Monday, September 16, 2013


I was so pleased to have most of my children in Sunday school yesterday morning. I had 11 children which is great! I hope each of you will continue to place Sunday school as an importance in your child’s life. Sunday school is a place they learn the stories of the Bible. Yesterday my class learned about the woman at the well. She was a woman, a Samaritan, argued or debated with Jesus and had sinned and in those times all those characteristics were considered negatives. Jesus was a Jew & Samaritans and Jews did not like each other. Of course Jesus is like no other and he showed compassion & kindness to the woman. He spoke to her with respect and love. In our life, we are all different & some types of people might not like each other or want to be around certain types of people.  I used a homeless person for an example. We all have seen them. They look dirty, hair isn’t combed, clothes are torn, mismatched & stained, shoes might not fit right or have toes popping thru the whole at the end, teeth are black & missing a few & normally they have an odor. Visualize the person.  Now think about this, you are in line at the grocery store, you are in a hurry & the homeless woman in front of you is holding up the line as she slowly counts out her change to buy a banana. How do you react? Are you snickering to your teenage daughter about the smell? Are you rolling your eyes & shaking your head in disgust to the person behind you? Are you looking at your cell phone clock & huffing a little because you are really late? How about some kindness and compassion? Anybody got any of that to share? So I challenged my SS kids to do one random act of kindness at school each day this week. I asked them to step out of their normal routine of playing with the same child or children & find a child who gets left out and invite them to play or say an encouraging word to them. I asked them to reach out and show kindness like Jesus did to the woman at the well, write the names or act down & bring it back to church Sunday. I know we’ll have some good stories Sunday and I look forward to hearing them tell me what they did. Go ahead and try it to. This doesn’t have to be just for kids. Make yourself more aware of the people around you and see if you can offer up more kindness or compassion.

Bath Moore, at least the part I got to stay for, was great! I really enjoyed the worship music!! It was the most beautiful sound hearing all these women singing and it just filling up the sanctuary. The woman who put this event on worked tirelessly. Our gym was beautiful! I just felt like every detail was perfect, from supplying guest with water bottles & goody bags to the signs directing people to the bathrooms. Yall out did yourselves!
For the rest of September the kids will be doing Big City Studio on Wed. nights from 6-7. If you haven’t joined in for a Wed. night yet, don’t wait! Come on this Wed. & join us! The little kid’s class is going great. Jack was crazy about the shirt he painted last Wed. night. He told us all about it! We have a few upcoming events to be praying on to see how you can help & we have one need that I would love for yall to pray on.  They’ll be a meeting this Sunday immediately after church for those who want to help with Trunk or Treat which is October 26 from 6-8.  Don’t sit back and be shy…. Come to the meeting! You are needed!!!!!! Our 100th Year Celebration is October 13 & I have been placed in charge of games. If anyone has a corn hole or horse shoe games I would love to borrow them for that day. I had also said I would plan us a Disney/mission trip for spring break 2015.  I can’t plan a Disney trip w/ a clear conscience if we do not include some type mission work & required devotional meeting time every day. If you are cool with that then we will meet October 6 right after church to get some planning underway. This is for any of our church families whether it be youth or children. Ok the need I was talking about is big. Be in prayer for a helper for Leslie McGlaughns’ Sunday school class. She has a class full of younger kids this time & really needs an extra set of eyes in there. It needs to be someone with a heart for children. & a desire to see those children learn about God.  Yall be in prayer for this person to step forward! I pray yall have a great week showing kindness to others. I am going to bet that kindness will come back to you. Continue to keep Amy Clark’s Mom in your prayers & Haley.

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