Monday, July 1, 2013


It’s July! The end of June was so full of sickness so maybe July will be a new start with months of good health and healing for our church family. July is packed full but before I get right too it I have to say I just love my church. I don’t know how everyone else feels but I just fill up with happiness when I am at WBBC. I can’t help but smile. God is always there and I feel Him every week! I hope you do too.
So I said July is packed full and I meant it. This Wed. night we will not have regular church but we will meet at 7 pm for homemade ice cream, snacks & fireworks. It seems like there is very little time at church to just talk and hang out with each other so this should be a great night for that. Just enjoying each other’s company! This would be a great night to invite a friend too! Hint hint parents with kids!! Next Wed. night July 10, the children’s dept. will be going to the assisted living home in Southside to sing & take fruit baskets. I know I’ll need some parents to help get kids there & to chaperone once we are inside. We are only singing 2 songs, Jesus Loves Me (the song we did not get to do at the Mother’s Day program) & If You Are Happy. All the kids know these songs so please bring them to participate that night. We will load up at 5:45.  Remember the youth BQ fundraiser lunch Sunday July 14. They are having BQ sandwiches, chips & drinks. Donations for lunch go to the youth mission trip. Then the BEST WEEK IN THE YEAR starts July 15- July 19……SAVANNAH SAFARI VBS!! WOO HOO. Supper will be served at 5:30 then VBS will be 6-8:30. Get out and invite some kids, volunteer to help with VBS or be in prayer for the hearts that walk thru WBBC’s doors. We want to see kids learn about Jesus, trust in Jesus, build a relationship with Jesus and know that with Him in their hearts heaven is assured! After a week full of blessings, which is what you can expect at VBS, we will end with the kids performing their music on Sunday July 21 during our worship service. After the service everyone is invited to the gym for a FREE lunch. Tony’s will cater the lunch with chicken fingers, baked beans, corn and Mac & cheese. I need people to volunteer to make desserts. Then on July 26, we will have the LOCK IN. I’ll have more info on that as we get closer.
As of right now Randy should be in surgery, Wendy Benefield is waiting for some lab work to come back on Hunter, and there are many people in our church hurting. Remember Kendra as she gets better, Melissa McKee as she heals, Brenda Jones and her family as Brenda continues to fight her illness, Amy Clarks’s Mom as she deals with her sickness too, and Allison’s Mom, who will be having heart surgery July 24.  I am sure I am missing someone but those are the ones I can think of right now. The devil likes to bring us down, tries to put obstacles in our way to derail us from doing God’s work but with God on our side we will overcome, So let’s lift our church family up in  prayer, and pray that the devil doesn’t find penetrating those old block walls an easy task at WBBC. I also want to welcome the Vice’s to WBBC!! They are very sweet people. Keep Wayne in your prayers as he leads the choir. He’ll do a great job for us and Jenny was great yesterday! Yall have a great July and I hope to see everyone Wed. night. 

PS….Joey just sent me a text and he will be cooking hotdogs Wed. night, so now we have hot dogs, ice cream, snacks & fireworks…… now if someone would get us a hayride together J

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