Monday, September 10, 2012

Who Knows

Really don't know what I am going to talk about today. I do want to thank Allison, Katie & Teresa for their dedication & faithfulness they show to the kids every Wed night. Joey spoke yesterday on being dedicated & faithful to doing what God has called you to do & these women do that every week. I know any church work can be an inconvenience esp when you work all day & have so many things you need to get done but they do it because they love God & the kids. I am blessed by working with them! 
It was so wonderful to have so many kids in my ss class yesterday!!  I am so thankful for you parents who get up & bring your kids to ss. I am so looking forward to watching this class grow! I told my kids in ss yesterday that this Wed night would be missions since it is business meeting night but I am feeling lead to do Big City Studio so it will be in production instead of missions! I pray we will have lots of new kids this Wed night. I told y'all my boys moved to youth & it has been different not having them in class but I tried to embrace the change of middle school & youth over the summer and the change has been so much better than I expected. Why do I ever doubt God? They are enjoying RMS & they love youth! I want our youth to know that as a parent of the younger kids I appreciate those of you who have embraced the promotion of all of those boys. Your faithfulness to your group is a great example that you are setting!
Remember to sign up for the church directory picture if you have not already. Big City Studio Wed night, invite someone, Sunday school breakfast this coming Sun. 9:00. Youth selling boston butts $30 but I think you all rem that since everyone got a nice laugh at my expense.  Arlo, Chris & Bruce..... I am sure you all do have awesome butts!!! Keep Carol Raines in your prayers. Have a fabulous week and enjoy this beautiful weather provided by God!!

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