Monday, October 15, 2012

Seasons of Change

 I joked w/ Joey about the time we got out of church yesterday because during children's church I went thru my lesson, my game, I improvised and made my self part of the game & let the kids wrap me in toilet paper, played keep away, fell on the ground in a skirt,  busted a child in the eye & sweated so much my hair curled up but I understand it was an important message so I guess I'll let Joey slide but I was to the point of thinking I was going to need to order pizza & feed the kids lunch!! I spoke to the kids about each season & how they are all different. We talked about seasons we do not like & seasons we love. I love fall & of course the kids loved summer. The point of the lesson was just like the seasons change so does our life. Today you might be really down, nothing seems to be going your way just like the winter, cold, dreary, gloomy but hold on to God because spring is coming & it warms up, we feel better, there is new growth & things seem brighter. As Christians, we will have ups and downs but God is not like the seasons. He never changes nor does He ever leave you. If you are in a bad place today just pray about it & remember a new season is coming.

I was thrilled to see one of my original kids back at church yesterday w/ her Mom & cousin. I was also excited to meet a sweet lady who I have been talking on the phone with & finally got to put a face w/ a voice. Jenny Clough & the choir rocked that last song! I just felt so much excitement in God's house. I hope you did too!

I had a great time at the women's get together last night. I really love the fact that we have so many awesome women who are willing to reach out & encourage each other. I found out we had lots of surprise pregnancies in the group, lots of moms w/ large age differences in their kids, learned a potty song for Jack & that we have some unbelievable dessert cooks at WBBC! I just finished chocolate cake & a chocolate oatmeal cookie for breakfast! I always doubt myself before I go somewhere because I am always thinking I have this I need to do, or that I need to do & honestly I felt like my cold was coming back yesterday but I am so glad I went ahead & stuck w/ my plans of coming to the fellowship. I can never think of a time that God has not blessed me when I have done something church related.

Now on to the kid stuff:
Big City Studio will be in production this Wed. night.
Remember Sunday is the soup lunch for donations
Wed. Oct. 24 will be missions night for the kids. Katie Smith will be teaching. She has some new material & is very excited about it. That is the week before Halloween so I promised the kids a treat. Have I mentioned how I am loving these girls who help me on Wed. night? It is so great to see them step up & do whatever when ever! Pray for our children's dept. We had a lot of kids move up to youth & it has been hard to adjust to so many less kids (or at least it is hard for me to adjust) Pray that God leads us to the places to reach children, pray that we open to new opportunities & ideas and that everything we do is what God wants us to do. I want a to see our church overflowing w/ kids & families! I am done rambling! Have a blessed week!

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