Monday, October 28, 2013

Trunk or Treat

Before I even begin I want to give praises to God because he is the provider, the doer, he one who placed each one of us together & the one who knows how it will all play out. I am so thankful for each of you. I can't even begin to name everyone who helped with the trunk or treat. Everything was covered from the chili, the bake sale, signs, paper supplies, serving in the kitchen, cleaning the kitchen, donations, grilling hot dogs, popcorn, games, faces & hair painted, watching over inflatables, help decorating & moving hay & tables, last minute food running, awesome trunks, awesome costumes, great hayrides, crazy good music & smiling, friendly faces all night to visitors. As usual our church people step up and get the job done & it is done with a love and joy that only comes from having God in your hearts. God has blessed us by bringing us together. I hope you feel that way too. Several times that night I was overwhelmed. I couldn't believe the crowds & that we ran out of food! Then I went over to the music and heard them singing & playing & I don't even remember the song, I just remember feeling wow, I can't believe God has done this and I had to walk away because I was about to cry. That same over whelming feeling happened 2 more times that night. I ran into someone who has been at WBBC for yrs. & I saw the same look in his face that I have seen before & I knew he was about to cry too. We just composed ourselves & talked about how it was so unbelievable that so many people were at our little church. I just think back to the first time I went to an event at WBBC and I remember so clearly my feeling of the devil and not wanting to be at that church & finding everything in the world wrong with it and to know where I have been, and where I am now and just thank you God for what you have done. I sit in amazement! I love my church family and I love how you gave trunk or treat all you had, how you were so welcoming to visitors, how you smiled & told people about food in the kitchen and oohed and awed over children's costumes, and how you really did great jobs on your costumes & trunks. Y'all are so awesome & God knew WBBC was in need of people willing to do what it took. He brought y'all to the church & you began to serve! Then there was the music. I wasn't in front of the band much but I could hear them. The times I was over by them I saw a few hands in the air, and youth and a few adults dancing. It was great to hear music praising God flowing throughout the area! I know the group practiced like crazy! It was also great to have a few of our youth sing. We are blessed with all kinds of talent at WBBC! It seemed like most of the crowd was very appreciative too. Everyone was nice to me when I was telling them we were out of food but we would have some more in just a few minutes. I looked thru the slips of paper this morning where people had written their info down to register for the door prizes. I was surprised at the area our trunk or treat  reached. We had visitors from Glencoe, RBC, Attalla, South Gadsden, Southside & even Altoona. Many people who registered attended other local churches but I think the great thing was that we had 51who plainly said they did not attend church & one guy said he was looking for a church to visit! I am sure there was others who didn't even register who do not have a church too. Those who are unchurched came into a church parking lot looking for food & fun. What they got was friendliness, warmth, kindness, generosity & a glimpse at the joy we have inside because of He who is in or hearts, plus fun and full tummies! Serving the people & being the light is what it is all about. I intend on contacting those 51 people this week so please be in prayer for me as I speak to some & mail notes to others. I need words to come out of my mouth when I speak to strangers...remember I am shy! Thank you again for how you represented our church. I am already thinking ahead to next year & how we can improve. If you have some ideas please share them with me! I hope you enjoyed the night as much as I did!

Now to the kids. This Wed. night we will have a lesson on fear & how God can help us conquer our fears, then we will have a fire & make smores.  I can use a few moms to help with watching kids around the fire. The children will start practicing for the Christmas musical Sunday during children's church. Our program will be Dec. 8, 6 pm. I'll be sending home a note Sunday with some info about that & about costumes. We will be packing shoeboxes November 6 for the Operation Christmas child mission project. I'll include the items needed for those boxes in this Sundays note. My brain is fried today & I can't think of anything else right now. I did leave out that the bake sale made $340 & that will be donated to the youth trip! Thanks for all who baked, bought & worked! That was a great success!!

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