Monday, May 6, 2013

Prayer Requests

I have lots of thought this morning but instead I am just going to ask for prayers. Our children's dept. Mother's Day program is this coming Sunday. I ask that you remember the children in your prayers. They want to perform well for their mom's but they do get nervous on the stage so pray that those nerves are calmed and that those mom's receive a real blessing by knowing their babies are in church worshipping our Lord. Pray for those kids who don't have mom's or mom's that participate in their lives. I can't imagine the pain those children feel at times but I do know that God can help them deal with those hard times. Pray for those children who are with adopted moms, those who open their hearts an choose to love. How blessed those children are! Prayers for Relay for Life and those involved in making sure everything runs right, from the top to the bottom,  those who are raising money & tirelessly giving of themselves to support this great cause. Prayers for those who have cancer, those who are  the survivors, those that are the caregivers and those who have lost loved ones to this terrible disease.

The kids will be in the sanctuary Wed. night & Tom will teach his Bible study in the gym. Friday night, 6 pm kids will meet at church for Mother's Day practice. We will eat pizza at 6 then from 6:30 - 8:00 we will practice. Sunday morning the children's dept would like to invite the children, Moms & Grandmoms to the gym for Muffins with Mom. It will be a lite breakfast of muffins, doughnuts & fruit. Please make an effort to join us. The children will perform the music for the Sunday service. This is a great opportunity to invite visitors to the church. I plan on having a full summer schedule next week so you will know what is going on & when. I do believe Allison has set the VBS week for July 15-19. Be in prayer for her as she decides on a theme. Pray about how you can help with VBS. One more thing... there is a calendar that belongs in the office , hangs besides Jami's chair, it is missing and it is where people write down if they need to reserve the church or the gym. Right now we have no idea if anyone has anything reserved. If you do have one reserved please let Amy Martin or June White know. I hope you all have the best week & really feel God working in your lives!!

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