Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Savannah Safari VBS DAY 2

Another great night at VBS. The kitchen ladies outdid themselves on the spaghetti supper and the kids loved the ice cream sandwich snacks... Our theme is “Where kids discover how love H.E.L.P.S. others”. So each night there is a different lesson taught by a different teacher from the word H.E.L.P.S. Monday night I had H: Healing others hurt.  Last night Katie Smith taught the letter E: Encourage one another. As Christians we really do need encouragement from each other & I love it when I see a child encouraging another! The kids made a crown in crafts and played Simon Says in games. Of course it wasn’t a regular old game of Simon Says. Arlo leads the games & he showed the children how persistent the devil can be trying to get us to follow him. I said I taught a lesson on Monday night so I was not w/ a particular group of children, I had all children come thru the teaching hut, but last night Tom Coley & I lead around 24 children from kindergarten – 2nd grades. They were a great group of boys and girls. Leading a group around means you get to go to music/dance. I had a great time dancing & singing. The children love that part too! I have realized this week we have some men at church who like to get down! First it was Bruce & then I noticed Tom Coley really likes to dance too! Everyone just lets loose at VBS and that helps make it a great week!
We gained 5 more children last night & that is just wonderful! 5 more kids learning about Jesus & that is what it is all about! During the supper, I try to mingle around and talk to the children. I was at a table of kids who are visitors to WBBC. Monday night was their 1st time to come thru the doors. They are super sweet kids & the little girl just hugged on me & Allison last night & told me how glad she was to be back so…..I am talking w/ her & her brothers and I ask them do they go to church anywhere else; the little girl replied back to me,” yes we do.” Of course, I felt my heart sink because we do want new families in our church but we do not want to actively try to take them away from another church. So I asked her where they went and she smiled and said we go here!!! Pray for that family. Pray that Allison, me or any other adult can make a connection w/ the mother & encourage them to come back to church. I am looking forward to tonight with prayer for more children to come thru our doors. We have a special supper mooing into the church tonight, so the kitchen ladies get a little relief! I think the kids will be hoofing happy too! Keep us all in your prayers & Macy and Dru Fortenberry who are having their tonsils removed this morning! Those kids will be missed the rest of the week!

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