Thursday, June 26, 2014

Good morning! I had a great time at The Factory last night. It is always great watching the kids have fun, seeing parents get to talk and bond & have visitors join us! I had next Wednesday night open as far as my activity & devotion so I think I have decided on tye dying t shirts. The kids did this about 2 summers ago and we had a huge time being creative. I already have several devotions in my mind that  could be used in relation to banding up shirts & changing the color. Isn't sin kind of like those rubber bands. It ties us up, binds us, holds us down and the the color is the sin just saturating us. Anyway... Lots of thoughts running thru my head for a devotion. Bleach could be used as Jesus washing us white as snow! So what I'll do is go buy packs of T-shirts & since it is the July 4th week I am thinking we could do red, white & blue tye dye & let the kids wear them to church Friday night. How about everyone who knows their child will be at church Wednesday night send me a message or text with your child's shirt size. Mom's... With so many kids I know I'll need some help & we will need to be outside due to the mess. We will also need lots of plastic bags, like Walmart bags. 

VBS will be here before we know it and this year we will be having preregistration at the 4th of July Celebration. Please go ahead & sign your child up & any others that you know will be participating this year. Our theme is Willie's Redneck Rodeo which is different than any other church in our area! There will be a meeting July 6 immediately following preaching for those interested in helping. We have always been blessed with tons of adults & youth workers so please be in prayer about how you can help! The time is normally 5:30-5:55 supper( and I mean a full meal.. Our kitchen workers seriously work & no child leaves hungry)  & then 6-8:30 is VBS. Be in prayer for Allison as she continues to prepare. 

Be in prayer for Randy & Joan, Candace Harwood as she recovers from surgery and of course VBS. We have many folks traveling this week so keep them in your prayers. I hope you have a blessed week and I look forward to seeing you and your family at WBBC Sunday!

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Good morning! There have been some rumors that we had a food fight upstairs last Wednesday night. Let me clear that up. I have been known to have a food fight at church 1 time only in the parking lot and to take a pie to the face in the sanctuary and the gym but… we did not have a food fight upstairs in our new area! I did plastic the floors because we had yuck food games. There was no throwing of food except bologna! Lol I have to steal Paula Hopper’s theme for that night “Doesn’t matter how messy life gets..God is bigger than any mess we make”. We had a great time and I was excited to have some parents visit with us that normally don’t get to. I was also pleasantly surprised at the willingness of parents to eat Cheetos from dirty feet. Anyway, we had a great messy night!
Thank you to all who came out to Joey’s to fish. It was hot and I think the fish were few but we had a great time together.
Tomorrow night the children will leave the church at 5:45 to go to Moragne Park. We will be passing out popsicles to other children and letting ours play. My hope is to strike up conversations with other parents as we pass out popsicles at the park. We will arrive back at WBBC at 7:15. I plan on taking the van but I will need other parents to help transport and watch the children. Please let me know ASAP if you can drive.
Next Wednesday, June 25 will be the children’s outing to The Factory! The children and adults who plan on jumping need to bring in $7.00 in an envelope with their name on it and YOU MUST go online to and fill out a waiver. They will not let anyone jump without the waiver. You will receive a confirmation email back from them after you complete the process. I would like to get the money collected by this Sunday that way I have it all together when we go in plus I need to confirm the number of children and adults jumping. We will meet at The Factory at 5:45 and jump from 6-7. Due to the high number of injuries and the need of a waiver I have to ask that you be present for your child to attend this event.
The church will be celebrating July 4th with hot dogs, ice cream & fireworks for the whole community. We had a blast (seriously) last year. I am not for sure on the time but I heard 7pm. I am sure someone will be letting us know what we need to bring. Allison and I had mentioned preregistration for VBS because it is difficult to estimate how many children we need to prepare for as far as food, t-shirts & crafts, so this year we will have a table for VBS preregistration at the July 4th Celebration. If you are there please take a moment and sign up any children you know may be coming to VBS. VBS is July 21-25.
Please be in prayer about serving in the church nursery during Sunday school & preaching. Brandie and I wanted to do a 6-8 week rotation and we only have about 5 people signed up so far so if you feel God calling you to pray and love on the babies please let one of us know. Thank you to those who have responded!
Men’s church softball starts tonight with games at 7:15 & 8:15. I can’t even remember how many years this has been going on but I always look forward to it. Come out tonight & support the men.
I wanted to welcome Sean & Pam Stimpson to the WBBC family. They joined in membership Sunday. Please continue to remember Ryan, the Edwards grandson in your prayers and Donna Harmon and her family. Her mother in law is on the verge of passing. As our church grows it becomes increasingly harder to keep up with who is and who isn’t at church. I am going to suggest that this week we think hard about those we haven’t seen at church and reach out to them. They might just need a word of encouragement or a prayer. I am praying that you all have a wonderful week!

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Good morning! I hope you all are enjoying summer. I am refreshed from our vacation and I am looking forward to an exciting summer at WBBC. I wanted to give a BIG THANK YOU to the moms who served on Wednesday’s & Sunday while I was on vacation. It is a blessing to know that these women are faithful, dedicated and follow thru when they agree to do something!
I also wanted to thank Brandie Johnson for working so hard making the nursery & toddler rooms so beautiful. They are so clean and inviting! We are in need of servants who would be willing to go on a 6-8 week rotation to volunteer most weeks for the baby room. Some weeks we might need a volunteer for the toddler room. This would be during Sunday school and preaching. Pray on this and if you feel lead to serve please let me or Brandie know.
The children’s/toddler’s dept. is planning to fish and cook out at Joey’s Saturday from 4pm - dark. I am going to ask that you text me(256-393-1063) by Thursday night to let me know if your family plans on attending so I’ll know how much food to prepare. The forecast is showing rain for Saturday so I’ll decide Friday morning on if we need to reschedule. I don’t want to buy food and then have to freeze it or store all the stuff. If we do get to fish you need to bring your own fishing poles, bait, chairs, bug repellant & enough drinks for your family. We will supply the hot dogs, hamburgers & chips. I want to stress this is a super deep pond. It was cut to go straight down so there is very little shore. I stay nervous with Jack around it since he cannot swim so that night he will be reluctantly wearing a life jacket. *****PLEASE PAY CLOSE ATTENTION TO YOUR CHILDREN FISHING***** feel free to bring your bikes & any outdoor games your family likes to play. This is going to be a laid back, fun evening. Just a time to hang out & get to know each other better. This would be a great event to invite another family too.
Now let’s get to tomorrow night! Tomorrow night is “Yuck Night” in the Kidz Zone from 6-7. We will have devotion and then play some yuck, gross games. **have your child wear old clothes, they might get a little stained** & bring a towel lol. Next Wednesday night is “Mission Wednesday” and again depending on the weather, I plan on the kids going to Moragne Park and passing out popsicles to other children. If you can, please donate a box of pops by Sunday. Just the kind you freeze that is in the plastic sleeves that have to be cut open. Also, remember we are still collecting food for the RMS Mission project so anytime you are able pick up an item and drop it off in the red bucket in the Kidz Zone. This will continue to be an ongoing project for us!
Please remember Dick & Charlene Edwards grandson Ryan in your prayers. He is still having some health issues. Pray for VBS. Allison is trying to decide on a theme & I know whatever she chooses will be God directed & perfect for our church. Let’s began to pray for the children who will come thru the church doors, some the 1st time thru any church doors, that the seed gets planted and that they leave our church with memories of love, kindness, generosity, full bellies, fun activities, friendships and most importantly, knowing about Jesus and that He loves them. I hope you have a blessed week and I hope to see your child tomorrow night!