Monday, July 28, 2014

Good morning! I can't believe this is the last full week of summer break before the kids start back to school. Where did the summer go? Time just passes so quickly! This Wednesday night the kids are having a swim party at Wayne & Karon Fortenberry's. We will meet at church at 5:45 & walk over there. They are the home right across from the front doors of the church. Please do not wear any bathing suits that have been in the river. Remember modesty girls. One pieces and tankini's are best but if you need to wear you bikini wear a t shirt or tank top. Yes moms I know we have little kids in our group  & no they aren't teenagers but this starts preparing them for the future. Bring a towel and parents you might like to bring a lawn chair. We will be back at church by 7:15. Starting Sunday we will be back to regular children's church. Wednesday, August 6, the children will meet in the gym for a back to school kick off.  We will have a devotion pertaining to a new school year, snacks and fun. Wednesday, August 13, The kids moving up to youth will go out to eat with me and Teresa Coley will teach. I'll have more details as that date gets closer. Move up day is the first Sunday in September. I am working on a night for the Mom's in the children dept. to get together so you can meet those who teach your children and get to know each other better. I will have a date for that soon. We love your children and desire to build relationships not with just the children but with your family.  We haven't had a family movie night at church in forever so I am looking on into September for that. I know I also had a lock in on the calendar for August but I just can't do it right now. We will have one but it will probably be on into winter like we use to do. I have a few other things to mention for us to pray on and think on. We need a teacher in place for Mrs. Leslie's class, 4 yrs thru 1st grade for the first Sunday in Sept. I know God has the perfect person planned for us. I would also like to start splitting the ages up during children's church on Sundays this fall. 4 yrs thru 5th grade is a wide range to teach and I think the children would benefit from a smaller group. Vicki Redden has agreed to teach music to the 4 & 5 yrs old on some Sundays. I ask you pray about how you might can help with this group.  You might be a crafter and would love to come do a craft once a month with this age group. You night like to work on Bible verse races with the older ones and me go with the younger group. Just pray and think on your talents and then let's talk. We will not be split every Sunday just sometimes for something specific. Save the date of October 25 for trunk or treat. I'll be nailing down Disney rates at the end of August so keep that in mind. Please remember we are still collecting school supplies so as you start buying yours this week please pick up an a few items for those who will be in need. We are also still collecting food for the RMS project.  You can drop these any of these items in the red bucket in the Kidz Zone. Thank you for all that has already been donated!

I wanted to thank all of you newbies (haha) that stepped right in to VBS last week and the lunch yesterday!! Y'all were broke in good! Thank you for the hard work! I have so enjoyed getting to know each of you better and I look forward to working together more.

Tina's Patterson's mom went home to be with her Lord yesterday.  Meg Williams' grandmother also met her Lord and Saviour last night. Please continue to pray for these families. While I know the saddness I also rejoice in the happiness! Pray for our children and youth as they embark on a new school year. They need our prayers!!!! Pray for the faculty and staff  of your child's school as they enter a new school year too. I want Godly teachers and friends in my children's paths and I am certain you do too. We need to cover them in prayers! I hope you have a blessed week! See you Wednesday!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

VBS Day 1

Day 1 of Willie's Redneck Rodeo VBS is in the books! The first day of VBS comes with lots of stresses and concerns. You never know how many children will show up so you never know how many to plan for. As usual, Allison & the crew adjusted and handled the children. God blessed us with a huge attendance. Now before I start sprouting off numbers let me say numbers aren't important but on the flip side they are. I know.. Confused Kristi! We want kids at VBS & if there is 10 kids, then we will love on ten kids, teach them  about Jesus the same way. The point is teaching about Jesus!! Now on the flip side of that I want to teach as many kids as possible so I want to see the room packed out! Boy did God pack the room out! So many people came for supper we didn't have room for all of them to sit & eat!! Let me give last yrs general numbers. Each night we were about 100 which was roughly 60 kids & 40 adults. So I think you can imagine that we were blown away to see 75 kids come through the doors and 65 youth and adult volunteers totaling 140 people!!!!! The kitchen crew was slinging hot dogs like it was nobodies business!!! They even had to break  down and fry some in a skillet to get them out to folks!  It was crazy goodness!!

Now ,  I didn't get to see the music, games, skits or crafts because I taught last night. I get to experience the fun tonight! I wanted briefly tell you about my lesson. I taught the parable the Sower and the seed. I feel like each year God gives me the lesson I need. Many times, I'll say," if we can just plant the seed," or if we can get them thru the doors and plant the seed, God will handle the rest." Of course, I told the kids the seed is like a pretend seed and we stick it in their brains & hearts, as they learn more about Jesus the seed grows. It is all about the seed! You can't grow a garden without planting seeds and you can't grow God's kingdom without planting seeds. At the end of the church year, a questionnaire comes to June asking church questions. It asks about attendance, numbers of those who joined the church, numbers of how many saved, VBS questions..  All kinds of "number" questions. I know the ultimate goal is to have children and adults saved but you have to start from somewhere and that is the seed. For those first timers with us at VBS, I think you'll see our VBS is a little different from many other churches. We don't push getting saved. We teach, we love, we feed, we work on building relationships, getting to know the kids & the adults who bring the kids. We plant the seed! If it leads to salvation then Hallelujah  but if it doesn't this week we know the seed was planted & God is working on that person. I hope this makes sense. 

Continue to pray for the VBS workers and Allison. Pray for the children who come thru our doors. Pray for the children's parents too. Pray the seed has been planted and now that it will grow. 

VBS workers, I know you are tired this morning & it was only day 1. I pray for a God to give you added strength this week, a little extra something in each step. I pray God gives you extra patience because we all know it gets a little hectic & frustrating sometimes. I pray God gives you extra love to lavish on the children and the words needed to strike up conversations with the parents. As we go thru this week and see amazing things God is doing at VBS  the 
devil will work extra hard to take us down. Don't let him! Stand firm against negativity, be in prayer!  It is going to be a blessed week!!! I am excited to see the week unfold and see the work God is doing! 

Monday, July 7, 2014

Good evening! I hope you are having a blessed week. I wanted to encourage you to spread the word about our upcoming VBS July 21-25, 5:30-6:00 is supper & 6:00-8:45 is VBS. It is named Willie's Redneck Rodeo & the children will learn 5 of the best known parables from the Bible plus play games, make crafts, learn songs & dances. Supper and a snack is served each night which is one of my favorite things about our VBS. I feel if children come into our church, we have no way of knowing what their home life is like, so at the very least we can show them love, care & provide them with full stomachs. Allison Williams is our VBS director & she does an amazing job getting it all together. Please keep her in your prayers. Even though VBS is soooo much fun, it is very stressful & tiring for the person putting it all together. This year we are having preregistration for children and any youth or adult volunteers. It will make it easier to plan for crafts, meals & tshirts orders so please let us know if you know of a child that is coming to VBS or if you would like to volunteer. Of course, any child that doesn't register early is welcome and encouraged to come on to VBS!!!! The early sign ups is just to help Allison & me out! I wanted to go ahead and let everyone know that on Sunday, July 27, immediately following preaching, the children's dept. will be hosting a lunch as an end to VBS week. Mark the date on your calendar & I'll have more info next week.

This Wednesday night will be Wacky Wednesday Missions and Katie Smith will be leading the children up in the Kidz Zone. The following Wednesday, July 16, the kids will be on the road spreading the word about VBS.  I know we will need parents to volunteer to drive July 16. Thank you to all the parents who braved the tye dye craziness with me last week!

Continue to pray for VBS and for the children and adults who will come thru the WBBC doors , for those we are missing at church, and for Joey as he follows God's plan for our church family. I hope you have a blessed week!