Monday, February 11, 2013

Great Weekend

I had such a great weekend at church. So thankful for the parents and children we have at WBBC. I really enjoyed seeing our littlest kids play on the inflatables Saturday. I enjoyed spending time with their parents & grandparents too. Yesterday the children had a Valentine's party during preaching. There is nothing like hearing children sing Jesus Loves Me! It just melted my heart. We learned about the greatest love of all....God sending Jesus to die on the cross for our sins. I hope come Thursday, when everyone is running around passing out Valentine cards, or trying to give the perfect gifts, that these children remember the best gift has already been given & it is up to us to accept it. Keep our church family in prayer as we go thru the week. There is so many hurting & we just need to lift them up.

This Wed. night the 5th grade girls will go to the mall food court & Katie will teach missions upstairs in the green classroom. Feb. 22 will be the lock in. I need lots of adult participation for the night to be a success so please let me know if you can help. It will start at 7 pm on Friday night & end at 7 am Saturday morning.  Sunday, March 3 will be a spaghetti lunch for donations, still trying to raise money or the spring break trip. March 9 will be the yard sale. Please start bringing in yard sale items and place them in the gym. I appreciate all who have already donated to us. I wanted to give  a big thank you to Leslie McGlaughn for helping me Sat morning, Teresa Coley for teaching Sunday school while I prepared for the party and Courtney Jones for her help during the party. Thank you to all those who offered to help too. Y'all have a great week & try to keep your focus on the "big guy in the sky".

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