Tuesday, January 26, 2016

A Little of This, A Little of That

Its has been month's since I have blogged but this was too long for a Facebook post. I had said over and over that I went to a kidmin summit a few weeks ago. It was a pure blessing because normally children's ministry conferences are in bigger cities that require several days being away from home and have a hefty price tag. This one was local, one Saturday and cost a whooping $20.  While at the summit one of the speakers spoke on starting kids learning about Jesus as soon as they are born. While being rocked whisper in their ear Jesus loves you, or Jesus made you special. Start reading them Bible stories early. Sure they have no clue what you are saying but they grow up each year learning a little more. I can use math(ugh.. I hate math) as a example. Kids learn numbers first, then to add, subtract and each step builds on the step before. Jesus should be that way for children. Start them out by speaking words of love about Jesus, then move to songs about Jesus, stories, have them in the  nursery at church then move the up as their age progresses. Why am I thinking about this? Today one of my sweet babies was fighting his sleep. Jack was home doing breathing treatments & Cooper was playing. I start singing Jesus loves Me to the baby. Within a moment Jack and Cooper are singing along. Cooper is only 1 1/2 yrs old but he knew many words to that song. He knew them because his momma sings it to him. Parents, Grandparents, family members, we can't wait until these kids are in high school, or college and decide it's time we speak the name Jesus to them. Would you wait until 12th grade to each them math? Start teaching them about Jesus today!

I had posted on Facebook last week that for spring break the kids would go to Chattanooga and spend the night at the aquarium. We will leave the church on Friday, April 1 ( not too early in the morning but I'll know time as it gets closer) once in Chatt we will go ride the railway incline, have lunch downtown Chatt, ( park and you can walk to eat wherever you chose) go to an IMAX movie and then check in to the aquarium at 6:00 pm Eastern. They do not allow anyone under 6 to participate. I did have a few questions about could those younger than 6 go in with the group and leave once it is time to sleep. Unfortunately, once we are locked inside they will not let us leave. I have suggested to those with younger kids that they are welcome to follow us to Chatt, ride the incline, see the IMAX with us and then work the aquarium in separately. For those spending the night, they will feed us pizza and a snack that night, then a light breakfast that morning. We will leave the aquarium by 8:30 Eastern time so you should have most of your Saturday left once home. We will be sleeping on the floor under the aquarium so you'll need a sleeping bag or cover and a pillow. There are no showers but they do have a bathroom close to where we sleep so you can brush teeth & wash your face. The total cost is $70 adults and $65 kids. That includes everything but lunch and any snack you might want to purchase at the IMAX. Starbucks is close by and we had several parents who visited there last time while we were waiting on IMAX. I am sending in our deposit this week. I do have to pay in several weeks before we leave so here is our payment schedule: Sunday Feb 21 adults $35, kids 30 and the Wednesday March 9 adults $35 & kids $35. If you pay by check make it to the church and then I'll write a church check to pay.  If those dates don't  work for your pay period let me know. I'll be glad to work around anyone I need to. If yall think we need to do a fundraiser let me know.  If you have not signed up for the Chatt trip I need to know by this Friday on the aquarium. I am looking forward to Sleeping in the Deep! 

Just a few other things. Valentine's is on Sunday this year so during Children's Church we will have a hot chocolate bar and talk about how God showed his huge love for us by sending His son Jesus to die for our sins.  

This year the Easter egg hunt will be on Saturday March 19. We will start our in the gym with an exotic animal show from 6th Day Creatures. It will take a little over an hour for the show then we will hunt eggs. 6th Day Creatures brought a lot of fun and unique animals last time they visited us. Some of the kids got to be hands on with the snakes, frogs and squirrels. This is a great opportunity to invite others to church. It's laid back & tons of free fun for the kids. As we get closer I'll send out reminders and I know I'll need help stuffing eggs for the egg hunt. Winter Jam for the youth is the same day and I think they leave at 12:00. I know some of you will probably go as chaperones and I feel sure we will be finished in time for you to do that. 

One last thing.. The Kidz Zone Team would like invite everyone with a child in the nursery or children's dept to an Italian dinner. It's completely free! No gimmicks, no sale pitches, no trying to talk you into volunteering and no asking you to bring anything. Lol It's for your whole family including the siblings in youth. All you need to do is show up with your family and hungry stomachs. It is going to be Saturday night, 6:00 pm in the gym.  I do ask you RSVP by Wednesday  night, Feb 24 so I can make sure enough food is prepared. 

I think that's it! If you need prayer send me a message! I am glad to pray for any need you may have!