Monday, October 6, 2014

Good morning! Wasn't this past weekend fabulous? God blessed us with some wonderful fall weather! This is my favorite time of the year. I think the great weather encouraged others to get out and get to church yesterday. We had a packed house which was great! I had a great turn out in Sunday school and Teresa had many more kids in Children's church than I did the past week. I am thankful for Teresa's servant heart. She allowed me to get out of the classroom and get a little preaching in. Anyway, it was a great Sunday to be in church!

Trunk or treat will be here soon. Remember it is October 25 from 6-8. Those working or doing a trunk need to need to be at church by 5:00. We need you to do a trunk. Dress up! Youth, I'll have the list back in the gym Wednesday night for those of you who did not get to sign up for a game. There is lots of games open and we need those filled!!!! Thank you to Diane Robinette for getting donations. Thanks to her we will have lots of great door prizes!! I plan on emailing the local radio stations and the papers today to run our T or T info, we'll also have an ad on the digital signs in Southside and RBC, but word of mouth is the best advertisement soooooo start telling people about it now. They'll be a Facebook event so share it too.

Ok let's get to the kid stuff. This Wednesday night the children will not be upstairs in the Kidz Zone. They will be in the gym. Katie will be teaching and Ashley will be teaching the little ones. Thank you to those who were able to come out for Family Movie Night. We had a great time! Jack has not stopped talking about the huge rabbit & wants to set a trap in our yard to catch one. He was also so excited that he got Rolos and Dr. Pepper. He said that was delicious! This Saturday is the pumpkin patch trip. I plan on meeting at the church at 9:30 and we can follow each other or if you know where it is you can meet us there. It is called Green Pumpkin Patch and it is on Green Rd. which is off Slasham Rd. in Southside. I have never been to this one so who knows what we will find. Cost is $10 for kids, $5.00 adults and babies under 2 are free. This does not include the cost of the pumpkin if  you chose to get one. They also have concessions. Let me know if you think you are going because   right now the weather is showing some rain for Saturday so I'll text you Sat. morning if we need to cancel trip due to rain. I hope we have a great, cool Sunny morning! Y'all start praying for that.

Vickie and Clif Redden have been working on music with the 4 & 5 yr olds for several weeks. They will sing a few songs for us this Sunday. Well you never know with little ones, they might stand there and never open their mouths and Vickie will sing! Haha Thank you to Vickie and Clif for serving our little ones!!

I wanted to talk about my lesson in SS yesterday I taught on kindness. We learned the story of Ruth and how she showed kindness and in return it was shown to her. Naomi was married to her husband who died, her 2 sons died so that left her and her 2 daughter in laws. One went back home to her family but Ruth stayed with Naomi. They were poor and Ruth worked in the field and took care of her mother in law. Ruth had lost her husband, was poor and lived in a foreign land but she still   showed kindness to others. Boaz was a wealthy land owner. He saw Ruth working in the field one  day. He had heard of the kindness she showed others. He asked his workers to leave extra grain for Ruth and invited her to lunch one day she took part of her lunch back to Naomi and lots of grain. Boaz was showing kindness to Ruth. He ended up marrying her.  So when I talked to my kids in SS we discussed kindness, those who are kind and those who aren't kind. We need to think about our actions at all times and show kindness to others. They all knew kids who were not kind and to be honest those kids nobody wanted to play with but the ones who are kind  seemed to have many friends. God showed kindness to us by sending  Jesus to die for our sins . We should be extended kindness to others. Are you? Something to think on, especially since our children learn from us and see how we treat others.

Please remember to keep Josh McBurnetts mother in your prayers. The family too. Candace Harwood's mom will have her 2nd brain surgery Thursday. Remember her in your prayers. Sherry Runyan's mom is still sick too. Let's continue to pray for Trunk or Treat and that God will bring those to us who do not know him or who have strayed for Him. I pray that doors will be opened for us to strike up conversations with our visitors and that our kindness to them will make them feel welcome and wanted.  I pray you have a great week!

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