Monday, July 23, 2012

Sometimes It is the Small Things

Well my original post was about the small blessings but I hit a button & lost it all & I don't have time to do it all again. So let me just say I have had lots of small, unexpected blessings today. One came from a lady I just met. She told me how people tried to get her to have an abortion & now that same son is 18 & serving God in the music ministry! God always has a plan & a purpose and that was a blessing to hear! Another blessing came in the form of a simple text. It said, "I have been praying for yall for tonight hope you have a great time." That just makes me want to cry with happiness to know that someone specifically took the time to pray for VBS.  Then I got another text w/ the person saying how excited they were for tonight & they could not get anything done at work because of that excitement. I know people think I am crazy, I don't care, truth is I probably am, but when I see excitement for serving God thru kids it just makes my insides giggle!! Another blessing was just looking at Jacks sweet face. His brothers had him making a crazy face and it just made me smile. I am so guilty of not slowing down & taking in the little blessings  but today I am so thankful that I did. Please pray for VBS! I hope to see you and your kids tonight! Oh and by the way.... I might end up posting everyday since this is a special week. I am expecting God to work in mighty ways & I don't think I can keep any of that to myself until next Monday. Have a blessed Monday! Kristi

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