Monday, September 3, 2012

Come To the Big City

Happy Labor Day! I hope you are having a great day with family & friends. I wanted to take a minute to make sure everyone knew about our new Wed. night kids program called "Big City Studio". We did a trial run this past Wed. night & I think the kids loved it. I know I had a great time! The kids learn about God in a game show setting which takes place in the " Big City". They participate in games that help them reveal Bible verses, participate in skits that teach Bible lessons & get to meet famous game show hosts like Hanna Bright, an actress named Ruby Diamond & a stunt woman named Dana Daring. I know evenings are sooo busy when school is in session but I hope you will set Wed. Nights aside as some time for the kids to let loose, come to church, have fun focusing on God. Give it a few weeks and once you are in the routine of Wed. night church, you will have trouble getting thru a week w/o it. I used to never go on Wed. but once you do you'll find you need the mid week encouragement that worshipping God provides. It is the extra boost you need to get to the weekend, like an energy drink or mountain dew! Kids need that boost too!
Remember to get signed up for the directory pictures. Be in prayer for our children's dept because we promoted a huge group of boys to youth & we need to really be striving to grow our younger kids. I only had 3 kids in my ss class yesterday! Have a great holiday & I hope to see your kids Wed. Night!!!

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