Monday, July 2, 2012

Lots To Say

I was very moved yesterday at church. Starting the service with Baptism is always a wonderful sight. It was a blessing to see a wonderful, sweet, God loving young woman baptized and very emotional to see Joey baptize one of his closest friends. Lots of people were back who have been out a while & that is always encouraging. During the invitation Joey spoke about how as a society we like to let someone else go 1st then we will follow & that is so true. I remember being a teen and being such a follower, never a leader. Yesterday we had a youth show that he heard God, and responded by being the 1st one out of the pew. He turned his life over to God! It was such a blessing watching his family pray beside him. I remember the joy and excitement I felt the moment my twins were saved & I look forward to the day that Jack makes that glorious decision.

After I left church, Noah's decision to be saved really stuck with me. He set an example for others yesterday. He showed younger kids, youth & adults that when God calls you need to respond. So now I need to talk about setting examples. I hear people say all the time, I want this family member in church, or I want my child reading his Bible more. These are just some examples but how can we expect anyone to follow and do what we pray for if we are not willing to do the same? If you want your spouse or family member in church, shouldn't you set the example & be in church? If you want your child to have a desire to read the bible, shouldn't the child see you read the bible?  I mean being really faithful, not just here and there when it is convenient for us. How can I expect my boys to grow up and serve in a church if I don't serve the church? How can I expect them to have a heart for the needy if I don't have that heart?  How can I expect them to go out and tell others about God if I don't go out and tell others about God? As usual I fail on this in so many ways and don't set the example! Are you setting the example you need to set for those loved ones in your life?  Do you walk the walk or is it all just talk?

I really can't remember all Joey preached on yesterday but the words that spoke out to me was about us being a people who call on God when things are bad. When things are going good, we are on top of the mountain & we have it all under control but as soon as something goes wrong we are trying to get to God as quick as we can. I have done this many times and need to focus on praising God & thanking Him all the time, staying close to Him all the time, not just in times of need.

I know all of this seems random but sometimes that is just how I am! I told Jami last night it was so great to walk out to the gym & see so many people offering help for VBS to Allison. I know she'll still need more volunteers but it was great to see all ages, new church members, old church members & regular attendees all out there ready to help! Like Allison said" If you have never helped w/ VBS, you have missed a blessing" Pray about it & if you feel lead to help let her know. It is absolutely the best week during the church year. It is exhausting but the most fun! you cam also help by praying for Allison, the workers & the children who will be in our church.

Remember Wed. night July 4th we will not meet. I did have several kids tell me they wish we had church that night & that makes me smile! I love their faithfulness & dedication to the  Lord & His church! Sometimes it is kids who set the example!

July 11     Teresa Coley will teach missions
July 18     Swimming party at both Fortenberry homes
July 25     VBS
Aug 1       Organized Mass Chaos
Aug 4        "An Evening in the Park" 6:00-8:00
Aug 8        Missions
Aug 10      Movie night " Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs"
Aug 15      FOOD FIGHT

Meeting right after church this coming Sunday if you would like to help w/ "An Evening in the Park". This will be a community outreach for our church. Congratulations to the 7 yr old Allstars for winning the state title!! Way to go Dru & Drew! Pray for our other players still traveling & I believe still winning! One last thing.. the mission center is in need of cookies for summer work w/ kids. I'll be collecting those Sunday & next Wed. Thanks and have a wonderful 4th! Remember the fireworks on earth will never compare to the wonders that await us in heaven! PTL!!

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