Monday, October 7, 2013

Second post for this week! Disney, Arlo, Kids

I ment to give a big thank you to Arlo & Jennie in last nights post. If we are being honest Arlo could have said adios amigos & left our youth hanging but he isn't that kind of man & he loves our students, instead he is going to lead our students until the Lord brings us another person. While leading our kids he really could just teach & that be it but instead he is opening his home for another youth camp out, taking our kids to see another Christian movie & leading our kids thru another judgement house. I am thankful for his leadership and his dedication and I am thankful during a month of Halloween parties, football games, just regular teen hanging out kind of stuff that my boys have church stuff to do and I know they'll be hearing some type of message on Jesus & hanging with those of like beliefs. I can say I don't know many people that would hang in their like that. If you see this Arlo & Jennie.....thanks for what you do, what you have done & for what God plans for you to do in the future!

Ok if you are interested in the Disney/mission trip & couldn't make the meeting here is some info. As I said before I can't go to Disney, the most magical place on earth, with a church group & not do something for others. It just isn't right. I also can't go to Disney & us not learn or share about Jesus. So their will be mandatory devotions every day, probably in the late afternoon when most head back to the rooms for a little rest before heading back out at night. I know I can't make anyone come to the devotions  once they get to Disney but I want everyone to understand my viewpoint from the start on that topic. Even though it is Disney, God is going to come first. Everyone yesterday seemed good with that. We have no definite date until we know about spring break & that will not be until March or April of 2014. I asked the group to come up with some fundraising ideas that do not depend on the church folks for support. I know we will have a few over the next yr. and a half but I want the majority to come from outside sources. The youth group is large & they need to be able to fund raise inside the church if a trip or something comes up for them. Courtney Jones, Wendy Benefield & some others are already throwing ideas around to raise some funds. Feelers are going out on what we can do to help the local area around Disney too. Plan on a small deposit around the end of Feb. but I will let you know more as the months pass. We will make small deposits as we go so the trip will be paid for before we leave. I suggest anyone interested goes to & requests a free dvd. This will give you some info, let you see inside the parks & get yourself pumped up for this great trip. Another valuable site is That site has some much info. It will even tell you the menu's and prices of food so you know where you can afford to eat & cannot afford to eat. Some of us last trip ate very reasonably so don't get scared & think you have to buy every meal out. We had refigs in out rooms so most of us ate breakfast in, you could do sandwiches for lunch & eat supper out if you wanted. My mom took a small toaster & coffee pot for her room.  You can also take snacks & water in the park with you. I think the first time Jami & I took the twins the only snack we bought out of a whole week was a popsicle because we took snacks into the park. Anyway, we will meet again once we get thru the month of October and see if anyone else has decided to go, see if any ideas popped up & if anyone has questions.

As for the kids I forgot to mention in yesterdays post that Oct. 30  the kids will not have Big City, nor will the little kids have their class. We will still meet in the gym from 6-7 but the lesson will be on God helping us to smash our fears & yep I am going to put on the ole goggles & smash a large pumpkin in the gym.....shuuush Don't tell June!! haha I am just kidding, she want care since it is the gym. We will then have a bonfire, roast some marshmallows & make smores. I know I'll need some parents to help watch kids around the fire & load marshmallows on the sticks. Ashley, Courtney & Donna, yall need a name for your class and no you can't use names like the rotten tomatoes or the Dennis the Menace group.....find something nice! lol  I think that is it. If you didn't see last nights blog post read it to. This is a busy week so I know I'll post again by the end of the week. My crew reads tonight so I am very excited!!!

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