Saturday, May 18, 2013

Asking for Prayers

I don't know where to begin but I do know I want to share this and I will not be using the names of the people involved except for mine. I hope it is ok to tell this story. A few wks ago, I got a text from a friend. She has been a friend for many, many  years now. She is also one of our church members. In the text she asked me if I was free to keep a brand new baby. She is a school teacher and needed me for just a few wks. Her & her husband are registered to be foster parents w/ the hope of adoption. Well every excuse you can imagine came up in my mind. I am already home w/ my Jack, who is 3, another Jack who is 2 and I knew with it being the end of the school year the boys would want to check out alot & stay home some when nothing much was going on.  I had Mother's Day practice, the program on Sunday & the Mother's day breakfast I had to shop and prepare for and we were finishing a soccer tournament. That is just the stuff I can remember. So my 1st reaction was I am entirely too busy. But then God began to work & move the devil's plans out of my mind. Within a few minutes my heart was like how can I not do this. Thank God for the way He works. She came home to my friend on Friday at 2 days old. I am not going to get into the reasons why she couldn't be with her parents but let's just say they are unfit right now. On Monday this beautiful 5 day old baby girl arrived at my house. She was tiny, a little more than 5 lbs. It brought back a flood of memories of my boys being so tiny. I just held her and prayed for her. I prayed for her protection, many blessings in her life and for her to grow up knowing God. My heart was a mess. We live in a society were children have become dispensable.  A society where carrying a child is not considered a miracle from God but a choice or a nuisance for some. Where women aren't concerned with trying to take care of themselves to have a healthy baby but do what feels good no matter how it may affect the unborn. A society where you can chose to have a baby or you can chose to kill the unborn. I know that might sound harsh but in my mind..... if it has a heart beat and you willingly stop that then you killed it. This was the week when the crazy abortion doctor stuff was going on. This baby girl only stayed with me during school hours but as the week went on I became more and more attached to her. Friday came & she left, came back on Monday & I could already see a difference in her growth. She stayed this past week and I treasured the moments I got to hold her, nuzzle her rub her sweet cheek. All the boys loved seeing her. Both Jacks would ooh and aww over her and my Jack would sing Jesus Loves Me to her. So yesterday was my last day with her. My mind was full of thoughts. My friend would be the perfect lifelong Mommy for this sweet girl, but this world is crazy and I know if the biological mom makes an effort DHR will give her back. I know how attached I had grown to this angel in 2 wks so I can only imagine the attachment my friend is feeling. Every moment of her day is consumed with the child. She wakes at night to feed her, she bathes her, provides for her and has worried about leaving her just like a new mother would. She checks in during the day just like so many of us have done when we work and have to leave our babies in the care of others, she has taken the baby to her first Dr. visit, a visit to the health dept., called the Dr. when she had questions, went to court & basically turned her life upside down to welcome and love this baby. The birth mom has seen her one time and that was court ordered, supervised visitation. I always want God's will done so I a writing this today to ask for your prayers. I ask you pray for this baby girl that first of all she gets to grow up in a home where she learns to know God, a home where she is safe and protected, a home where she is fed and provided for, a home that shows love to her. I ask for prayers for her birth mom and father that they turn their lives around. I ask for prayers for my friend. I know that she is and will be a wonderful mother to this baby but if it doesn't work out and the baby has to go back to the birth mom, she'll be devastated. Pray that whatever the happens, she'll realize God has a plan for her, that God will comfort her and show her how important she has been in providing something for this baby that others couldn't do. I am worried about her heart being broke. Mother's who chose to love are so special.  Pray for the women in this country of child bearing age. Pray that they realize that motherhood is so important and a true blessing from God. I know I have rambled. Thank you for the prayers. I know they will make a difference in the lives of all involved.

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