Monday, August 13, 2012

More Randon Thoughts

IDK what I am going to talk about today so I am just gonna go w/ my mind's flow which is probably not good. Friday night was a great movie night. I got to spend a little time w/ some parents & we had a visitor which is always great! The devil tried to mess up the night by tearing up the popcorn machine but we did not let him steal our fun or popcorn! We popped it the old timey way...on the stove! Yesterday was another great day @WBBC! I was so excited to see 3 more children baptized. I just don't think that sight can ever get old. I was also thrilled for our church to welcome another sweet couple as members of our church.  I continue to get excited as God blesses us w/ more visitors & new members. I just sit back sometimes & think & I can't believe the work God has done in this church! It was great last night to see John ordained. John has always been a bold go getter for the Lord so I know God is going to use him in a great way in the ministry. During the ordination service Blake read a poem by CT Studd called "Only One Life". At the end of each verse it would repeatedly say" Only one life, twill soon be past, only what's done for Christ will last." ONLY WHAT'S DONE FOR CHRIST WILL LAST just kept sticking with me. Maybe I need to put that on the frig or bathroom mirror as my daily reminder. There is nothing I can have here on earth that is as important as the things we do for Christ. There needs to be less of doing for me & more of doing for Him! Less Kristi more God, less Kristi more God, less Kristi more God! Maybe if I write that 100 times I'll get better at it! ( I told yall prob not good if I just go w/ my mind's flow).

Big thank you to Karon Fortenberry for meeting w/ me today & the church directory representative. We will be asking this week for you to send us your name, email address & phone numbers so we can move forward w/ the directory being made. You are welcome to email me at kristi@whortonbendbaptistchurch. Here is the kids news for the week!

Wed. night Aug. 15 is the much anticipated food fight. Yes we will be using real food & being wasteful so I am going to ask that each child bring a canned item for the food pantry.  I am also warning you parents that your child will be nasty! May I suggest old clothes, shower cap & maybe some goggles. Your child will be hosed off at the end so you might want to send a towel & change of clothes! I do believe the kids are going to feel the pie in the face feeling that Allison, Joey, Arlo & I felt at VBS! REVENGE is sweet sometimes! This coming Sunday, Aug. 19 there will be a special back to school treat in the gym. Archie Wade will be performing a Christian magic show during preaching, so send your child on to the gym & we will stay there until Joey begins the invitation & at that time we will come back to big church so we can pray for the kids & school workers before school starts on Monday. INVITE A KID to the magic show!!! Summer is almost over so we will be getting back to a structured lesson on Wed. nights but it will still be lots of fun. Our new fall program will be called "Big City Studio" so pray for us as that takes shape!The Go Fish Guys' Christmas music will be coming out this week so I plan on getting that here soon so we can work on a Christmas program. Thanks for listening to me ramble & pray for our kids as they gear up for another school year!

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