Monday, September 23, 2013

The Devil verses The Angel

I lay in the bed last night not able to sleep & I had a thought for today’s blog. Of course, I should have written it down because I have no idea what I wanted to talk about. Maybe as I type it will come to me. I did make a note while I was in the sanctuary yesterday. I know, I know how she could possibly have had a hand to write with when both hands were holding Jack down but I did manage to scribble a thought. During the offertory music (when Kendra & Amanda play) I noticed the 2 pews in front of me & the one I was on, minus Jack & how quiet & respectful the youth and children were during the offering collection. Not saying any others weren’t I just noticed those in front & to the side of me and thought wow! I am really proud of them for showing not just Kendra & Amanda the respect they deserve but also the respect the collection of the offering deserves.
I had given my SS class a challenge to do 5 acts of kindness last week at school. I directed them to look for a child who might be getting left out or someone who looked down & out. I was so proud of them! They all came in & told me what they had done & who they had done it to. I even had one child tell me she asked a girl everyone always said was mean to play and she found out that she wasn’t mean but enjoyed playing with her.  Boy couldn’t we learn a lesson from them? How many times as adults have we not spoken to someone because we thought they were rude, shy or just plain unfriendly? How many times to we not acknowledge people at our workplace or show common courtesy and say hello when we pass them in the hall. I know I don’t have a “real workplace” to go to during the day but I use too. I worked in a huge building & I remember passing the same person day after day & never speaking because I thought she looked so mean. Lol isn’t that just horrible? But I bet at some point in your life you can relate! Maybe we should be like those kids and step out on faith & know that God is going to handle the situation & extend an act of kindness to someone today!
Now I know what I wanted to talk about! Mother has her pet scan tomorrow. I don’t even remember what month she was diagnosed with cancer; it seems so long ago now. But I remember the day. I had already researched her type spot & knew in my head what the diagnosis would be. But when Joey called to tell me I screamed at him, I threw the phone, I cried uncontrollably and I felt like my heart had been ripped out. Jami had to finish the call & then deal with me. I had not reacted like that the other 2 times but it just seemed like the 3rd time had to be the end. I mean how many times can someone get cancer and overcome it? So for days to come I felt like the cartoon story where the devil sits on one shoulder & angel sits on the other.  The devil made me doubt & the angel told me God can. The devil used the diagnosis that we can do surgery but this type cancer will come back & the angel said God can handle it all. The devil brought hurt and pain but God provided us with well needed family time together in Pigeon Forge.  The devil made us question how we were going to get Mother to Bham every day for treatment & God provided friends & family to help to make it easier on Joey, Daddy & me.  So it has been a tough year on her & she has been a trooper. Tomorrow I dread. The devil keeps popping up on my shoulder saying they could find cancer but the Angel keeps saying if they do God still going to handle it.  I hate doubting so I just keep trying to push that devil back down because in my heart I know that no matter what the test reveals God has my mother in His hands. I am going to ask for your prayers. I know many of you have felt this way this year. It seems like our church family has had so much hurt & loss but I hope you hold on to the fact that God can handle it all and He can get you through anything. I have seem so many of you deal with loss of family members, children in pain, marriage & financial struggles, aging parents & you have dealt with it all with such strength & that is an inspiration for me. Thank you! Leaving this sad topic behind now!!
This Wednesday night I am surprising the children with pizza. Don’t tell them but don’t feed them supper either! They are working so hard in school & I have been so proud at how faithful they have been at coming to church & we need a little down time so we are going to have a shortened version of Big City Studio & eat some pizza.  October 4 we will have a family movie night, 6:30 for free concessions & 7:00 will start movie. Bring a chair or a blanket & enjoy a movie with your family. I do ask that each person brings 1 can food item so we can help stock the pantry for Thanksgiving food donations.  Invite someone!! Please read yesterday’s Trunk or Treat blog post so you will know all the info. I can’t think of anything else right now. Continue to pray for the Clarks as they have the service for Kathy today. Pray for those still hurting over loss, pray for my mom for a great cancer free report tomorrow.  I hope yall have a great week and I look forward to seeing you Wednesday night!

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