Monday, April 22, 2013


I missed Jameson speak yesterday because I was teaching children's church but I heard nothing but wonderful words about his message. I wanted to remind everyone what courage that took for a youth to say God gave him a message to deliver then to get up on that stage in front of everyone and deliver the message. Just an example of God saying hey if you follow me and do what I ask, I'll handle the nerves and fears! Great Job Jameson for following God's call!!I know you are going to lead others to our Lord!

Sunday school has been on my heart. I only had 5 kids in my class yesterday :(  Don't get me wrong, I am thrilled to have those 5 but I honestly like a packed classroom.  I wanted to stress the importance of Sunday school in a child's Christian walk. Sunday school is where kids develop their foundation. We learn stories from the Bible and Bible verses. Year after year as a child moves up from class to class those same stories and verses are taught and the more they are taught the more they are stuck in the child's brain & heart. When the devil comes along and tries the child, he or she can then pull from the arsenal of stories & verses and tell the devil this is not true because God did this or Jesus did that & the Bible tells me this. Children's church and Wed. night kids does have lessons too but alot of the time those are character lessons or we are working on something special to do at church. Those times the same stories and verses are to getting drilled into the child's mind. I know waking kids up early on Sunday is hard but give it a months effort, try Sunday school for a whole month and it will become a habit.  This is not me trying to lecture.... I have been the adult who didn't want to make the effort on Sunday too or I needed to sleep because I got up at 4am during the week, or we had such and such we needed to do.  I am challenging you now to take my 4 week!!

OK, let's get to the kid stuff. Big City Studio is on hold for now. The kids will be practicing Wed. nights for our Mother's Day special. We have to use the piano for this one so we have to work around Amanda playing in the Wed. night service so my plans are to do a quick devotion & then we will practice with her in the choir room. I really need your kids there for practice. Sundays during children's church we will be practicing too just w/o Amanda... probably be me trying to use youtube. You should have seen the kids yesterday, squat down  in the choir room floor with me holding the Ipad just right trying to get the wifi signal so we could hear the music.  Go ahead and start inviting family & friends to church for Mother's Day. I think it will be a special treat! Don't forget on that Sunday we will have Muffins with Mom, in the gym 9 am. Mothers & kids will share a lite breakfast & enjoy some quiet time together. I can't think of anything else. I hope you all have a wonderful week. Maybe as we are nervous inviting someone to church or speaking up about God we can think about Jameson & his courage to delivers God's message. I can do all things thru Christ who strengthens me Philippians 4:13. This was also Ben Clough's verse. Happy 13th Birthday Ben!!

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