Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Easter Week Activities

This will be short and sweet. I'll cover the trip later but I wanted to just say it was a great trip. with some well needed time to just enjoy the kids because sometimes church is just rushed. I love it when I get to love on them, talk to them & just see what is going on in their lives & yesterday provided that. I also wanted to make sure everyone knew what to expect for this week. The power situation threw us off w/ last weeks Wed. night plans. Tomorrow night the kids will learn everything about Easter, the days preceding Easter, the Crucifixion & the Resurrection!!! Thank you Lord! They will cook the "Empty Tomb" pastry so it will be a busy hour. I know our weather has been crazy & I have not had a chance to see what the forecast is for Saturday but we will have the Easter egg hunt rain or shine. 4 pm meet at the church. If it is raining or freezing, we will hunt inside the church & the gym, if good weather we will walk to the McGlaughns. We will serve snacks before we hunt. I am looking for a few adults to make cupcakes, so if anyone would like to offer up a dozen or two that would be great! I would also appreciate it if  some youth would volunteer to help hide the eggs. This is for babies - 5th grade.  please reach out to your neighbors, family and friends and invite them to this event. You never know, an egg hunt might be the only time someone has invited them to church & that one asking might be what gets them into church, helps them learn about Jesus and then God gets a hold of them and their life is changed forever. How awesome that would be to know that God used you to bring someone to Him. I hope to see all the kids tomorrow night. I can't wait to share the Easter Story with them. I hope you have a very blessed Easter Week and remember the focus is Jesus!

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