed. Nights aside as some time for the kids to let loose, come to church, have fun focusing on God. Give it a few weeks and once you are in the routine of Wed. night church, you will have trouble getting thru a week w/o it. I used to never go on Wed. but once you do you'll find you need the mid week encouragement that worshipping God provides. It is the extra boost you need to get to the weekend, like an energy drink or mountain dew! Kids need that boost too!
Remember to get signed up for the directory pictures. Be in prayer for our children's dept because we promoted a huge group of boys to youth & we need to really be striving to grow our younger kids. I only had 3 kids in my ss class yesterday! Have a great holiday & I hope to see your kids Wed. Night!!!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Roll Tide, War Eagle & Go Jesus

My computer is fried & I an trying to type from the iPad so this will be short. I know we have played all summer so it is time to get the kids back into a lesson with a little more structure. This Wed. night will be a trial run of our new kids program called Big City Studio. Pray as we launch this that it will be an effective tool in teaching kids about Jesus. This will be every Wed. night except the 2nd Wed. of the month & that is still missions night. This is the last Wed. night the 6th grade boys will be with us. Sunday school promotion day is Sunday so those in 6th will go to youth. My ss class is 2nd- 5th & Mrs. Leslie & Traci have 4 yrs -1st grade. I am looking forward to the new ss year & I believe God has lots of growth planned for us in this area. Idk about everyone else but I still feel that kids revival going on & I plan on us really going after kids. If you know unchurched kids invite them to church! You just might be the person who changes their life & introduces them to Jesus! Remember to sign your family up Sunday for the directory picture & we have the Mayo's service & lunch Sunday. We are suppose to bring desserts. Just as a thought..... This week some of us are going to get CRAZY over some football.....why do we not get just as CRAZY over Jesus?????? Roll Tide, War Eagle & Go Jesus!!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Jeremiah 29:11

Jeremiah 29:11 For I know the plans I have for you,"declares the Lord," plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you a hope and a future.  I am holding on to that verse as I have sent the boys off to their 1st day of middle school. I am not crying. I love being home with my boys during the summer so yes, I will miss them but I am excited for them. I am excited that God tells me He has plans for them.....not just regular any old day plans but plans that include prosperity & hope. That should give us parents encouragement! I was given some prayers over the weekend called 7 prayers a day for 7 days. I fully intended to pray those this morning but I couldn't find my paper so I improvised! These prayers included praying over the boys food, clothing & over them.  I just prayed as I cooked breakfast, as I got their clothing out, over their shoes, over the boys & with the boys, for the transfer bus drivers & the middle school teachers. I prayed on & off all night. I am so thankful that I have a God I can pray to & know that He hears my concerns & then reassures me with Jeremiah 29:11. I hope if you are having a morning of sadness & difficulties that you turn to the Lord and remember that God does not want harm or negativity for you but a future filled with hope & prosperity! 

Great morning @ church yesterday with the kids seeing Archie Wade do a magic show! I wondered how he would turn magic into something Christian but he did. Right out of the gate he told the children, there is no magic & only miracles come from God. He did a great job using tricks to teach Bible stories! 

This Wed. night the kids will meet @ 6 in he gym & Allison will teach. I will be w/ the  as of this morning 6th graders. We will load the van @ 5:45 & go to Deorio's for a final get together, be back @ the church by 7. Our new kids program, Big City Studio, will start the 1st Wed. in Sept. Kids & youth move up to their new Sunday school classes Sunday Sept. 2.
This is my favorite time of year! Fall is right around the corner, only a few more wks till football is on, soccer has kicked off, will not be long now until we feel some coolness at night, the leaves start changing & pumpkins appear. How blessed we are that God gives us seasons of change. I pray you have a wonderful hope filled week.

Monday, August 13, 2012

More Randon Thoughts

IDK what I am going to talk about today so I am just gonna go w/ my mind's flow which is probably not good. Friday night was a great movie night. I got to spend a little time w/ some parents & we had a visitor which is always great! The devil tried to mess up the night by tearing up the popcorn machine but we did not let him steal our fun or popcorn! We popped it the old timey way...on the stove! Yesterday was another great day @WBBC! I was so excited to see 3 more children baptized. I just don't think that sight can ever get old. I was also thrilled for our church to welcome another sweet couple as members of our church.  I continue to get excited as God blesses us w/ more visitors & new members. I just sit back sometimes & think & I can't believe the work God has done in this church! It was great last night to see John ordained. John has always been a bold go getter for the Lord so I know God is going to use him in a great way in the ministry. During the ordination service Blake read a poem by CT Studd called "Only One Life". At the end of each verse it would repeatedly say" Only one life, twill soon be past, only what's done for Christ will last." ONLY WHAT'S DONE FOR CHRIST WILL LAST just kept sticking with me. Maybe I need to put that on the frig or bathroom mirror as my daily reminder. There is nothing I can have here on earth that is as important as the things we do for Christ. There needs to be less of doing for me & more of doing for Him! Less Kristi more God, less Kristi more God, less Kristi more God! Maybe if I write that 100 times I'll get better at it! ( I told yall prob not good if I just go w/ my mind's flow).

Big thank you to Karon Fortenberry for meeting w/ me today & the church directory representative. We will be asking this week for you to send us your name, email address & phone numbers so we can move forward w/ the directory being made. You are welcome to email me at kristi@whortonbendbaptistchurch. Here is the kids news for the week!

Wed. night Aug. 15 is the much anticipated food fight. Yes we will be using real food & being wasteful so I am going to ask that each child bring a canned item for the food pantry.  I am also warning you parents that your child will be nasty! May I suggest old clothes, shower cap & maybe some goggles. Your child will be hosed off at the end so you might want to send a towel & change of clothes! I do believe the kids are going to feel the pie in the face feeling that Allison, Joey, Arlo & I felt at VBS! REVENGE is sweet sometimes! This coming Sunday, Aug. 19 there will be a special back to school treat in the gym. Archie Wade will be performing a Christian magic show during preaching, so send your child on to the gym & we will stay there until Joey begins the invitation & at that time we will come back to big church so we can pray for the kids & school workers before school starts on Monday. INVITE A KID to the magic show!!! Summer is almost over so we will be getting back to a structured lesson on Wed. nights but it will still be lots of fun. Our new fall program will be called "Big City Studio" so pray for us as that takes shape!The Go Fish Guys' Christmas music will be coming out this week so I plan on getting that here soon so we can work on a Christmas program. Thanks for listening to me ramble & pray for our kids as they gear up for another school year!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Wipe the Slate Clean

I was trying to find a back to school lesson and I came across one. Envision the old timey black chalk board & on it I have written your name, a few smiley faces on days you have been good, the frowns on the days you were bad and of course your grades. Satisfactory in handwriting & PE, 2 B's, 1 A, 1 C & 1 D. Probably a typical report card for some of us! School is out for summer and the teacher takes that old black eraser and wipes that board clean. Our life with Jesus is just like that old black board & eraser. Our sins are there for us & everyone to see but Jesus comes in and cleans our heart like the eraser & we are clean and ready to go again. Kids need to know that with the start of a new school year the old mistakes are gone. It doesn't matter if they made good grades, bad grades, were in trouble a lot...they get to start over with a clean chalk board. Let's remind our children of that. They get a brand new start just like  when Jesus comes into our hearts & saves us! In 2 weeks most kids start back to school so today I am going to ask you to start praying for them, pray for protection, for the ability to listen & focus, for the ability to show love to other classmates & for those who are Christians for the ability to witness. Pray for the bullies, the kids who have parents who just don't care about them, for the ones who are abused & for the ones with little or no food. Pray for the teachers, the administrators, the bus drivers, the aids, lunchroom staff, custodians, substitute teachers & the parent volunteers that they show nothing but love and compassion for these kids, that they have an attitude that all children are worthy the best education. Asking for a special prayer for my 5th grade group of boys. Pray that they continue to be great witnesses in everything they do, that they continue to be friends with each other & support each other & that they stay encouraged and supported from their parents as they make the transition from  elementary school to middle school & from the children's dept @ church to the youth group.

Continue to pray for Dick & Charlene Edwards, the kids who are going to be baptised this coming Sunday ( wasn't it great to see 7 kids get dunked yesterday?!!!!) and my mom is still in the hospital, so remember her.

This Wed. night the kids will have a lesson on missions by Katie Smith & Mollie Williams. Friday night, August 10, is "Family Movie Night" featuring "Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs". FREE concessions starting @ 6:30 & movie will begin @7,  In the cool comfort of the gym w/ our amazing sound system & big screen!!! Bring a chair or blanket and invite someone. I hope you have a fabulous week w/ the thoughts of when you do wrong Jesus is your eraser & when you ask for forgiveness He washes the slate clean!

Monday, July 30, 2012

Let's Keep It Going

This past week was such an awesome week at WBBC! I think all I am going to say is that I needed the excitement and energy that God provided thru the kids at VBS & yesterday, I needed to see the courage they had as they got saved. They inspired me to work harder for God and I hope they did you too! I hope they gave you encouragement & hope in knowing that God moves in a mighty way & that He ALWAYS has a plan and a purpose. The revival has begun so let's keep it going!

This Wed. night lets come into church at about 5:15 & eat the beans, mac & cheese, pot salad we had left over & I'll go pick up some fried chicken. I just ask someone wash the containers because I'll need to get to the kids. The kids are having OMC ( organized mass chaos) plus ice cream for raising so much money for missions. Instead of $340 that was announced in church yesterday , we received another 100 so $440.00 for missions!! AWESOME!!!!I'll take a pie w/ syrup in the face anytime for that!! If you know any of the kids who were at VBS please try to contact them and invite them back to church & I'll do the same. Hope everyone has a blessed week. Keep Randy in your prayers, my mom, who is having trouble breathing & bp high, Joey is still sick & jack woke up w/ a fever. Hope you have a Spirit filled week!!!

Saturday, July 28, 2012

VBS Day 5

This was the most wonderful week. I think I said last week that VBS week is my most favorite week of the yr and this week more than lived up to my expectations.  I really went into the week thinking 50 kids coming would be great but God just floored us all and showed out bringing in 80 kids on our highest night. Even w/ all the rain last night & people taking Friday off to go out of town I bet we still had between 60 & 70 kids. I never heard a def amount. I know we say numbers aren't important but really they are to me! We had 80 kids come into our church to hear about Jesus. Now some of them might already know Jesus but how many of them didn't??? Whether saved or not this past week there was 80 kids who either had Jesus reinforced in their lives or had the seed of Jesus planted. So numbers do matter because we want the most kids possible so the seed can be planted. If the seed gets planted I believe God handles the rest. Of course, the most important part of VBS is seeing children saved & God showed up & touched hearts this week! We had 7 children ask Jesus into their sweet hearts!! The planning Allison did, the exhaustion every worker felt, the time given up & the money spent was so worth those souls claiming Jesus as their own saviour! If you are reading this & your child came to WBBC this week, I hope you know that if you do not have a home church, we would love to have you and your child visit us anytime. August is still packed full of kids activities & September will be the kick off of our new Wed. night kids program called " Big City Studio". Kids meet every Wed. night from 6-7.

I also thought this week would be bittersweet for me as I have thought all summer about how this is my last VBS where my twins are still in the kids dept. I know this is no big deal for some moms but my boys have been w/ me from the very moment we started a kids program at WBBC. They were the 1st 2! Every VBS, every Wed. night, every special event planned  & for the past few yrs every Sunday school class they have been right there w/ me and I knew this week was the last big event we would share together. They will leave my Wed. night kids & my Sunday school class in September as they become "YOUTH". Somewhere along the way, God changed my feelings and I am looking forward as they enter the youth dept w/ great excitement! They loved  this VBS & even made comments that reassured me of their faith & that they do recognize God speaking to them. I can release them to the "youth dept" knowing that God is in their hearts & that He will be with them & work thru them as youth even though Momma will not be. ( i told yall a few post back i was crazy)

Sunday we ask that any children who can come back to church & perform the VBS music during the service. Immediately following the service we will have lunch & would love to have you stay and eat with us.  Here is a list of the August activities. I know it looks like all fun but we include Jesus in the fun stuff!

August 1    Organized Mass Chaos w/ an ice cream party since the kids raised so much money for missions
August 8    Missions lesson
August 15  Food Fight
August 22  Game Night
August  29 Farewell to our 5th graders

 Family Movie Night August 10th  featuring " Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs" FREE CONCESSIONS from 6:30 -6:55 & movie will start at 7:00

Friday, July 27, 2012

VBS Day 4

Gonna make it short & sweet and save all my thoughts for tomorrow. Another child saved at VBS. In the words of my 3 yr old "THANKS GOD!"

Thursday, July 26, 2012

VBS Day 3

I have a secret to share. After a few months into this yr I told one of my friends that I had a goal of 75 kids in the church. I even made my blog password GOAL 75 ( don't worry I changed it a while ago). Well summer time is a killer in attendance at church, so many people traveling or just resting at home that I did away w/ that goal & was just happy to be close to maintaining attendance. God remembered that goal & brought 80 kids into church last night. This had absolutely nothing to do w/ me just God proving again the "not dream big enough" side of me that He can do anything. We had 2 children saved last night and that is the most important part. What was so neat to me was that I saw several kids in my group really asking questions about God and I think they are seriously dealing w/ God talking to their little hearts. I know God has not finished working this week! I am so thankful for that. I also witnessed WBBC's 1st praise band on stage. I have been avoiding Jami getting a drum set at home for yrs, knowing I would absolutely go crazy if I had to hear beating all the time but God has plans & looks like drums are included ( Thanks Arlo)! Thankfully God provided a practice spot at church! Seriously if you have talents you should use them for God & I am proud of  Mollie, Jami & Arlo for doing that! I meant what I said yesterday about maybe a kids revival happening. In the book of 1Timothy 4:12 the Bible tells us "Don't let anyone look down on you because you are young but set an example for the believers in speech, in life, in love, in faith and in purity." I just wonder how many people these kids who are being saved & who are learning about Jesus are going to affect. Are they going to set an example that makes us adults say wait a minute..if kids can do this so can I. Are they going home to mom & dad asking questions, making parents think about their own salvation, are they telling their friends who Jesus is? God uses children to bring people to him. I have seen it in my own life. I am very excited to see how God takes these kids and uses them to influence others. I know this is a bunch of ramblings. Continue to pray for our workers. Our kitchen workers are at church way before the rest of us & I saw some still there when I left last night at after 9. They are serving lots of food & snacks & that requires alot of cleaning too. Pray for our teachers & leaders that they can see when a child is really questioning his salvation & give them the words to answer the questions. Pray for these kids who are witnessing to others, pray that whoever they tell about Jesus will have their hearts open to hear the message. Last thing, I think!! I am so happy to be a member of a church that focuses so strongly on children being in God's house. Jack is only 3, but he has been to 2 VBS were he has been taught about Jesus. Last night he shook his booty just like a big kid & I love how we welcome all ages of kids. He had a blast & he loves to go to church!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

VBS Day 2

Well I am pretty sure by Friday night I will pass out from emotional exhaustion. I am overwhelmed by God's blessings so I was up extra early this morning w/ tears already in my eyes. Last night at VBS God showed out again & brought us 70 fabulous children. YEP YOU READ THAT RIGHT....70! 70 excited, pumped up blessings! My group of  K-2nd graders are just so much fun. I have received so many hugs in 2 days and I know they are having fun. Last night I got the most special blessing that a person who works w/ children ever receives. I had the pleasure of praying over a sweet child as she accepted Jesus into her heart. (tears flowing right now) I am so thankful to God that He chose me to work w/ kids. I don't know why He did because I just don't deserve any of these blessings but He did and I just have to praise Him for that. I am no where near any kind of Bible scholar, don't know a whole lot of verses, I don't do good at being a bold witness & I am pretty sure if Jenny Clough ever reads this she is cringing at my lack of writing skills but I do know that if you can plant that little seed of Jesus in a heart, God will handle the rest. The Bible tells us in Proverbs 22:6 Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it. So I believe that as a parent & as a childrens' worker, that if I have them in church learning about Jesus, God will handle the rest and even as they grow older & might get away from Jesus that seed is planted & eventually they will turn back to Jesus!
I am also so blessed w/ adults in my life who share this same excitement about kids. It is so encouraging to work at VBS & know that the other teachers are as excited to see 70 kids as I am. Last night Jami & Joey  were out of church because they play church softball. I was so excited to call Joey & Jami to tell them the news of this child's salvation but the news had already made it to the ball field. Grown men, excited about a child being saved & 70 kids at VBS. I am blessed girl to have 3 Godly men in my life, my Daddy, my husband & my brother. I know  I am rambling but I can't keep myself focused. I told Joshua & Judson about this child getting saved & one of them said, "this is a good night"! So tonight, I am expecting another "good night". God is moving & the results are amazing. If you have been praying for VBS, please continue to do so. God hears our prayers. Don't just pray for our VBS but VBS all over because we want as many kids to come to know Jesus as possible. Pray for these parents who are probably tired from working all day & would rather order pizza & collapse on the couch but instead do what is right & bring their child to VBS, continue to pray for our workers who are really working hard feeding 70 kids, pray for our teachers & youth, but most importantly pray for theses kids hearts that when they feel the call of God they have the courage to respond. I read something about how to have a revival in your children's dept and I feel that revival happening now.

I also want to give out a big thank you Lord because my mother has been having unbearable pain in her knee. She has been to the doctor so many times this month & honestly has been loaded up on pain killers & nothing has worked. After having cancer 2 times she was afraid it was bone cancer & went to another Dr yesterday. Praise God, Praise God, Praise God it was not cancer but just a muscle problem.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Let me just say that God showed up & showed out! We have never had more than 50 kids at VBS but last night we had at least 65 kids! With the youth, who do a fabulous job w the music, leading groups, helping w games & and all our adult workers I bet we had over 90 people in the church last night. Everything went so smooth. The ladies in the kitchen served food like they were in a military mess hall, fast & efficient. God really had his hand on WBBC last night. I had 21 k -2nd graders in my group & they were so much fun! I even received a huge hug from one sweet boy. I can't wait to see them all tonight! As I was pulling out of the parking lot last night Judson made a statement that really just sums it all up. He said," Momma, I know God is always in our church, but I could really feel Him tonight. When we were dancing & singing He was there." So of course I have tears in my eyes now! I am thinking wow my 12 yr old REALLY understands feeling Gods spirit and I am also thinking how God is awesome, mighty & powerful because again he took a small church where doors were ready to close & He filled it up w lots of kids, youth & adults and gave us a night of unbelievable joy! Praise God for the way he works, shows up & shows out! Thank you Lord for an amazing 1st night!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Sometimes It is the Small Things

Well my original post was about the small blessings but I hit a button & lost it all & I don't have time to do it all again. So let me just say I have had lots of small, unexpected blessings today. One came from a lady I just met. She told me how people tried to get her to have an abortion & now that same son is 18 & serving God in the music ministry! God always has a plan & a purpose and that was a blessing to hear! Another blessing came in the form of a simple text. It said, "I have been praying for yall for tonight hope you have a great time." That just makes me want to cry with happiness to know that someone specifically took the time to pray for VBS.  Then I got another text w/ the person saying how excited they were for tonight & they could not get anything done at work because of that excitement. I know people think I am crazy, I don't care, truth is I probably am, but when I see excitement for serving God thru kids it just makes my insides giggle!! Another blessing was just looking at Jacks sweet face. His brothers had him making a crazy face and it just made me smile. I am so guilty of not slowing down & taking in the little blessings  but today I am so thankful that I did. Please pray for VBS! I hope to see you and your kids tonight! Oh and by the way.... I might end up posting everyday since this is a special week. I am expecting God to work in mighty ways & I don't think I can keep any of that to myself until next Monday. Have a blessed Monday! Kristi

Sunday, July 15, 2012

So Much To Say About VBS

Today, God blessed WBBC w/ a sanctuary full of people, so many visitors, awesome music & another great message! I just can't stress enough how God has really changed our church. VBS has really been on my mind & that fits right in w/ how God has changed our church. I remember just about 10 yrs ago when VBS was a half day event w/ maybe 5 kids. Boy have times changed! Fast forward 10 yrs and now I am looking at the twins last VBS as kids before they take the leap into the youth dept. VBS is so important in a life of a child. VBS might be the only time a kid comes to visit a church. Last yr the boys had a close friend saved at VBS & back in 1st grade they invited a friend to VBS & he has been at church ever since! I will never forget VBS 3 yrs ago. I was due w/ Jack and had to take it easy due to health concerns so I could not work at VBS. I was devastated not to be apart of my favorite week at church. Church softball was also going on so Jami & Joey were there. The twins came home & Judson said you know I think I am ready to be saved. I called Joey at the ball field because I wanted him to talk w/ Judson & make sure he knew what he was asking. About 10:00 that night I sat in my rocker w/ my boys, Jami & Joey all on bended knees, all holding hands, all praying, as my brother lead Judson to salvation! Joshua wasn't ready at that point to be saved & that was fine. I wanted each child to find God on his  own and to make such a life changing decision on his own. Joey left. I could tell Joshua just wasn't himself. After about 30 minutes he asked could he please go see Joey, he knew he too was suppose to be saved. Since it was so late & Jami had been called out to work he rushed Joshua to Joey's. I got there a few minutes later & Joey had discussed this decision w/ Joshua. Again, I got to experience another son asking Jesus into his heart.  Next to my own salvation......nothing will ever compare to what I witnessed & felt that night. I really feel like VBS had so much to do w/ that night. I know Jesus was taught & worshipped & my children experienced Jesus at VBS. I am so thankful to the different VBS directors we have had over the yrs, all the workers & a church with a heart dedicated to teaching children about Jesus. From  a half day VBS w/ 5 kids to a full week, lasting 3 hrs each night w/ many kids I have seen God continually work and bless us! All I can really say is what I have seen and experienced has been amazing! So this yr is bitter sweet for me, as the twins say goodbye to the last VBS as kids, I get to look forward to Jack experiencing Jesus at VBS. I look forward w/ great anticipation the day he is saved and welcomes Jesus into his heart. VBS starts at WBBC July 23 - 27. Each night we will serve the children supper starting at 5:30. VBS will be from 6-8:30. Allison Williams has a great VBS planned & the theme is Jesus Olympics. Please pray that children will have their lives changed that week, pray that a seed is planted in their young hearts & God will just grow in them. Pray for Allison & every worker. Bring you child to VBS. Their life just might be changed that week! Praises to God for what He has done & what He is going to do!

Since I had so much to say about VBS all I will say about the kids this week is that we have a swimming party at both Fortenberry homes. Bring a towel. Girls w/ 2 pieces need to wear a t shirt. We will split up by grades to go to each home & I'll post that before Wed. party will be from 6- 7:30.

I would love to see some posts, comments, memories about your own VBS experiences!!

Monday, July 9, 2012

Straddling the Fence

Sometimes I take my message here from Joey's message on Sunday. Sometimes things he says sticks w/ me.......DON"T TELL HIM THAT! Today's post is simple. R U straddling the fence? When I was a kid we had this field that had old fencing around it, not barbed wire & not like  regular chain link fence really old, rusty prob from the 1800's fencing. Depending on what we were getting into I might have to climb the fence. I could always climb up but positioning my body over the fence to climb down was always hard so I would end up straddling the fence trying to decide to go backwards or just go on over. Straddling the fences reminds me of relationships w/ God. The Bible tells us in Revelations 3:15-16 I know your deeds that you are neither cold nor hot. I wish you were one or the other. So then because you are lukewarm, and neither hot nor cold, I will spue thee out of my mouth. I think that means God really wants us to be all for Him or not for Him. So are you lukewarm? Are you half way in w/ God? What do your actions show? Do you occasionally go to  church? Read your Bible here and there, witness every once in a while, pray only when you need something? I think we have all been in these spots at some point in our lives. The great thing about God is He is right there just waiting on you to get back to Him. If you are lukewarm focus on drawing closer back to God. Take a moment and just pray, ask God to give you the strength to push the worldly problems & desires away so you can focus on getting closer to Him. Make a real effort to read your Bible. Get up and go to church Wed. or Sunday, any church! Focus on God and before you know it you'll be back on fire for the Lord! So let's stop straddling the fence and chose a side! HOT OR COLD?????

It was awesome again to see a full church yesterday. We had lots of visitors and that is always so exciting for me. In the children's church schedule we have several new parents who have stepped up to teach on Sundays. This is such a blessing! BIG THANK YOU to all of you who do volunteer to teach! I know Allison can still use volunteers for VBS so if you are interested let her know. Also, I wanted to ask for prayer. I know so many church memebers who have been sick lately. I know of several ladies not in my church but family friends who are fighting breast cancer, my mom has been sick too( Just seems like it is always something w/ her now)  so please just take a moment and lift them up in prayer. Pray for these peoples families. Pray for my family. Thank you in advance for the prayers and have a blessed, getting closer to God, on fire week!

July 11     Teresa Coley will teach missions
July 18     Swimming party at both Fortenberry homes
July 25     VBS
Aug 1       Organized Mass Chaos
Aug 4        "An Evening in the Park" Canceled

Aug 8        Missions
Aug 10      Movie night " Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs"
Aug 15      FOOD FIGHT

Monday, July 2, 2012

Lots To Say

I was very moved yesterday at church. Starting the service with Baptism is always a wonderful sight. It was a blessing to see a wonderful, sweet, God loving young woman baptized and very emotional to see Joey baptize one of his closest friends. Lots of people were back who have been out a while & that is always encouraging. During the invitation Joey spoke about how as a society we like to let someone else go 1st then we will follow & that is so true. I remember being a teen and being such a follower, never a leader. Yesterday we had a youth show that he heard God, and responded by being the 1st one out of the pew. He turned his life over to God! It was such a blessing watching his family pray beside him. I remember the joy and excitement I felt the moment my twins were saved & I look forward to the day that Jack makes that glorious decision.

After I left church, Noah's decision to be saved really stuck with me. He set an example for others yesterday. He showed younger kids, youth & adults that when God calls you need to respond. So now I need to talk about setting examples. I hear people say all the time, I want this family member in church, or I want my child reading his Bible more. These are just some examples but how can we expect anyone to follow and do what we pray for if we are not willing to do the same? If you want your spouse or family member in church, shouldn't you set the example & be in church? If you want your child to have a desire to read the bible, shouldn't the child see you read the bible?  I mean being really faithful, not just here and there when it is convenient for us. How can I expect my boys to grow up and serve in a church if I don't serve the church? How can I expect them to have a heart for the needy if I don't have that heart?  How can I expect them to go out and tell others about God if I don't go out and tell others about God? As usual I fail on this in so many ways and don't set the example! Are you setting the example you need to set for those loved ones in your life?  Do you walk the walk or is it all just talk?

I really can't remember all Joey preached on yesterday but the words that spoke out to me was about us being a people who call on God when things are bad. When things are going good, we are on top of the mountain & we have it all under control but as soon as something goes wrong we are trying to get to God as quick as we can. I have done this many times and need to focus on praising God & thanking Him all the time, staying close to Him all the time, not just in times of need.

I know all of this seems random but sometimes that is just how I am! I told Jami last night it was so great to walk out to the gym & see so many people offering help for VBS to Allison. I know she'll still need more volunteers but it was great to see all ages, new church members, old church members & regular attendees all out there ready to help! Like Allison said" If you have never helped w/ VBS, you have missed a blessing" Pray about it & if you feel lead to help let her know. It is absolutely the best week during the church year. It is exhausting but the most fun! you cam also help by praying for Allison, the workers & the children who will be in our church.

Remember Wed. night July 4th we will not meet. I did have several kids tell me they wish we had church that night & that makes me smile! I love their faithfulness & dedication to the  Lord & His church! Sometimes it is kids who set the example!

July 11     Teresa Coley will teach missions
July 18     Swimming party at both Fortenberry homes
July 25     VBS
Aug 1       Organized Mass Chaos
Aug 4        "An Evening in the Park" 6:00-8:00
Aug 8        Missions
Aug 10      Movie night " Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs"
Aug 15      FOOD FIGHT

Meeting right after church this coming Sunday if you would like to help w/ "An Evening in the Park". This will be a community outreach for our church. Congratulations to the 7 yr old Allstars for winning the state title!! Way to go Dru & Drew! Pray for our other players still traveling & I believe still winning! One last thing.. the mission center is in need of cookies for summer work w/ kids. I'll be collecting those Sunday & next Wed. Thanks and have a wonderful 4th! Remember the fireworks on earth will never compare to the wonders that await us in heaven! PTL!!

Monday, June 25, 2012


All I have to say today is another lesson learned. Did something I didn't want to do because it was the right thing to do and God turned it into a blessing! We serve an AWESOME GOD!!!

Missing all our softball & baseball players & their families! Good luck on all your games! Get back to church as soon as you can!

This coming Wed. night: Popsicles, playing & devotion.

Remember VBS will be coming up July 23-27. Our theme is the Olympics! Allison Williams does a great job at putting this together but I know she will need lots of support. Start praying about how you can help.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Hear Instruction and Be Wise..... Not Like Me

Still funny how God plans messages & lessons. After last week realizing I need to get out of my comfort zone & share Jesus with those I prob would not approach, God sends me the message again! I know He is telling me something because here was my Sunday school Bible verse: Hear instruction, and be wise, and not refuse it Proverbs 8:33. This applies to my whole life! LOL I don't not follow instruction well. My parents will attest to that! If my Daddy told me one thing you can bet I was going to do the other. Save my money, I'd spend every dime, guy no good, at that moment perfect in my eyes ( husband excluding because my daddy loves Jami), study and get an education, I flee Auburn after one night, Gadsden State, JSU no degree, drive carefully, nope 3 wrecks in one month. At 39 my Daddy still tries to tell me what to do and I still roll my eyes and ignore him. I am not forsure Joey and I are really related. I can't remember one time in my life he was ever in trouble. He followed instruction! So my lesson in ss was about the parable of the sower. There is 4 types of people in this parable. The person who hears God's message but does not understand it.. not me I understand it fine. The person who hears & accepts God's message but does not cause it to become lasting. Still not me. The person who hears the message but allows the worries of the world to choke it out of his life. Ugh, sometimes I kinda fall in this category. The person who hears the message & uses it in his life, goes out and tells others about Jesus. The one I want to be all the time! I feel like God gave me some instruction last week about stepping out of my comfort zone, I struggled hard with that..was not effective at all because I let several opportunities pass by. So here it is, God gives me this verse telling me to follow instruction because He sees I did not listen the previous week to His promptings. He is used to me not following instructions! Thankfully my earthly Father & my heavenly Father give me numerous chances!! LOL God knows I need them! Just going to try again this week and see if I can do better at following His instruction. I did step out yesterday in preaching & move from the 3rd pew all the way to the very last one. I didn't like it.

Great night this past Friday at the Trussville Playstation with some fabulous church kids. I wanted to stomp them in laser tag but I was the absolute last person in points! Figures! Doughnuts with Dad turned out well too. We are so blessed at WBBC to have such great male role models for the kids. Friday night is a community family movie night. "Yogi Bear" starts @ 7, free concessions from 6:30- 6:55. Invite someone because I want to see the gym packed!!! Have a great week and I hope to see a bunch of kids Wed. night. Looking forward to the WBBC mens softball starting up tomorrow night.