Monday, September 30, 2013

What Will People Remember?

This weekend Mom, Debbie & I went to 2 visitation services, well one I sat in the car & waited on them because I didn’t personally know the man. I knew who he was and had seen him many times out and about in Southside but did not personally know him or his family. Mom & Debbie got back in the car & reminiscence on the times they spent at First Baptist Southside. This man they went to pay their respects to was named Tom Harris. As I listened to them talk about how he always went on the youth trips and it seemed like Joey always got in his room it made me think of how people think of us.  Mother said just a few weeks ago she & the twins had seen Mr. Harris at Jack’s   & he had went on and on telling the twins about being with Joey on youth trips when Joey was about their age. He had been wanting to come hear Joey preach & never got the chance. It left me thinking Mr. Harris must have always been about church & helping with the youth.  I just know when I am dead & gone from this earth I hope they’ll be someone I touched who can say I remember when. So I guess my question is…what people are going to say about you when the time comes & you leave this earth. Are they going to say you were a nice man or woman? Are they going to remember you being hot headed? Are they going to remember you always made people feel welcome? Are they going to remember you being faithful & dedicated to the church & doing God’s work? Are they going to remember you tearing others down or lifting other’s up? Are they going to remember you leading them to Christ? Just something to think on.
I think as we get closer to the 100th anniversary of WBBC I’ll reflect back on some of those adults that made a huge difference in my life and the path of WBBC. I want to encourage everyone to go read the Bible at church for 1 hour. I think we can give God 1 hour if He has given us 100 years at a blessed church. I want to encourage families to do this together. How awesome would it be for your children to see you putting God first? Let the kids have a turn too! I have seen most of the children read a bible verse out loud so don’t think they aren’t able. The twins are going to share the hour with Jami & I & I’ll probably make Jack repeat a verse too. Let’s put God right where He should be 1st in our families!
This Friday night will be “Family Movie Night” in the gym. Concessions starts at 6:30 & the movie will begin at 7:00. I have had a request for Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, so if anyone has that I would love to borrow it for the night. Bring a chair or blankets & come enjoy a money free night with your children. We’ll be collecting cans for the food pantry that night too. This is a great opportunity to invite another family to church. There will be a meeting right after church Sunday for anyone (Youth & Children) who would like information on the Disney/Mission trip. I’ll be getting us some prices together this week. Be in prayer on what type mission work we can do while we are there.  Trunk or treat will be here soon so let me tell everyone what we need & how you can help. Sign up w/ Teresa Coley for chili & Megan Williams if you can bring a dessert for the bake sale. We will need lots of 2 L drinks & candy donated. Just drop those off in the gym if you wish to donate. I still need youth to sign up to work games & I need someone to run the popcorn popper.  The band has already been in practice so I am very excited about us having some music this year. I invited someone yesterday so use this event as a way to get someone to church. You invite them to the T or T; they feel welcome & feel the family experience with us, meet a few church folk & then they will be more at ease to come on a Sunday morning. Just cold turkey walking into a new church is very hard for many people. The children will start working on Christmas music next month during Sunday children’s church. I still have to order the music so pray that I find one that will touch not just the kid’s hearts but the people who come hear them. I guess that is it! I hope to see everyone Wednsday night! Have a blessed week & get signed up to read the Bible!

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