Monday, May 13, 2013

My Thoughts

Let me start by saying thank you to our WBBC parents. Thank you for being so faithful about bringing your kids to church & church activities! Teaching them about God is the most important thing you can do for your child. One night last week, we were having a teenage crisis w/ the boys, not going into the details here but w/ 2 teenagers things get tough sometimes, but Jami calmly & loving told one of my boys, "The day you were saved was the most important day I have had in your life. There is nothing you can do the rest of your life to make me any prouder. Everything else is just gravy on top." I hadn't really thought of it like that until that moment. My boys are going to heaven one day & everything else here on earth is just that.... stuff on earth. I look forward to the day when Jack makes that life changing decision!!

If you saw my face yesterday when the power went out I was in shock! Seems like the devil is trying to mess w/ us at church after last week w/ the computer not working & then yesterdays power outage. The kids persevered on & I hope the Mother's were able to hear their babies sing! I hope all you Mom's had a great day! We still have one more song to sing & I'll get w/ Randy and work that time out. I had said last week that I would have a summer schedule done to post today. I am sorry but I don't. I am still trying to work out a date w/ a special guest so I will try to have that posted next Monday. I can tell you that this Wed. the kids will be receiving a frozen treat from "Frios". Frios is the new gourment popsicle stand on Broad st. They are made from local produce like fresh Norris Farm berries & Wright's Dairy milk. We will have a devotional & then play. The kids deserve a break & a treat after being so faithful w/ practice. I will be out of town the following week but Allison will teach on Wed. Go ahead and jot down Saturday, June 8. 5 pm we will have a hot dog supper & at 6 we will have 6th Day Creatures perform in the gym. This is going to be a community event so I will need help with cooking & serving. I am also going to ask that reservations be made so I know how much to buy & cook. This will be a great night for family fun that doesn't cost the family a dime! Reservations need to be made by June 6. Spread the word!!

I want to thank all the parents & kids who brought me gifts & cards yesterday. Your sweet notes were so thoughtful & mean so much to me. Of course I love the gifts too! I love the hugs I got from the kids & getting to meet new parents & grandparents too. The Muffins for Mom breakfast had a great crowd. Thank you to Tyla and Danny at Deorios for delivering our pizza to practice Friday night. Thank you to Ashley Fortenberry. I am very thankful that she knows something about music & can sing. She is so encouraging & helps keep me focused. Big thanks to Amanda for practicing & playing w/ us and to Jami for the sound & words. I kept him very busy Fri. & Sat. working on that stuff. God has truely blessed me with really good people in my life! I hope y'all have a beautiful sunny week! I look forward to seeing the kiddos Wed. night!!!

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