Monday, April 1, 2013

He's Alive

Wasn't yesterday just wonderful at WBBC? I could feel the spirit of God all in our church. The music was wonderful, Joey delivered the message with some kick and the church was packed out! The children were all dressed so nicely. I love the hats, the gloves, the jon jons & knee socks. It is always great to see old church members back and to see new visitors come thru the doors. The church was busting at the seams! Everyone was so happy to be there. It was a wonderful day at WBBC. I pray that those who do not know Jesus, left the church with the seed planted & that those who have lost the fire to serve God had a spark rekindle inside of them. I pray that those looking for a church home felt at ease with us and if it is God's will they will be directed back to our doors next week.

I am so thankful to know that God works in those who let Him. Sunday mornings are always proof of that to me week in and week out. I use to struggle so hard with walking up to strangers & welcoming them into our church. Introducing my self was so hard.  I know I have said this over and over but I am not the bold one in the family. Joey, mom & Debbie have those spots filled......fully filled like I mean the cup runneth over if you know those 3. Over the years when the church was trying to grow, it was so important to welcome visitors and to invite them back. I watched our elders do it week after week. Mrs. Carr w her O2, Audrey Broom head wrap on from cancer, Ison Moore w/ his cane & others always so generous and loving to those who came thru the doors. I have said this too, I would go to the bathroom and pray before I even went out into the church. I needed God's strenght to overcome my fears. Week after week He gave me the strenght I needed. Some weeks I felt dumb because I might stumble speaking but God kept encouraging me. Now it is just a regular Sunday with me. I can walk up to anyone who comes thru those doors introduce myself, welcome them & sometimes even strike up a conversation. Now if God could just help me remember the names with the faces, I would be doing really well! lol I know shyness doesn't seem like a big task for God or a big problem in other peoples eyes but it was important to me and God knew that. I am thankful He gave me the power to overcome that fear! We are still struggling with the public speaking , but I have to say  I enjoyed using the microphone at the egg hunt so that fear might be nearing it's end too. All things are possible with our Lord!

I wanted to thank all those who helped with the Easter egg hunt. You all are always so encouraging and uplifting to me and I am thankful for each of you who helped. I am thankful for those youth who helped too. Our youth is always so good to help with the little kid stuff. It makes me so proud! It was great to yield some new prospects from the egg hunt and to see them in church yesterday. Pray for those who are looking for a church home. I had a mom mention it was her child's last egg hunt because she moves up to youth next year. It is hard to see kids move up when you have taught them for years. In my heart, I still claim them as mine...

The Chattanooga trip was wonderful. Our kids were so well behaved! I can not brag on them enough! They were seriously good! God provided us protection traveling and wonderful times fellow shipping together. I think some adults got to know each other better and of course we all saw each other at our worse the next morning. No showers at the aquarium so we pretty much just got off the floor as is and hit the road. I had a child tell me that they barely recognized me with out make up!! Children speak the truth!Thank you to our church family for all of your support for this trip!

"Big City Studio" this Wed. 6-7. Step out and invite a child to church! I hope you have a blessed week and remember that we serve a risen Saviour who is alive and can help you thru any situation.

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