Sunday, October 6, 2013

Lots of Stuff..THe Carrs, Kid Stuff

I said I was going to talk about some people from WBBC who have been very special to me over the years but before I get to that I got to thinking & sometimes I just struggle with my teens. One has a really bad smart mouth & he got it honestly. My mouth was horrible as a teen towards my parents. Teens think they know it all & some times think they know best when it comes to doing what is asked of them. I asked mine to go shopping for jeans yesterday, me knowing that whatever I bought probably would not fit one of them. Of course, they had no part in the shopping & I gave in & went on my own. I came home, made them try the jeans on. (moms with no boys.... boys do not like fashion & trying clothing on whether at the mall or at home is a nightmare.) Of course, I was right and the jeans fit one child perfectly the other child not so perfectly. I made him go to the mall with me after church today to try on jeans & out of the "I told you so & do what your momma says next time attitude" I made him try on many extra pairs just to drive home my point. If he had went with me the 1st time I asked I would have went with the 1st jeans that fit & there would have been no grounding. So I was thinking that God might think of us as that unruly teen. He urges me, prompts me, puts the example right in front of me & sometimes I think I know best, argue back, ignore His advice & do my own thing. Then I realize His way was the easiest, best & He was right. And to think once I get thru with the twins teenage years I have to wait 10 more years and do it again with Jack. Start praying for me know please!

Over the years at WBBC there has been some awesome role models I have learned from. Some still with us & others who have moved on to heaven. I have talked about Carol Raines & how she encouraged me & Audrey Broom who I watch fight cancer but yet still got up and welcomed folks every Sunday at church & how that example along with God's power has helped me overcome some of my shyness. The couple I want to talk about today is Bruce & Valencia Carr. When I started out working with the children, I had NO experience, no plans, no idea where to look for info & just no clue, I just knew this was what God wanted me to do. Valencia Carr was such a resource. She knew who I could call for this or she would call & ask me if I thought about checking here or there. She would just call to tell me that she thought I was doing a good job. Those calls were always when I needed the extra encouragement. I remember being in Pigeon Forge on a ladies trip & we had just found out mother had breast cancer for the 1st time. I was the only "younger person" on the trip. I remember Mrs. Carr wanting to pray for my mother before we went out one evening. I just cried. I also remember being in Disney World, on a church trip, & Joey getting the call that Mrs. Carr might not make it. I got the group that was with us together &  we huddled up in the Animal Kingdom & prayed for her. It was just one of those moments I will never forget. She was such a fighter & she loved her church. Then there is her other half, Bruce. I remember when Joey was being sworn in the 1st time as a city councilman & Bruce Carr showed up to support his young pastor. I knew then he was a good man. There has never been a time that Bruce has not supported the children's dept. I have asked for so many things over the years & He always respond with careful consideration & then support. I know Joey & Jami have looked to him for leadership & advice. He has the absolute most heartfelt prayers. He was dedicated to his wife & to his children. He has suffered loss and continues to strive on and do what he can for his Lord. He has been a true leader for WBBC. He is very special to my family & has even enjoyed many meals with us at moms & dads. We look up to him and I am so thankful the Lord placed Bruce in our path.  True Christians role models who made a difference in this girls life! I'll probably post on another special person this week, so stay tuned!

Ok now to the kid stuff! Regular children's church in the gym Wednesday night & Sunday since the service is from 10:30- 12:00, the kids will have children's church for part of the service but we will be upstairs in the green classroom instead of the gym. The gym will be ready for lunch!! Thank you to all who helped with movie night. We had a great time watching Chicken Little. Trunk or treat will be here soon so please let Teresa Coley know if you can do chili, let Megan Williams know if you can make something for the bake sale (proceeds from that will go towards the youth Winter Extreme trip). Please plan on doing your cars & dressing up. I still need some youth to sign up for games & we'll need 2L drinks & candy brought in for donations. The hot dogs have been donated!! This year "In Like Ben" is playing outside. Let me just say they have been working so hard on getting some new songs ready. They have a new guy singing & I heard he was unbelievable & I also heard some of our youth girls were great! This is going to be a 1st so I hope & pray it goes well!  I think you'll love it! We had a Disney/mission trip meeting today.   I am looking forward to see who joins in on this trip. It will be a blast. They'll be more to come on that needs it's own post! I hope you all have a great week & pray for those making the 100th anniversary possible. There has been lots of work going on to get the church ready for Sunday & I know more work this week! God has greatly blessed us!

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