Monday, March 26, 2012

Where ever you go, God is with you!

Good morning beautiful Monday! Yesterday  in children's church & Sunday school  we talked about Jonah & the whale. For those of you who do not know the story, God asked Jonah to go tell the people in another town about Him, but Jonah didn't want to do what God wanted. So he decided to sneak off on a boat to hide from God. Jonah found out pretty quickly that you can't run & hide from God... if He wants you to do something He will make it happen! The point of the story during Children's church was that God is always with you, He always knows what you are doing & what you need.  So if you are down and out this morning, remember God is with you! If you are feeling God pushing you to move a certain way, maybe step up and get out of your comfort zone... remember that God will equip you for the job He has called you too.

Easter is almost here and that is so exciting to  me! This coming Sunday the kids in my Sunday school class will be cooking a dessert that will show how the tomb was empty.....PRAISE GOD!! We will meet in the gym & please have the kids there by 9:45. It will take us the full hour to cook!

This Wed. night the kids will just play since it is Spring Break week and we all need a little rest!

The following Wed. night the kids will be doing an Easter craft.

Remember the Easter egg hunt April 7 @ 4:00. I believe the Easter Bunny is making an appearance! This is a great opportunity to invite someone to church!

Please keep us in your prayers as parents & children head out to Gatlinburg Thursday. Pray for safe travels!

Have an absolute wonderful SPRING BREAK!!  Kristi

Monday, March 19, 2012


I was thinking about those little kids who willingly got on stage yesterday at church, not caring about what anyone thought, and just did the moves Randy showed them.  As an adult I wish I had their courage and just did whatever I felt for God instead of holding back afraid of what others might think or say. There has been so many times that I felt like I needed to ask someone if they went to church or if they needed someone to pray with them and fear of their response held me back. God is really working on me with this. I have come a long way from my shyness but still am not bold enough yet.  I wish I could be fearless like the kids! They are such great examples for us adults! Have a great week & thank the Lord only 4 more school mornings until SPRING BREAK! Here are some upcoming dates to remember:

This Wed. night the kids are having a pizza party & playing in the gym. Each child needs to bring one can item for the food pantry.

Still thinking we might do something for spring break but waiting to see about the weather.

EASTER EGG HUNT........ Saturday April 7. I will announce the time next week . We will meet at the church for snacks & then walk to the McGlaughns home for the egg hunt. If it rains we will hunt inside the church & gym. I think the Easter Bunny will make an appearance!

If anyone has any ideas on activities for the spring & summer let me know. Thanks for all the help & donations for the kids Gatlinburg trip. Keep us in your prayers as we head out March 29th.

Monday, March 12, 2012


Someone remind me not to schedule a lock in on the same weekend the time changes. Not enough time to get over the loss of sleep and I am feeling it today. I have posted a few pics from the lock in. It was so much fun and it gives us adults a real chance to get to know the children's personalities. Boy did God bless some of them with lots to say & lots of energy!

 I wanted to let everyone know that this month will be regular Wed. nights for the kids. I am hoping that the new program will be ready to go by the middle of April. Tom has built our set and now it is just a matter of getting the time to get all of the drawings up on the boards and learning the material. Katie Smith will be teaching the kids this Wed. about missions. This coming Friday night will be flag football in the gym at 7. Please make sure you sign your child in. I want to plan some type Spring break activity but I am going to wait & see how the weather turns out.  The Easter Egg hunt is set for April 7 probably late afternoon.

REMINDER this  Sunday will be a Mexican lunch for donations only. Proceeds will benefit Smokies Spring Break trip. If you are a parent that has a child going please get with Shay Layton about what you need to bring. I hope you all have a restful, blessed week & hope to see you all Wed. night! Kristi

Sunday, March 4, 2012


Well last week was just a bust! Due to bad weather the 5th grade boys food court trip & the lock in had to be rescheduled. My whole house ended up with a virus so I was glad I had rescheduled everything. BIG THANK YOU to those who stepped up Wednesday night when I could not be there at the last minute to teach the kids. God has blessed WBBC with some awesome parents who will do whatever is needed whenever it is needed! I hope everyone has a blessed, healthy week! Here is a list of the rescheduled activities:

This coming Wed. night March 7th grade boys go to the mall food court. Load van at 5:45 return at 7. Bring $10.

Lock In: March 9 7 PM- 7AM

Flag football March 16

Tentative date for the WBBC Annual Easter Egg Hunt is Saturday April 7