Monday, September 2, 2013

Define Blessed

Happy Labor Day! I hope you are enjoying some well needed rest and family time today. Here is a question for you all. Define the word blessed? That word was in our SS lesson yesterday & it made me think on that word. We hear it all the time, “I am so blessed” but I think it is generally used now for anything good that comes to people. Blessed means to be made happy by God which to me makes the word seem a little more valuable or hold a little more importance. So now when I say I am blessed you’ll know that God had his hand in whatever I am blessed with. I know that sounds kind of crazy but I see it on Fb all the time, so and so is such a blessing or I was blessed by this. I just wonder if people really think about the real meaning & know that blessing was intended to make you happy by God? Think on it the next time you say you are blessed and realize God made that blessing for you! Makes me smile & my heart do a dance!
Yesterday was move up day in SS for the children’s dept. With it being a holiday weekend we were very low in attendance. That is ok because there is next Sunday and I know I’ll have all my kiddos back then! I was thrilled to have a new child to SS in my class yesterday……that was a blessing to me! I was also thrilled to know that a family took my “Go to SS” challenge. I am looking forward to seeing them in SS each week and I believe God will bless them by stepping out and giving SS a try! We were low in preaching too but God still works on holiday weekends because we still had lots of visitors! I get so excited when we have visitors! I know y’all think I am crazy but I still do get excited. Once Jami & I get home I am like did you see so and so at church today or do you know who that was sitting over by so and so. I hope you get excited too. To me it means God is still working in our church. When we have no new visitors coming in & regulars not showing up then we have a problem. I don’t want to ever see that happen & I can’t imagine how that must feel! God has been so faithful to our church and that is a blessing to me!
This Wednesday night we are back to our regular kids lessons in “Big City Studio”. We will meet in the gym from 6-7. I hope everyone will invite someone to church for Wednesday night. The new children’s class for the age 3-5 will meet upstairs in the green room. If your child is closer to 3 they must be potty trained to go into this class. I am excited we are able to offer a class geared to the younger children. People sometimes think young kids can’t learn about God but I remember being at Dwight Baptist years ago and hearing a group of 2 yrs. olds recite bible verses. Each one had memorized a different verse so I know it is never too young to start teaching our little ones about God. Please be in prayer for Ashley, Donna & Courtney as they lead this little group. Trunk or Treat will be coming up soon. The date is October 26. We will have a meeting in a few weeks for those who would like to help. I am looking forward to this fall at church. I hope you have a blessed week and get some relaxation today!

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  1. Thank you. I was looking for a definition for blessed for my fourth grade class, and your definition is very helpful! Thanks again