Monday, September 24, 2012

News for the Week

Just a reminder that directory pictures are being made this week in the gym. If something comes up & you need to cancel please let me know. I can reschedule you at another church & still have it go into the WBBC directory. I had to do that this morning since Jack is sick & had to do the same for Mom since she is still in the hospital. Thank you to Karon Fortenberry, Jenny Clough, Katie Sewell, Megan Williams, Shay Layton, Brenda Jones & Josh McBurnett for volunteering to sign folks in for the directory pics!!!! We will still have "Big City" Wed. night for the kids, just on a smaller scale & upstairs in the green ss room. Reminder that Sunday is the last day to order and pay for a butt, $30, & pu Oct. 6 from 8-10 am. Trunk or treat meeting will be this coming Sunday in the gym right after church & it will be very quick. I am working on a few things for the kids for this fall so stayed tuned!!! Thank you to Teresa for filling in ss for me yesterday. I also wanted to mention that the Cloughs are such an inspiration for me! JENNY CLOUGH you blew that song away!! You are so talented!! Taylor Clough I was so excited to see you acting up in front of the church. You did a great job and you are such a good example for the younger youth! Todd Clough all I can say about you is if you are going to wear your bathing suit for the directory picture I am going to make sure Jami takes it with him when you all go to the Al game and maybe it will make it on to the TV instead of Jami and his other woman. Jenny can get all the phone calls instead of me! lol Have a great week everyone & enjoy this beautiful weather!

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