Monday, November 5, 2012

Kid's Stuff

What a wonderful day @ WBBC yesterday. The Ayre's did a great job spreading the message of orphans & adoption. The whole family is such a blessing to have at WBBC. I look forward to watching them raise two more precious children up in God's home! I am going to make it short today so on to the kids's stuff.

This Wed. night the kids will have a pizza supper as we kick off our shoeboxes. I'll show them a dvd & send them home w some info on how they can participate the following week. You do not need to bring a shoebox. We have premade ones from Samaritan's Purse. The following Wed. night, Nov. 14, we will stuff the boxes. I am anticipating church will be canceled Nov. 21 due to it being the night before Thanksgiving & our church does not normally have service that night. I was thinking we would do Big City Nov. 28 to finish up this month but I might just have the kids work on the Christmas music. Starting this Sunday, I'll be doing children's church every Sunday thru Dec. 16. We will be practicing for the Christmas play which will be Sunday night, Dec. 16 @ 6 pm. Please go ahead and locate your child's red VBS t shirt. I plan on the kids wearing these w/ either a white or green long sleeve shirt under these & if your child does not have one let me know asap. I want them to match as much as possible. After the performance I would like for us to offer desserts, coffee & drinks to the congregation. I would love for a parent to say they will handle all the arrangements for that. You know making sure the fellowship hall is arranged & that we have plenty of desserts & drinks. This night is always a great opportunity to have visitors in our church which is a huge blessing. I have 3 other kid reminders. Friday night , November 30 is the Polar Express PJ Movie night in the gym & Dec. 8 Santa will be coming for breakfast at WBBC. I am looking for a Santa if you know someone willing to play him. The breakfast will be free but I will need reservations in no later than Dec. 5th. I am going to ask some of our youth moms & students to help w/ this so you all can enjoy time w/ your little ones. We ring the Salvation Army bell Dec 21 @ the mall from 10-6. I have hour time slots we can sign up for as that day gets closer. I told y'all it is full speed ahead from trunk or treat but even though we are supper busy we need to remember who we are working for and make every opportunity a chance to reach someone lost & to show them love! This is just kids stuff I know the church has several other holiday functions going on. I hope you all have a great week! Say a little prayer for our family as the 10:00 hour approaches please!

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