Monday, October 13, 2014

Good morning. I hope you are having a great Monday. Church was packed yesterday with lots of visitors and I heard from several people that Shane Barksdale delivered a wonderful testimony. I wanted to give a big Thank you to Clif and Vickey Redden for volunteering to teach a few songs to our little ones. Some of you might wonder about the Hokey Pokey song and how that relates to God. Vickie had taught the children that God created everything including the parts of their body. What a great way to make a fun, traditional kid song relate to God. I love it!

Sorry I had to cancel the pumpkin patch trip. It was already so wet & I thought we were going to get more rain Saturday, but it cleared up. Jack was so upset. For the rest of Oct. we will have regular Wed. nights in the Kidz Zone. We will start Christmas play practice during children's church Sunday, November 2. I will be getting your child a Cd before then to start learning the songs.  The Christmas musical will be Sunday night, Dec. 7 at 6:00 pm.  ( I know that is early in the month but I have learned over the years that if we don't get it done early then we compete with everyone's Christmas family parties) Breakfast with Santa will be Saturday, Dec. 13. I think we only have about 10 weeks until Christmas so it will be here before we know it.

Trunk or Treat is very close. Please go ahead and bring in 2L drinks and bags of chips. Leave them in the fellowship hall. I am so thankful for our football parents who got the youth games changed on t or t day to earlier game times!!!!  The youth are planning on working all the games so we need y'all parents to do a trunk, help in the kitchen or help clean up after t or t is over. We will be decorating and trying to set up what we can Friday night, Oct 24. If you can help do that it would be appreciated. I will be at church by 6.  I am excited and looking forward to t or t. I hope you are working on your costume and trunk ideas!! Gonna be a great night for our church to welcome visitors in!

I have to say our church is just the best. During the welcome yesterday I had a church member slip me money as we were shaking  hands and said buy something for the t or t. Wasn't that sweet? So thankful for giving hearts!

Please continue to pray for Josh McBurnetts mom and Candace Harwood's mom. Hopefully, they will have a positive report for us. Continue to lift up Sherry Runyan's mom too. I hope you all have a fabulous week. Get out and invite someone to t or t.

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