Monday, October 8, 2012

What is Your Legacy Gonna Be?

Me and the twins were coming home Friday night from visiting the men cooking the butts & ribs. I was talking about how great it was for them to be donating their time trying to make the Winter Extreme trip a little cheaper for the youth. One of my boys, not going to say the name but the one who has lawyer & political aspirations because he is always right and likes to argue, questioned what I wanted my legacy to be. Who knows where this thought came from but he had a definite answer on his own legacy. He wanted to be remembered as RICH. RICH....what kind of legacy is that? I thought ok this is a teaching moment so going to try and make him understand that he was not choosing well! He is the arguer & thinks he is always correct so my teaching did not go very far. I explained that when we leave this earth I sure would want someone to remember something more about me than whether I had money or not. I explained that it is great to be rich but there has to be more to a person than just that. I would hope if I was blessed with alot of money I would donate to charities, give to those in need, really make a difference in someone else's life. I think of people who have passed and think of the people they influenced, lives they changed and examples they set. I can name a few of those from my own church. I think it would be great to leave this world and someone say that person is the reason I met Jesus and was saved, or that person was always kind to me and made me feel welcomed or that person showed me by example how to overcome something. Of course the topic left me thinking about my own legacy or lack of a legacy is more like it. What do you think your legacy will be when you leave this earth? Are people going to remember you because you were rich or poor? Are they going to remember that you were the only person who ever reached out to them and invited them to church? Are they going to remember how loving you were or are they going to remember that you acted better than others? Are they going to remember that you were a devoted wife or husband or are they going to remember you as a cheater. Are they going to remember how you always took care of your children or put yourself before all others? Are they going to remember the work you did for God or are they going to remember you as a church divider? Are they going to remember you as a Christian?

I wanted to give a big thank you for all the people who helped w/ the butts & ribs. As a parent of  youth I appreciate all who helped and bought because it will make the trip more affordable. I received a call earlier today from a church visitor who said they were the best she had ever tasted. Remember you can still purchase a coupon book from a youth and I believe they are still selling knives. Please remember the the childrens' dept is hosting a donation only soup & chili lunch on Sunday Oct. 21, right after preaching. All proceeds will go to buying coats for needy children. "Big City Studio" will be in production this Wed. night even though there is a business meeting. I hope to see all our kids there! Remember that Shay has a sign up sheet on the hall bulletin board for those who want to decorate their trunks. See Alicia if you can make chili for the trunk or treat. I have the sign up sheet for the games. October is a busy month so don't just sit there...get up and do something!!(That was said with love). One last thing...big WAY TO GO GIRL to Charity Coley. You put your fears aside & got on the stage and sang your heart out. You did great & should be so proud of your self!! have a great week everyone!!!

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