Monday, May 19, 2014

Good morning! Today is the last Monday of the school year! That is so exciting to me! Thank you to Ashley Fortenberry & Chris & Katie Smith for leading the children yesterday. This will be very brief with a few reminders. 

The children will meet Wednesday night for our last "Big City Studio" session. This will also be the last night to bring in donations for the RMS food project. Make sure you pick up a copy of our summer schedule or you can look at the last blog post. The children's dept & their families will be fishing at Joey's Saturday, June 14 so save the 
date!!We will start at 4 and go until dark. Please 
bring chairs, your own bait and drinks. We'll provide hot dogs, hamburgers & chips. Oh, you should probably bring bug spray too!

Reminder that another $100 Disney deposit will be due in July.  Reservations  will be made in 

Be in prayer today for Hunter & Heather as they go to court with their foster children. Continue to pray for Tina Patterson's mom & Tina herself. Thank you for the prayers for Jami & Arlo yesterday. They did great & the whole band,"In Like Ben", is playing another youth rally this Wednesday night. They"ll be at Mercy Hill. Continue to pray for them as they follow God 's call. Pray for the youth, Jamey & the other chaperones as they are preparing for youth camp. I look forward to seeing all my kids Wednesday night!! I hope you have a week full of blessings and moments where you really feel God leading your life! 

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Tentative Kidz Zone Schedule

During the summer the Kidz Zone takes things at a slower pace. Instead of an hour lesson the kids hear a devotion, have a prayer time & then we let loose. You might see us playing wacky, crazy games; you might find us in a pool or at a local park handing out treats to children. The Wacky Wednesday events are a great opportunity for your child to invite another child to church. I know, I know… you see all this fun and think but where is Jesus! Jesus isn’t left out! He is right there, in the middle of the children! We take Him wherever we go!
Wednesday, May 21 Big City Studio
Wednesday, May 28 Ice cream party
Wednesday, June 4 Pizza & a movie
Wednesday, June 11 Wacky Wednesday Water Games
Saturday, June 14 Fishing & a cook out at Joey’s. 4 pm until dark. This is for all parents & their children in the children’s dept. & the toddlers too. Bring a cooler of water or sodas & your own bait. We’ll provide the hot dogs, hamburgers & chips.
Wednesday, June 18 Wacky Wednesday Missions
Wednesday, June 25 Wacky Wednesday Possible “Factory” outing if they ever answer the phone.
Wednesday, July 2 Wacky Wednesday Blank in case we need to shift an activity around
Wednesday, July 9 Wacky Wednesday OMC (Organized Mass Chaos)
Wednesday, July 16 Wacky Wednesday Missions (going to Morange Park, giving out free popsicles and inviting children to VBS)
Monday – Friday July 21-25 VBS
Sunday, July 26 Cookout after church celebrating VBS
Wednesday, July 30 Swim party
Friday, August 1 LOCK IN!  Date not set in stone yet!!
Wednesday, August 6 Back to school party ;((
Wednesday, August 13 Supper with 5th graders moving up to youth ;((

Monday, May 12, 2014

Well somehow my whole page was lost after I typed it so here is the condensed version since I am typing again. Yesterday was great at WBBC! You could really feel God’s presence. I rarely experience the whole service but over the years some of my favorites have been when the people shared.  I think we are blessed to be a in a church that isn’t so rigid and structured that the congregation has the opportunity to say what’s on their hearts.
This Wednesday night the in the “Kidz Zone” we will began wrapping up our lessons from the Big City Studio. School is winding down & June is right around the corner which means “Wacky Wednesdays” are almost here. “Wacky Wednesdays” are more laid back. Instead of a full blown hour lesson we lead short devotions, prayer time and get out of the classroom. I’ll have a schedule of events ready to send home Wednesday night with your child & they’ll be a copy on the bulletin board right outside the Kidz Zone.  Be looking for mission projects, swimming parties, water games. VBS, a lock in (at some point I am going to be too old to do the lock in. Kids are going to hear my knees and back pop & creek if I keep doing these much longer) & just general wackiness. There will be NO FOOD FIGHT. Do not even ask!!!! I’ll never dig tomato seeds out of my ears again! UGH!
I want to remind the parents and children that we are still raising money & food donations for the RMS food mission project.  We need to wrap it up by next Wednesday night so the money can be given to Jenny before school is over. The kids were challenged to bring in $100 & they would get an ice cream party or if the rounded up $200 we would have and ice cream, pizza and movie party.  I have a sneaking suspicion that we will be having both of those parties!
I want to give a BIG THANK YOU to those who volunteered to be a bell ringer (kettle shaker since we can’t ring a bell at the Gadsden Mall) for the Salvation Army.  For our day of service we raised $395.19. This is a tradition I love and our church has been so faithful over the years to really step up and participate. Amy, Shay, Allison... any idea how long we have been doing this?
In closing, I want to ask for prayer for several situations. Pray for the church and that we make God directed decisions. Pray that Joey continues to lead us following God’s plan & guidance.  Pray for the RMS food project.  We want those children to have full stomachs but at the same time feel the love of Jesus through the kind actions of others. This is our chance to be the hands and feet of Jesus and really make a difference for some children in our own back yards.  Pray for Jami & Arlo as they play at White Springs Sunday. I have joked about the drums but I am thankful Jami is playing for Jesus. Pray for our new church members, pray for John & pray for the young lady who so bravely told some of her story, spoke of her troubles and being thankful for her praying mother.  I hope you all have a great week & I hope to see you Wednesday.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Happy Mother's Day

Mother's Day is this coming Sunday so I wanted to start out this post by recognizing the Mother's who regularly serve in the children's dept. Let me start with saying all of these women love The Lord and have a heart to see children learn about Jesus. Mrs. Leslie McGlaughn teaches Sunday school to our 4 yr olds - 1st graders. She is so creative and has tons of patience. Leslie has been ministering to children for years and you can see the love she has for all children. Ashley Fortenberry has been serving the children for about 4 yrs. Ashley has helped with many projects, fund raisers & trips. Her love for music and performing has been a huge asset seeing that I have no musical talents! This past fall she took on being one of the teachers to our Wed. night 4 & 5 yr old class.  Katie Smith & Teresa Coley have been serving the children for 3 yrs. Both Katie & Teresa are part of the Wed. night team who help with our program Big City Studio for the children in elementary school. Katie is  "Vanna " and turns the letters for our game & 
participates in our skits. She has a heart for teaching the children 
about missions and helps to plan out mission projects for the children. Teresa jumped right in to the children's group and has been so valuable.  She is comfortable teaching & leading the group but she is also right in there serving snacks, making popcorn, participating in the weekly skit. I feel like she also helps me stay on track or keeps me focused. If I lose my train of thought she might jump in and say this or that about the lesson. Courtney Jones has been with the children's dept. for a little over a year and a half. She 
is part of the team who teaches the 4 & 5 year old class on Wed.
nights.  She is supper organized and very detailed which is a huge 
help when it comes to planning outings. Paula Hopper has been helping us on Wed. nights too. Paula has only been with us since 
maybe the fall but she jumps right in & does whatever is needed. I have been able to call on her lately to lead Sunday school & children's church. Donna Smith is also part of the team that teaches the 4 & 5 yr. olds on Wed. We Welcomed Donna into our group this past fall. She loved being with the little ones & they loved her. Due to knee problems she has been out but I hope she is able to get back to helping soon. I tried to mention something about each of theses 
ladies but I don't think words can convey what they really mean to 
me. Each one has their own special qualities and characteristics. Each one has families to care for, jobs to go to & volunteer activities. They make ministering to children so easy. I can go in and do what I do ( they know that sometimes I make last minute decisions, can be unorganized, come up with crazy ideas like the food fight, lose my train of thought) and they jump in and fill in the voids. They are willing to lead, share, sing, act, play games but most importantly they all love Jesus and they are willing 
to help share that love with children. I wanted to recognize these terrific women who are making a difference in the lives of our children. I also want to mention that we are blessed at WBBC to 
have terrific moms who can't volunteer every Wed. or Sunday but they volunteer for VBS, special events, decorating, sewing, sending in donations and cooking. You moms are the best and I am so thankful for each of you! 

Since it is Mother's Day week the children will perform a special 
song this Sunday. We will practice tonight & during Sunday school May 11. 

I had said yesterday I would not post until I had some Disney info. It is still to early to give exact prices or plans yet due to pricing & promos are not available for next yr yet. Going off this years pricing a room will run $ 173 a night at Pop Century & we will need 6 nights & tickets are for those ages 3-9 are $330 & $350 for 10 & up.  Those are park hopper tickets w an extra event added like a water park or mini golf. Courtney spoke with her travel agent 
who was able to give a little better room rate but higher ticker prices.  I think once the promos start coming out we can get a better deal with hopefully a meal plan included. I just can't say for sure yet. I do know we will need a minimum either way we go of a $200 deposit so by the end of July we need to get that in. Again, if the plans come out & it doesn't work for your family you will be refunded all you have paid. Once deposits are paid & you cancel the deposit will not be refunded. Dates for the trip are to travel Sat. March 28, check in that night. Stay in the parks Sunday - Thursday & check out Friday. Remember that is Easter weekend so we would be traveling home on Good Friday. I also want to encourage you to 
plan a fundraiser. Last time the cost was soooo reduced because we raised enough money to let the children go free. Remember this is a church trip. There will be daily group devotions. We do not have to do every event or park together but I think what made the last trip so great was because the kids wanted to hang together. I will never forget being in the Animal Kingdom, us getting word that they didn't think Mrs. Carr was going to live, stopping right where we were & as a group praying for her. Didn't matter where we were, who was around, we were a church group first & prayers were 
going up! If you are interested in going & haven't paid your deposit let me know.

I thank God for a Godly mother and mother in law. I am thankful for the Godly mother's in our church. I pray you have a blessed week and get to  spend some time with your mother or having wonderful  memories about her.