Monday, February 25, 2013


I want to give a big ole THANKS to God before I ever get started here. Almost 2 months ago mom was faced with radiation in Bham every day. We didn't know how we would swing getting her there every day but we knew we would. We didn't want daddy & Joey taking off every other day because that would eventually effect Joey's business & put daddy in a bind at work. As usual God has the things figured out long before we do! I am blessed to keep a child of a wonderful Christian momma who said do whatever you need to thru this whole cancer process. I was able to take every Friday off to take mom. Joey & Daddy missed only a few days because of the generosity of others. We were blessed with spouses, Aunt Debbie, church family & mom's close friend who offered to take momma. I can't tell you how many people offered to help that we never even had to take them up on the offer. For the past 3 weeks my mother n law has taken mom almost every day and her & mom have enjoyed some great lunches in the "Magic City". Mother & Debbie even got to enjoy a ride along & lunch with their brother. Time together they all needed. We have been blessed with lots of help! I know God had each one of you hand picked to help take care of  momma. I wanted to thank each of you who helped drive mom, who offered to help in anyway and to those who have prayed & offered encouraging words. Wednesday will be her last day of radiation. THANK YOU GOD!! She goes back to see her cancer Dr. March 20. Please pray for a good report & that there is no sign of cancer. Now to get to the kids stuff!

Sorry about rescheduling the lock in. It just made more sense to plan for a time when more kids are available to come. This Wed. night will be Big City Studio. We will cover the last lesson on creation & review what we have learned these past months. I will be passing out lots of "money" for questions answered. The following Wed. the kids will shop in the "Big City Store". Moms, get to looking for those bucks the kids bring home every Wed. night. Remember this  Sunday is the spaghetti dinner & for those of you going on the Chattanooga trip you should have received a text from me telling you what to bring. If you didn't please let me know. The yard sale is March 9. We need to get as much yard sale items brought in this week as possible. Ask your family to clean out the closets & the garage! If anyone needs to get in & drop off items in the gym other than Wed. or Sunday let me know & Ashley will come open the door. We need lots of help organizing starting March 5. If you can help with that please let Ashley know at 256-490-4544. Thank you so much for the way you all support our children's dept! Have a blessed week & I hope to see all my kids Wed. night!

Monday, February 18, 2013

This Is It

This is it.....the lock in weekend! This the most exhausting night but I have so much fun! It also brings back so many memories for me and those memories help me remember where WBBC was & where we have came too. I am so thankful to God at how He has moved and worked in our church. My mom taught the children when we had our 1st lock in. My boys were in kindergarten. We held it in the fellowship hall. We made no plans just brought some board games. Lesson learned! You have to keep the kids busy! Each year it has grown & finally we got to have one in the new gym. That night, in the middle of the night, we heard a child throwing up. It was black in the gym & Allison was stumbling around trying to find that poor child in the dark. First throw up on the new carpet definitely not the last! I have memories with so many parents who have moved on too youth & I look forward to building memories with parents whose kids have just started out in the children's dept. I am not going to lie, the lock in is a long, tiring,exciting, fun filled night but I want to urge you to participate. You will get some sleep, you will still feel like you have been hit by a bus come Saturday but you will make memories with your child & church family that you will never forget! Here comes the details for the children's dept.

Wed. Night Big City Studio

Friday night Lock in: 7 pm & pick up 7am. Please DO NOT just drop you child off. They must be signed in that way if we need to reach you incase of an emergency we can. They need to bring a sleeping bag or some cover, pillow & appropriate pjs. Any adults who plan on staying I am going to suggest an inflatable air mattress or you can be like Allison & just bring a real mattress! Haha we will eat pizza supper around 7:30 & the kids will have a very light breakfast before pick up. The evening will consist of lots of games, dancing, skits, some messy food games, a science experiment, a lesson about God & we wind it down about 12:00 with movies on the big screen. We do not stop until we lay down. We do not leave the buildings & the doors remain locked all night. The weather did say a possibility of storms Friday night, so if I think we could be in danger or have scared children I will cancel byThursday afternoon & reschedule for the Friday night March 22 which kicks off spring break.  Check face book & texts for any changes

Meeting right after church Sunday about the spring break trip. March 3 will be a spagetti lunch & March 9 will be the yard sale. Money from these goes towards the trip. Ashley Fortenberry will head up the yard sale so please let her know if you can help Sat or anytime the week prior setting up.

I hope everyone has a blessed week and I look forward to seeing you Friday night! If you have questions call me.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Great Weekend

I had such a great weekend at church. So thankful for the parents and children we have at WBBC. I really enjoyed seeing our littlest kids play on the inflatables Saturday. I enjoyed spending time with their parents & grandparents too. Yesterday the children had a Valentine's party during preaching. There is nothing like hearing children sing Jesus Loves Me! It just melted my heart. We learned about the greatest love of all....God sending Jesus to die on the cross for our sins. I hope come Thursday, when everyone is running around passing out Valentine cards, or trying to give the perfect gifts, that these children remember the best gift has already been given & it is up to us to accept it. Keep our church family in prayer as we go thru the week. There is so many hurting & we just need to lift them up.

This Wed. night the 5th grade girls will go to the mall food court & Katie will teach missions upstairs in the green classroom. Feb. 22 will be the lock in. I need lots of adult participation for the night to be a success so please let me know if you can help. It will start at 7 pm on Friday night & end at 7 am Saturday morning.  Sunday, March 3 will be a spaghetti lunch for donations, still trying to raise money or the spring break trip. March 9 will be the yard sale. Please start bringing in yard sale items and place them in the gym. I appreciate all who have already donated to us. I wanted to give  a big thank you to Leslie McGlaughn for helping me Sat morning, Teresa Coley for teaching Sunday school while I prepared for the party and Courtney Jones for her help during the party. Thank you to all those who offered to help too. Y'all have a great week & try to keep your focus on the "big guy in the sky".

Monday, February 4, 2013

Wonderful Men

I just love WBBC! It is a blessing to come to church and love the church family & the staff. Randy does a fabulous job with the music! Who knew a men's choir would be so good? I sat in the pew in awe at how great they sounded and then I started thinking......and in my mind I went man after man & I was able to think of something or some way each of those men have done one thing for me. Ok, I know you are thinking what is she talking about. Every man in that choir has touched my life, whether it be a family member,  someone saying a kind or encouraging word, helping me w children's stuff at church, inviting us to their home for kids stuff, helping me move things at church, participating in church activities like trunk or treat, bell ringers & fund raisers  or a leader of the church who really encouraged me & made sure I had whatever was needed when I first started working w the children. Our church is so blessed to have men willing to serve our Lord in so many ways.  As a mom of all boys, I am so pleased to have so many wonderful male role models in our church! I pray God blesses each man in our church & uses them to lead others to our Lord!

Lots of kids stuff coming up! Wed. night is Big City Studio. Saturday from 10-12, toddlers, preschoolers & kindergardeners will be "Jumping For Jesus". We'll have inflatables, balloons & pizza in the gym  for our littlest blessings. If you know someone who might fall into this category, step out & invite the parent & child... Offer to come with them. Sunday, during preaching , the kids will be in the gym for the entire service having a Valentines celebration. I could use some bags of candy if anyone would like to donate a bag & bring it this Wed. night. Continue to bring yard sale items & leave them in the gym. The date has been changed to March 9. Keep in mind the lock in is coming up on Feb.22. It will be a long night & will not be possible w/o parent participation. There will be all kinds of help needed so be thinking if it will be possible for you to stay. Y'all have a great week. I pray you feel God working & moving in your life all week!!