Monday, August 26, 2013

Sunday School Challenge

This Sunday is move up day in the children’s and youth departments.  Some students will be leaving my class and going into youth, some will be leaving Mrs. Leslie’s class and coming into my class & Mrs. Leslie officially gets the children old enough to leave the nursery. Make a pledge to yourself and your family & use this 1st Sunday in September as the day you decide to get involved with Sunday school.  I can hear it now… I know all the excuses. I have used them all because I use to not go to Sunday school. When the boys were very little, I worked in Birmingham. I got up at 4 am every day & got back home between 4:30 and 5 in the evening, picked up my boys from daycare, fed us, bathed them and were back in the bed by 9. Saturdays I loafed around & Sunday was my do nothing day. I sure wasn’t getting up early to go to Sunday school...not after I got up at 4 am during the week.  I was too busy, too tired & those people who kept inviting me to SS had no idea how busy I was. I went to SS as a child but I never really cared for SS so that was another excuse. PEOPLE I AM TELLING YOU NOW EXCUSES ARE FROM THE DEVIL! He does not want you in Sunday school, He does not want your children in SS and he does not want your spouse in SS.  He wants you to stay home and sit out on the deck listening to the birds chirp a little  longer because you might miss a valuable lesson about Jesus. He wants you to stay home and have that extra cup of coffee & read the paper because he doesn’t want you to build relationships with other believers. He wants you to stay home and let your sweet child get some extra sleep because he knows if your child comes to SS that might be the day they learn about salvation. Is your coffee, paper, chirping birds & extra sleep worth your child missing out on learning about their salvation? I hope not! Don’t take this as me being rude or pushy. I am just trying to say I have been in your shoes. My parents would pick my babies up and take them to SS when I wouldn’t. Isn’t that sad? Thank God for loving grandparents who did what was right for my boys when I wasn’t doing it. God convicted my heart every Sunday & finally I gave in to the idea of SS. I am telling you give it 3 weeks of coming in a row & you’ll be hooked. It will be a routine for you. So I am challenging you now.  If you are only coming to SS once in a blue moon, then I am challenging you to make a real effort to become regular in SS.  Ok I am getting off my soap box now but keep in mind that I am an aging woman and my heart can’t take much disappointment so show up for SS and don’t disappoint me! Haha
This Wed. night the children will have a “Back to School Blowout”, 6-7 in the gym. Just going to have devotion, snacks & play a few games. The following Wed. September 4, we will be back to our regular lessons.  The new children’s class will   start that Wed. night too. For ages 3 1/2 – 5 yrs. old. The teachers are Ashley Fortenberry, Donna Smith & Courtney Jones. **Please note** It will be upstairs in the church. Just go straight up the stairs, take a left and go down the hall 2 doors on the right. It is a bright green classroom. If your child doesn’t come on Wednesday nights, bring them. They will have great time learning about Jesus! I do want to give a BIG THANK YOU to Allison Williams. Allison has helped me with the children since she came to WBBC. She jumped right in & worked w/ the children & I branched off with the youth. We finally hired a youth minister several years ago and Allison continued to help me with the children. She has led VBS for several years and does fantastic job! This Sunday, her youngest daughter Macie will join the students and leave the children’s dept. behind. Since Allison will not have a child in the children’s dept. any longer she has decided to take a break from working with the children on Wed. nights. We have been many places together, slept on some hard floors, cleaned up puke in the middle of the night,  drove up some crazy mountains, rolled many yards but nothing will compare to the experiences we have had watching children come to know Jesus together.  I will miss her help but I am so thankful for the years we have spent together.  She has been a true blessing to me.  This Sunday I’ll be missing some sweet girls too. Some of them I have had since they were in 1st grade & it is amazing to see how they have grown into beautiful young ladies. Arlo…. I hope you are ready for them! I did warn them that once they have me for a SS teacher, I am their SS teacher for life and if I ever see or hear of them not acting right I will come get them, drag them out of where ever and intervene so they have been warned! Lol  
Remember to pray for Trey & Jinell Mink, the kids, Trey’s mom Elaine & sister Nikki this week as they say goodbye to Trey’s father, Junior Mink & pray for Amy Clark’s mom Kathy Tullis and Amy and her family. So thankful for Haley’s good news! I was thinking that you never know at one point in your life how people play roles and end up in your life later. Trey & Joey grew up together. They were always at each other’s house, which meant Trey was at my house. There was a group of boys that were like my little brothers. They were just always around. Trey was one of those. Amy Clark worked with my Aunt Lisa, Momma & Debbie’s sister. My aunt passed away many years ago. I remember Amy from then. Lisa loved Amy. I can still remember Amy sitting in the waiting room with us.  I was in college then just engaged to marry Jami. Never in my mind did I think years later we would end up at a little church in Whorton Bend, Joey being the preacher , Amy Clark and her family, Try Mink and his family being part of the same church and Lisa’s son Wesley coming to that same church. God works in some miraculous ways! I hope you all have a great week! Enjoy some football, an extra day off but most importantly come to Sunday school!

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