Sunday, July 15, 2012

So Much To Say About VBS

Today, God blessed WBBC w/ a sanctuary full of people, so many visitors, awesome music & another great message! I just can't stress enough how God has really changed our church. VBS has really been on my mind & that fits right in w/ how God has changed our church. I remember just about 10 yrs ago when VBS was a half day event w/ maybe 5 kids. Boy have times changed! Fast forward 10 yrs and now I am looking at the twins last VBS as kids before they take the leap into the youth dept. VBS is so important in a life of a child. VBS might be the only time a kid comes to visit a church. Last yr the boys had a close friend saved at VBS & back in 1st grade they invited a friend to VBS & he has been at church ever since! I will never forget VBS 3 yrs ago. I was due w/ Jack and had to take it easy due to health concerns so I could not work at VBS. I was devastated not to be apart of my favorite week at church. Church softball was also going on so Jami & Joey were there. The twins came home & Judson said you know I think I am ready to be saved. I called Joey at the ball field because I wanted him to talk w/ Judson & make sure he knew what he was asking. About 10:00 that night I sat in my rocker w/ my boys, Jami & Joey all on bended knees, all holding hands, all praying, as my brother lead Judson to salvation! Joshua wasn't ready at that point to be saved & that was fine. I wanted each child to find God on his  own and to make such a life changing decision on his own. Joey left. I could tell Joshua just wasn't himself. After about 30 minutes he asked could he please go see Joey, he knew he too was suppose to be saved. Since it was so late & Jami had been called out to work he rushed Joshua to Joey's. I got there a few minutes later & Joey had discussed this decision w/ Joshua. Again, I got to experience another son asking Jesus into his heart.  Next to my own salvation......nothing will ever compare to what I witnessed & felt that night. I really feel like VBS had so much to do w/ that night. I know Jesus was taught & worshipped & my children experienced Jesus at VBS. I am so thankful to the different VBS directors we have had over the yrs, all the workers & a church with a heart dedicated to teaching children about Jesus. From  a half day VBS w/ 5 kids to a full week, lasting 3 hrs each night w/ many kids I have seen God continually work and bless us! All I can really say is what I have seen and experienced has been amazing! So this yr is bitter sweet for me, as the twins say goodbye to the last VBS as kids, I get to look forward to Jack experiencing Jesus at VBS. I look forward w/ great anticipation the day he is saved and welcomes Jesus into his heart. VBS starts at WBBC July 23 - 27. Each night we will serve the children supper starting at 5:30. VBS will be from 6-8:30. Allison Williams has a great VBS planned & the theme is Jesus Olympics. Please pray that children will have their lives changed that week, pray that a seed is planted in their young hearts & God will just grow in them. Pray for Allison & every worker. Bring you child to VBS. Their life just might be changed that week! Praises to God for what He has done & what He is going to do!

Since I had so much to say about VBS all I will say about the kids this week is that we have a swimming party at both Fortenberry homes. Bring a towel. Girls w/ 2 pieces need to wear a t shirt. We will split up by grades to go to each home & I'll post that before Wed. party will be from 6- 7:30.

I would love to see some posts, comments, memories about your own VBS experiences!!

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