Monday, August 27, 2012

Roll Tide, War Eagle & Go Jesus

My computer is fried & I an trying to type from the iPad so this will be short. I know we have played all summer so it is time to get the kids back into a lesson with a little more structure. This Wed. night will be a trial run of our new kids program called Big City Studio. Pray as we launch this that it will be an effective tool in teaching kids about Jesus. This will be every Wed. night except the 2nd Wed. of the month & that is still missions night. This is the last Wed. night the 6th grade boys will be with us. Sunday school promotion day is Sunday so those in 6th will go to youth. My ss class is 2nd- 5th & Mrs. Leslie & Traci have 4 yrs -1st grade. I am looking forward to the new ss year & I believe God has lots of growth planned for us in this area. Idk about everyone else but I still feel that kids revival going on & I plan on us really going after kids. If you know unchurched kids invite them to church! You just might be the person who changes their life & introduces them to Jesus! Remember to sign your family up Sunday for the directory picture & we have the Mayo's service & lunch Sunday. We are suppose to bring desserts. Just as a thought..... This week some of us are going to get CRAZY over some football.....why do we not get just as CRAZY over Jesus?????? Roll Tide, War Eagle & Go Jesus!!

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