Monday, March 2, 2015


Ok I am making a few changes today for the Gburg trip. As yall know our weather is kind of crazy and with us going to Gburg in March you just never know what we might get. So I had us set up with Ripley's aquarium tickets that included mini golf. There is no way to know if the weather will corporate. The original ticket including mini golf was $43.00 for an adult. I am going to cut us back and do just an aquarium ticket which is $23 for the adult and if we have good weather I can buy golf tickets when we get there.  I also have us going to the Nascar Speed Park for the day on Sunday.  The difference at the moment in me buying in advance is $2.00 than us buying at the door. I am going to keep a watch for price changes but as of now I am going to say we watch the weather the week before and then decide if we can do Nascar. I do not want to mail off money and it be 30 degrees and lose money or have to try and get it refunded. I am coming up with a back up plan incase we do have weather that does not permit outdoor activities. So what does this mean for you money wise? Here is what you need to know and what you need to do. Everyone paid their deposit for Dixie Stampede. I do have a deadline to pay the balance so each adult needs to have their balance of $23.00 in no later than March 15. I know everyone plans on going to the aquarium so that will $23.00 and it needs to be paid no later than March 25. Now the other activities are up to each adult. If you chose to do them, you'll need to pay for them by March 23 also. Nascar Speed Park, $20 (only pay if you plan on riding), Gatlinburg Roller coaster, $10. I should be able to let everyone know before we leave if mini golf will be added on. 

I am going to work on looking at other shows and activities for a weather backup plan. 
I have us 2 vans reserved. (NOT USING THE CHURCH VAN) I know some have said they might drive so they have their own vehicle. Please let me know if you think you are riding a van or driving. I know the Smiths will be on a van since Chris is a driver & Jami will drive the other van. I figured our money today and I feel like if we can sell the remainder of the coupon books and the tickets to put a pie in Joey's face, we should be good, unless I have made a mistake. I am use to June just telling me this is your balance and she has been sick so I had to go from previous records. PLEASE try to get coupon money in asap. Any left over books we need to try and get them brought back to church so we can see if someone else might have luck selling them. 

I do know this message is probably confusing but I am trying to keep us from having to meet just to relay this kind of stuff. If you have questions please ask me. Y'all start praying God shows us some favor on good weather. Have a great week! Kristi