Monday, July 15, 2013

VBS 2013 Savannah Safari

I have to start off with a “hats off” to the band “ILB”.  Y’all did a great job yesterday & I am so thankful Jami had a chance to use those drums. Like Joey, I think it is great that we have a church family open to switching up the service every now and then.  I wanted to also tell Arlo, Jennie and the youth who helped w/ the lunch yesterday that they did a fantastic job. I know the work it takes to organize, put on & clean up a lunch and they did a great job with that not to mention that the BQ was delicious! Thank you to all who helped move tables and chairs back to the fellowship hall for VBS. I know we had some adults & youth who helped out & I really appreciate it.
This week will be extremely busy @ WBBC. Of course, we have Savannah Safari starting tonight.  The supper begins at 5:30 every night & I believe tonight is hot dogs. VBS is from 6-8:30.  Then we will end the week with the children singing their VBS songs Sunday during the worship hour and a great catered meal for the whole church to enjoy. I do need some women to volunteer to bring desserts for the meal.  If you have never been to VBS @ WBBC, this is a week you’ll never forget. Allison picks out the best music for the kids to worship & groove to, we have great games, lessons that really teach about the love of Jesus, fun crafts and great suppers & snacks. The Spirit of God was so strong in our church during VBS week last year and I know the Spirit of God is really going to be moving again this year. There is nothing like a child asking Jesus to come into their hearts and that is what this week is all about. I am so thankful and blessed to be a part of a church that places such great importance on children. Jesus tells us in Matthew 19:14 not hinder the children from coming to Him. WBBC welcomes children! I know Allison has worked so hard for this week to happen & I am so thankful God had plans to bring her to WBBC!! I have said over and over this is my favorite week at church. I have enjoyed the decorating & fellowshipping w/ the ladies while we worked and I know I am going to enjoy more fellowshipping as we go thru this week. I have been blessed to make wonderful friendships at church and I hope you find that this week too. This week offers a chance for us adults to get to know each other better, laugh, sing and dance together. These are memories you’ll never forget. I hope you enjoy this week as much as I do. This is also a kind of different VBS for me.  This is the 1st time since the twins were 2 that they haven’t actually been taught at VBS. This time they have volunteered to help along w/ many other youth. They are looking forward to being helpers. This excites me because as a parent who has worked in the church now for many years I have hoped my boys would carry on that desire. So for now they do want to volunteer. As they age, I know the statistics are not in my favor for that desire to continue, but I know I have lead by example and if they get out of church, lose touch with God, they will eventually find their way back to Him. I know this without a shadow of doubt. I know they have been saved and I know Jesus dwells in their hearts. I am also excited for Jack. It seems just like yesterday that I was pregnant with him & it was right around VBS. I couldn’t help that yr. and I was so sad. Fast forward 4 yrs. later and Jack gets out of the nursery class this yr. and gets to go into a group. He is going to just love it!! I look forward to the day he asks Jesus to come into his heart. I guess I have rambled enough. VBS just brings out a lot of emotion in me. Please continue to pray for all the workers of VBS, especially Allison, pray for the children that come thru our doors, pray that their hearts will be open to hearing about Jesus, pray for their parents and just pray that anyone in earshot of the message this week, that doesn’t know Jesus will turn their life over to Him.  There is still time to invite children so get out there and invite someone!! Oh And I’ll probably post every day this week due to VBS!! I am expecting great things!

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