Monday, April 2, 2012

Holy Week

This is such an awesome week for Christians. Yesterday was Palm Sunday, the day Jesus rode into Jerusalem knowing He was about to sacrifice His life for our sins. We celebrated in Sunday school by making tombs out of crescent rolls. They were empty inside just like the tomb was on Resurrection day so many years ago.  There is a lot of church activities going on this week, so as we enjoy eggs, the Easter Bunny & candy I hope we remember the sacrifice that was made for us. God sent His only son, Jesus to die a horrific death on the cross so that we could have everlasting life in Heaven. THERE IS NOTHING MORE IMPORTANT THAN ASKING JESUS CHRIST INTO YOUR HEART, BEING SAVED, SO YOU HAVE EVERLASTING LIFE! If you or your child has questions about this please ask me! I'll be glad to talk about it with you, as would so many others at church. There would be nothing better than to see lives changed this Holy Week! Here are the weeks activities:

 Wednesday night: Kids go upstairs to paint Easter Sun catchers

Good Friday night : 6:30 The Lord's Supper, music, The  Passion of the Christ & snacks for all ages in the sanctuary. Nursery will be provided up to 3 yrs

Easter Egg hunt: 4 Pm Snacks, over 1000 eggs & the Easter Bunny will make an appearance. Parents, bring those cameras!

Easter Sunday: No children's church

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