Monday, August 6, 2012

Wipe the Slate Clean

I was trying to find a back to school lesson and I came across one. Envision the old timey black chalk board & on it I have written your name, a few smiley faces on days you have been good, the frowns on the days you were bad and of course your grades. Satisfactory in handwriting & PE, 2 B's, 1 A, 1 C & 1 D. Probably a typical report card for some of us! School is out for summer and the teacher takes that old black eraser and wipes that board clean. Our life with Jesus is just like that old black board & eraser. Our sins are there for us & everyone to see but Jesus comes in and cleans our heart like the eraser & we are clean and ready to go again. Kids need to know that with the start of a new school year the old mistakes are gone. It doesn't matter if they made good grades, bad grades, were in trouble a lot...they get to start over with a clean chalk board. Let's remind our children of that. They get a brand new start just like  when Jesus comes into our hearts & saves us! In 2 weeks most kids start back to school so today I am going to ask you to start praying for them, pray for protection, for the ability to listen & focus, for the ability to show love to other classmates & for those who are Christians for the ability to witness. Pray for the bullies, the kids who have parents who just don't care about them, for the ones who are abused & for the ones with little or no food. Pray for the teachers, the administrators, the bus drivers, the aids, lunchroom staff, custodians, substitute teachers & the parent volunteers that they show nothing but love and compassion for these kids, that they have an attitude that all children are worthy the best education. Asking for a special prayer for my 5th grade group of boys. Pray that they continue to be great witnesses in everything they do, that they continue to be friends with each other & support each other & that they stay encouraged and supported from their parents as they make the transition from  elementary school to middle school & from the children's dept @ church to the youth group.

Continue to pray for Dick & Charlene Edwards, the kids who are going to be baptised this coming Sunday ( wasn't it great to see 7 kids get dunked yesterday?!!!!) and my mom is still in the hospital, so remember her.

This Wed. night the kids will have a lesson on missions by Katie Smith & Mollie Williams. Friday night, August 10, is "Family Movie Night" featuring "Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs". FREE concessions starting @ 6:30 & movie will begin @7,  In the cool comfort of the gym w/ our amazing sound system & big screen!!! Bring a chair or blanket and invite someone. I hope you have a fabulous week w/ the thoughts of when you do wrong Jesus is your eraser & when you ask for forgiveness He washes the slate clean!

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