Monday, September 17, 2012

God's Word

I hope our WBBC family enjoyed the ss breakfast yesterday morning. It is always great to fellowship together. I am sure you adults noticed most of the kids were no where in sight. We fellow shipped together upstairs & it was great having preschool, elementary & youth all together. I was so proud at how well the younger youth acted (all the boys sat there and ate & just talked) & some of the older youth helped serve the kids & entertained them. They really showed good character because I know they rather hang out w/ people their own age. As a church we are blessed to have them!
For the month of Sept. we have been learning about God's word in ss. I polled my class yesterday to see who reads their Bible & how often they read it. I love the kids honesty. I had some that read a few times a week, some that are made to read it as part of their school curriculum & one that said they never read their Bible. Nobody read it every day. I did have some younger kids who said their older sibling will read to them which was great to hear. I love it when the older kids set a good example for the younger ones. I encouraged them to read their Bibles daily because how else are they going to learn God's word & I have challenged myself to do the same. I read something related to God everyday, a devotional, maybe a blog or something on teaching God's word but I fall short & do not open my Bible every day or click on my bible app. I need to be the example to my children at home & the children at church and I don't want to talk the talk if I am not walking the walk! You see alot of that in Christians (not picking on anyone because I do it too). Sometimes we act like we are the best Christians & want others to think that about us but the truth is seen when actions are shown. God knows when we are not walking the walk.  During children's church we talked about if parents are setting a good example then the kids learn from it. Likewise, if the parents are setting the wrong example the kids learn that too! The church is no different. If Joey doesn't show a desire to read God's word, will the congregation have that desire..prob not. If a Ss teacher never shows the kids that the Bible is an important tool & how to use it, do you think the kids are going to consider the Bible important? If I just sometimes come to church do you think my kids are going to think church attendance is important? If people never offer to step up and take on church responsibilities do we think the kids are just going to become adults and say oh I am suppose to volunteer for this at church? NOOOOOO they learn from the example we set & if we are not setting the right Christian examples then how can we expect the kids too? So my challenge to us adults is examine our heart, are we doing all we can to set the right example at home & at church?  I know as usual I fall short, but thankfully, we serve a Lord who gives us forgiveness and second, third, forth, 100 chances to try & get it right. I started out my morning by clicking on my Bible app & praying. I pray I walk the walk all day!
"Big City Studio" will be in production Wed. night so I hope to see many kids that night. Remember directory pictures are being made next M,T & W. If you have not signed up pls call me. I still need people to volunteer to sign people in those nights. Reminders that the youth are selling boston butts, $30. Orders & money due by Sept. 30 & pu will be Oct 6, 8 am -10 am.  The youth are also selling coupons books for $10 & Rada knives. All of this money helps offset the cost of the Winter Extreme trip. Next Sunday there will be a meeting right after church for all of those who wish to help w/ the trunk or treat. It will be a quick meeting. Keep the miraculous Carol Raines in your prayers & Arlo's brother. Have a great week!

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