Monday, October 21, 2013

Trunk or Treat Week

As I drove up towards the church yesterday morning the thing I noticed was the trees around the cemetery. They had turned from boring green to vibrant shades of reds & oranges. It was such a beautiful sight. Isn't it great that God wants us to see beautiful things!
In children's church yesterday we discussed fear & faith. We specifically talked about Daniel being faithful to God & ending up in the lions den. I asked kids things they were afraid of & got the usual, spiders, bugs, the dark & heights. We will be discussing fear in  more depth on Oct. 30 during  a special Wed. night lesson. What I wanted the kids to take from the lesson yesterday was if we are faithful to God and do what right, such as Daniel praying, God will take care of us. I know so many church people are anti facebook, but I go on there this morning and there was a friend posting Psalm 118:6 which says The Lord is on my side; I will not fear: what can man do to me? Coincidence? I don't think so. So if you are fearing something today& for us adults unfortunately I am sure it is bigger fears than bugs, spiders or the dark, more likely finances, health issues, divorce or marital troubles, children troubles, addictions & abuse, but remember you have no need to fear because God is on your side.

I also wanted to comment on the benefit for Haley Smith last night. It was such a blessing to see so many people come out and show Haley & her family some love. The group who sang did a great job on some old classics & Kate Falcon has a beautiful voice. The Pleasant Valley youth did a great job on the skits. It was a great night to be on God's house!

I wanted to thank Arlo & Jennie again this week for taking the youth to a movie Wed. night & having them up for the camp out Friday night. I am thankful that my boys are having "youth stuff" to do. They had a great time doing both & I know they'll have another great Wed. night at the judgement house.
Now to Trunk or treat. It looks like we are going to have a chilly clear night Saturday. That should make for a great evening. Shay, I think your hot cocoa booth will be very busy! Remember if you are doing a trunk, booth, games, bringing chili or baked sale items you need to be at church by 4:30 so we can be set up, eat & be ready to go by 5:30. People will arrive early & we want to be ready. Share info with visitors. Let them know that we have free hot dogs and chili inside, that we have inflatables just for little ones in the gym & to register at the welcome booth ( Glenda over by the fellowship hall) for great door prizes. This year we have received gift certificates from Deorios, Frios, The Fisherman, Red Lobster, the Lunch Box & 2 children's gifts from the Glass House. If you see these owners or patronize these businesses please thank them for their support! I am so excited! I think back over the years & know families that came to the trunk or treat and that was an opportunity for Joey to talk with them, for them to meet other church members & feel comfortable enough to visit on a Sunday. I look forward to those opportunities this year. I will be at church Saturday morning probably about 9 to get things set up for the day. If there is some free men who might could help move hay, tables & set up a few pop up tents please let me know. You can drop baked items off anytime Sat. & if you need to drop off Friday night let me know. I hope to see lots of trunks decorated, lots of adults in costumes & lots of smiling faces Saturday night, We will need lots of help after the trunk or treat is over to get everything out of the parking lot & into the gym or fellowship hall so we look clean for church Sunday morning. I know all of this can be exhausting but just remember you are serving the community, hoping to meet that person who is looking for a relationship with God and a loving church family! We are to be the light! One last thing.... please invite people! I hope you all have the best week. If anyone has questions please call me. 256-393-1063. I am off to pay for gold fish!! hehe

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