Monday, June 29, 2015

It's been a few months since I have blogged but I had some thoughts and figured I would share. There is a lot going on at church so I want to cover all of that first. Friday, July 3 is Blast in the Bend. Bring you family, friends and neighbors for a night of fellowship. We will eat hot dogs & have homemade ice cream. Bring your lawn chairs and enough drinks for your crew. Mrs. Sue is in need of homemade ice cream & large bags of chips. Over the past few yrs, the guys have gotten even better with the fireworks show. I am sure this year will be even better.  I'll have a table set up to register volunteers and children for GLOW VBS.  If you are new to WBBC, this is a great chance to just hang out and get to know others. We want to know you!

For this weeks Wacky Wednesday, we will be loading the van and leaving the church at 5:45. We are going to Southside McDonalds. We will have a ice cream treat and pay for random people's food. We will arrive back at church by 7:15. Let's all wear our tie dye shirts.

GLOW VBS is July 13-17. We will feed kids supper at 5:30. VBS will start at 6:00. I say this every year but VBS is the best week at church. There is nothing like a bunch of excited kids in God's house. If you are debating on volunteering, just take a leap and do it. Everyone isn't suited for everything, so if you know you don't like to craft, you don't have to sign up for crafts. ( I have never signed up for crafts). You might like to cook, volunteer in the kitchen. You might not be free all week. That's ok too. If God is calling you to volunteer, then there is a place, a spot and a need for you. Don't miss out on a blessing. Get with Allison or me and let us know if you wish to help.

As we move into July that means school is unfortunately around the corner, so to end summer, the kids will have a lock in Friday night, July 31 from 7pm to 7 am Saturday morning. Now parents, don't get excited thinking you have a date night, I'll need you at church to help! Lol I'll give you more
info as it gets closer but go ahead and practice sleeping on the air mattress to break your back in.

Lastly, as summer ends and school begins our now 5th graders, become middle schoolers and they will leave the children's dept and move up to youth. The youth will be having a shrimp boil at church on July 11 and Scott has invited the kids and their families who will soon be moving up to his group. This will be a great chance for the kids and parents to get to know Scott and our wonderful youth! I take the kids who will be moving up out to eat each year, as kinda like my last time with them so I'll be taking  them out on Wednesday, August 5. I'll have more info on that as it gets closer but for now save the dates!

Now that I have all of that out of the way, let's just talk. I was able to stay in preaching yesterday because Jerri and Mandy lead children's church. That was such a blessing. Immediately, after that I was blessed by a conversation I had with a parent. Our church was able to bless a family earlier in the
week. The youth blessed some of our seniors yesterday afternoon by delivering fruit baskets and spending a little time with them. I know of a church member who paid for a young families lunch yesterday. I am sure that was a blessing to that family. Hunter blessed someone this week by mowing their yard. Misty blessed me yesterday by just bringing in treat box prizes. So it got me to thinking about blessings. One of the definitions of a blessing is something promoting or contributing to happiness. Many of us spend so much time worrying about our own happiness but what about the happiness of others? I am not saying go out and buy every family you see dinner but what if we listened just a little more to what God tells us to do. I think we would be blessing others more. A blessing doesn't always require money. It could be just spending time with someone who needs to talk, helping someone who needs yard work and can't afford it,  complimenting someone or offering a prayer. I don't know about you but I need to be blessing others more and a little less worrying about if I am getting blessed! I am going to work a little harder on bringing happiness to others. I challenge you to do the same.

Have a week full of blessing others! I hope to see your family this week!