Monday, October 29, 2012

Working for Him

I got into SS yesterday morning in time to study my lesson, which I had not done the night before, and it was on serving others & how Jesus had served His disciples by washing their feet. This made for some good laughs because I tried to talk the kids into rubbing my aching feet & washing them. Of course they refused and made all kind of comments. Then we got down to the seriousness of the lesson. I explained Jesus was serving His servants and in turn wants us to serve others. Perfect story for the ending of the Trunk or Treat weekend. I explained as a church we were serving our community the night before. People got a hot meal, entertainment and hopefully they felt the love of Jesus thru our friendliness & welcoming attitudes. I know all of those who volunteered were exhausted by the time we locked the doors Sat. night but I do hope you feel good about the work you did for our heavenly Father. Everyone from the kitchen, bake sale, those poor guys on the other side of the church who could not see the ballgames, those who drove the hayrides, people who cleaned up, to trunks & those who dressed up, to the men still taking down signs yesterday, hauling off trash this morning & returning equipment today, you all went above and beyond serving your community & I know one day you'll receive a special blessing for your dedication. I was so proud of our youth! I know many of them have worked before but the younger youth who were use to running around playing & getting candy were so dedicated to their jobs that night. I am so glad they have hearts willing to serve God. I even had a sweet elementary child beg to work a game. She wanted to help & I believe she stayed on a game the whole night! Sometimes kids can teach us so much! LOL I wish I could figure out how to post pics on here!!

Ok now to kids stuff! No church Wed. night. Sunday, Nov. 4th is "Orphan Sunday" and Jason & Lauren Ayres have special music and a special message for us so we will not have children's church. I know this message will be a blessing to those who hear it. Starting Nov. 11th every Sunday during children's church the kids will be working on the Christmas program. I still do not know what we are doing but I'll have something in the works by then. I am pretty sure your household is like mine and from Trunk or Treat weekend on it is full speed ahead until the end of the year. Let's try to stay focused on God while we are doing the other 100 things we need to do!

One last thing...Wed. night is halloween and I know it can be a controversial holiday for many Christians. Do we partake or not? In my opinion a holiday is what you make of it. You can chose to do the gore & devilish stuff or you could make it more about celebrating the harvest of fall. If you are looking for something more Christian to do, go to & you'll see the pumpkin prayer. We did this prayer in children's church & I know your child would have so much fun at home carving the pumpkin as they do this prayer. Hopefully they will grow up remembering God removes our sin like we remove the gunk from the inside of the pumpkin. Have a great week & stay warm!

P.S. Arlo I know you are reading this & you better be glad you live so far off because I know several boys in a certain youth group who plan on going ROLLIN, ROLLIN, ROLLIN!

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